Madden 2011 Saints @ Seahawks Wildcard Pre-game Game

G'afternoon folks,

Yesterday I played a Madden 2011 game on my PS3 trying to simulate what'll happen in today's wildcard game against the Seahawks.  My rosters weren't up to date so I tried to do the best I could but still left some people off/on the current roster for today's game (forgot to add Lynch and M Williams to Seattle and left J Graham in the game as well for the Saints). WIth the Saints RB situation I went with Reggie as the RB1, JuJo as the 2nd RB, and D Wynn as the 3rd. But either way it was just for fun and this is how it went down (just the highlights of course):


5 min Quarters

Weather: Cloudy

1st Quarter:

- Seahawks won the toss and chose to recieve.

- 3 and out on Seahawks first possession.

- On the Saints first drive we ran a reverse with Devery Henderson for 6 yds (and I can see this happening in the real game at some point).

- 1st Quarter ends with a big 20 yd pass to Jeremy Shockey to the 6 yard line.

2nd Quarter: (0-0)

- Reggie Bush runs for a 6 yd TD to the left.

- On Seattle's 2nd possession of the game Hasselbeck threw a long INT to Roman Harper, who returned it for 23 yards.

- Another big reception by Shockey for 38 yds sets up a 10 yd TD to Colston.

- Another 3 and out by Seattle

- Drew Brees passes to Bush for 29 yds with 30 seconds left in the half. T/O

- Brees throws 2 incomplete passes, then on 3rd down throws to the right to Jimmy Graham for the score.

Halftime: My halftime show was watching some of the LSU game.

3rd Quarter: (21-0)

- Graham starts the second half almost like he ended the first, 24 yd reception to the right.

- Bush has a big run for 19 yds. (the Saints already begin to run down the clock).

- Another big one for Bush, this time for a TD, 25 yds.

- Scott Shanle gets a big sack.

4th Quarter: (28-0)

- Julius Jones gets in the action in the 4th Quarter with an 8 yd run.

- Brees passes to Henderson for a 10 yd TD.

- PLAY OF THE GAME: Sedrick Ellis hits Matt Hasselbeck hard as he's throwing, Jonathan Vilma runs up and snatches the pass and runs it in for a TD.

Final: 42-0 SAINTS WIN!

Player of the Game: Reggie Bush, 14 rushes for 150 yds and 2 TDs, 2 Recs for 35 yds

Team stats:

Saints Seahawks

Total 387 49

Rush 169 30

Pass 218 19

1st D 16 2

3rd D 6-6 0-5

Top Saints Stats:

Brees: 15/21 (71%), 228 Yds, 3 TDs, 10.8 Yd Avg, 146.4 QB Rating

Bush: 14 for 150, 10.7 Avg, 2 TDs, 2 recs for 35 yds

Colston: 4 recs 55 yds, 1 TD

Henderson: 2 recs 26 yds, 1 TD

Graham: 2 recs 26 yds, 1 TD

Vilma: 1 INT

Harper: 1 INT

Hartley: 6/6 PATS

And just FYI:

Hasselbecks stats:

3/13 (23%) for 27 yds, 2 INTS, 0.0 QB Rating

Of course this really isn't accurate, it's all for fun so don't take it to seriously. I didn't get all the injury's and new players to the teams all right but hey, we came out on top right? Let's hope we have a similar dominating performance today!


This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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