Accountability Index Update for year end

Wrapping up some loose ends.






Jan 7  2011


"If Reggie takes on the load at RB and gets more touches, I promise you, he will be injured and on IR by next Wensday. If he gets more than 12 touches in any game I will be surprised."

That's some stinking thinking.

Saints@ Seahawks:  5 carries, 5 receptions, 1 drop, didn't make it out of the 3rd quarter.

Jan 6  2011


Payton won't call a game that involves Reggie getting 20+ touches.  (@Seattle)

Reggie is the new Shanle.

I'm pretty sure he would have had 20 if he hadn't been hurt.  Especially after JuJo got hurt.

Jan 5 2011


I'll eat my shirt of Payton gives Reggie more than 12 carries. (@Seattle)

Reggie just wishes he could have done more to help his team.

No need for Jeff to pretend that his edible panties are actually his shirt.

Jan 5 2011


Reggie is going to earn his $8M in the playoffs


Not even Tay is going to try to argue this point.

Dec 24


Saints win all playoff games, repeat in Super Bowl 45

There is no God.

Just kidding.  This is my punishment for not being Catholic.

Dec 3


Falcons lose to the Saints and Bucs/Seahawks

Only the Saints.

Falcons are having a great year.

Nov 2


The over thrown would be TD pass to Strief in week 8 indicates Brees' QB career peaked in 2009

Young guns Matt Ryan and Josh Freeman loom in the near distance.  It'll take some time to see this play out.

Oct 23

Mr. Dave

No way Chris Ivory finishes this season healthy

If you'd said "No one in the entire backfield finishes the season healthy except Wynn and Evans", then I'd be impressed

Ivory played in week 17 but didn't finish the game and went on IR the following Tuesday.

Oct 12


If Julius Jones turns out to be Mike Bell, I'm giving up on Rotoworld

A second rate Mike Bell, maybe.  He won't be back next year either.

No way am I eating jeff's panties on this one. 

Sep 24


Reggie:  Lance Moore can do the same thing in the passing game. TUSK! will make Reggie obsolete.

Reggie is not having a good season, post injury.  Big question mark for 2011.

saint-sly rivals coldpizza in anti-Reggieness.  All he needs is a catchphrase to pull even.

June 28

July 6

July 19

July 19

July 19

Sep 8

Nov 12








Questions about Mike Martz's ability to improve Jay Cutler's performance

ESPN's Ron Jaworski concluded that 11 of the 12 interceptions that Jay Cutler has thrown this season are his own fault.  In spite of his criticism of the gunslinger, Jaws praised Cutler for making some unbelievable throws in tight coverage.  Jaworski is encouraged by Cutler's development under offensive coordinator Mike Martz, and that "twelve isn't a horrible number". We agree that his interceptions aren't pacing preseason projections, but lackluster protection from his offensive line for most of the season has prevented Cutler from a truly breaking out in an otherwise successful season in Chicago.

I'll concede this one.  Fewer passing attempts, yards and TD's, not what I had in mind.

Sep 8


As for Matt Forte, you're going to say he's back to his rookie form based on a performance against the RAIDERS?

In 2010 he averaged 4.5 yards per carry.  2008 = 3.9

I'll concede this one too.  Not as good as his rookie year.

Sep 27


Garrett Hartley keeps his active roster spot with the Saints in 2010, he won't be Mehlhaff'd.

Jeff Duncan predicts redemption for the fat punk kicker in week 16 against the Falcons.  (Didn't really happen but kinda)


June 16, 18

Sep 7

Sep 9




Cajun in CA

Chargers win the AFC west in 2010

No, I'm so sorry.... The correct answer is "Moops"

AJ Smith... GAAA!!!!

June 28

July 19

July 20




Matt Ryan is a middle of the pack QB

Finished #10 in fantasy points, edged out by Josh Freeman.

#9 in passing yards and #11 in rating.  Isn't that upper 3rd?

May 14


Condemned Ricky Williams draft day trade, applauded Tebow draft day trade

Ricky won't be back with the Dolphins.  Will the Saints show any interest?

May 17


Believes Payton was addicted to Vicodin and Loomis aided cover-up

Without a Zapruder film, this issue fades more every day.

July 20

Patrick @ AGH, LLC

2010 Saints running game will fail, causing team to collapse

Sometimes emotions get in the way of rational thinking

Patrick, you were right.  So I'm going to hold your check for a few more weeks.

September 4


Roethlisberger will end up in jail

What a good boy he's been lately.  Let's keep this one open.

June 11


CP thinks PT and Reggie both gone in 2011

Outrageous at first, now looking prophetic.  No longer sure of the Payton- Reggie bond either. 

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