2010 Chronicle Awards: Most Memorable Saints Moment of the Year

We're finally ready to hand out our most important Chronicle Award of the year, that being the one for most memorable moment of the season. 

After the jump you'll find that I have combined the winners of our four previous Chronicle Awards (Best Offensive Play, Best Defensive Play, Most Embarrassing Play, Biggest Scandal/Controversy) and put them onto one ballot. You will also find a brief description of each to help refresh your memory.

All you need to do is cast your vote for the moment you think was most memorable. The best of the best. You may base your decision on how important the play/event was in relation to that specific game or even the season. You can base it purely on how much talent it took. Or you can just guess. Doesn't matter. Just pick one and vote. The poll will be open for 72 hours.

The Jenksgiving Day Miracle

We all remember this one. Down by three points with only a little over three minutes to play, the Saints defense had the Cowboys held to 3rd and 6. But Roy Williams is off to the races after making a catch and cornerback Patrick Robinson slips. Malcolm Jenkins eventually catches up with Williams at the 20-yard line and is able to not only save a back-breaking touchdown but pop the ball loose and acquire possession himself. The Saints scored on the ensuing drive and won the game...Watch it here.  




When the Saints' former director of security Geoff Santini filed a lawsuit against the team accusing Joe Vitt and Sean Payton of stealing Vicodin from the teams drug locker and claimed to have video and audio evidence, the front office and coaching staff looked to be in danger. But the DEA's investigation never led to further action and the lawsuit was settled behind closed doors. We'll never know the truth.


The BaltiMoore Bobble

Lance Moore was the beneficiary of good fortune, heads-up play and pure skill when a pass intended for Marques Colston tipped off the hands Raven defender and landed in Lance's hands. A full, in-depth analysis of this play can be found here, when it was chosen as one of our "Sickest Plays". ...Watch it now 


The Entire Game Against the Browns


There were so many bad plays in this game, I couldn't pick just one so I've just nominated the entire game. Whether it's the four interceptions thrown by Brees, the lateral on a punt return to gain 80 yards or the 68-yard run by the Browns punter on a successful fake. The Saints were straight up out-coached in this one...Watch it now 

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