Fleur-de-Links - Jan. 19th: Now's Your Chance to Become a Saintsation

NEW ORLEANS - OCTOBER 03: A New Orleans Saints cheerleader performs at the Louisiana Superdome on October 3 2010 in New Orleans Louisiana. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Ever dream of grabbing a set of pom poms and cheering for our Saints from the sidelines while wearing a skimpy outfit? Stujo? How about you? Well, now's your chance. Auditions have just been scheduled for April 2nd. So, go buy some Nair and give it a go.


I wonder if people who talk loud know that they talk loud? This lady next to me @ the airport talking loud 4 no reason! Tone it down lady!

Jeff Duncan
All benchmarks need adjustment. RT @: With an 18 game schedule for the NFL is 2000 yds still the bench mark for a great NFL RB?

Reggie Bush
So we are on the plane and as we were driving to the run way the power to the plane just shut off! Uuuuhhhhh.....

Reggie Bush
I don't know much about planes but I know the power ain't suppose to just shut off like that! C'mon son get this ish straight!

Reggie Bush
Then the Pilot came on and said, "yeah so the power just shut off." Well thank you Mr. Obvious! I think we could see  that!

Reggie Bush

I know one thing they better quadruple check this plane before we pull off again! I don't wanna have to karate chop nobody!

Saints 2010 Photos of the Year:

Ok y'all funny story.. Me and @ decided to take a road trip and surprise my parents.. It's like a 12hr drive from NOLA to NC...

DeMario Pressley
My parents had NO idea. We got here at like 3am and jus knocked on the door. They wuld not come to the door because they were so scared

DeMario Pressley
Used my key to open the door and the alarm went of, my mom had a bat in her hands and dad was "prepared". And the cops were on their way!

New Orleans Saints
The NFL Draft will take place April 28-30 at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. 1st RD/April 28, 2nd & 3rd RDs/April 29, RDs 4-7/April 30.

New Orleans Saints
No matter what happens, the Draft will take place. RT @: @ what if there's a lockout?

Taking off to San Fran for 5 days! See you soon NOLA!

No sir!!!! RT @: Is it messed up gettn chipotle after a workout

Jeff Duncan
Yes. Hopefully next week. RT @: jeff are u going to interview Greg Williams and ask him where the defense was for the Seattle game?

Lance Moore
Hhahahahahahahaha ur funny bruh! RT @: After winning the Super Bowl Last Year. Someone caught the Homie ...

"@: Courtesy Cadillac in lafayette, louisiana knows what it takes to be #1. "

Going fishing in S.Florida.. Would have been nice to catch another RING...



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There are three games left this season but after that the threat of a work stoppage over labor issues between the owners and players will move front and center.

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56 Players Granted Special Eligibility for 2011 NFL Draft - Canal Street Chronicles

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