OK. That Sucked.

I feel like the wife of the doctor who impregnated one of his patients.  He was a veterinarian.

This is going to take a while to get over.  I mean, come on, . . . Seattle freakin' Seahawks?  I expect multiple cases of carpal tunnel syndrome from the finger pointing going on so here's my bit -

Gregg Williams has a defensive play book that AT&T would call excessive.  Our defense is expected to learn that book; and they do.  What bothers me is not the defensive play calling.  It's the lack of tackling.  You learn GW's scheme in training camp.  You're supposed to learn how to tackle in freakin' Pop Warner football.  If the defensive play that is called puts you in position to make the play - and you don't - then it IS time to shoot the messenger!  Let's find somebody who knows how to teach remedial tackling and give him a bunch of money.

Whatever happened to receiving a kickoff/punt and exploding up the field?  Am I the only one who noticed our guys catching the ball (whew, got past that first obstacle) then taking off only to slow down prior to contact.  This accomplishes three things:  1.  You fall backward when you get tackled thereby negating another 2-3 yards,  2.  You cause a higher risk of injury as inertia is no longer on your side.  3.  You give up any practical chance of busting through tacklers and dancing like a fool in the end zone.  I know Roby did not play but, then, neither did any of the return men who were on the field.  They are called "Special Teams" because they ride to the game in the short bus with saliva streaked windows.  These are the guys to are supposed to be all balls and too dumb to know they are mortal.  Let's find somebody who knows how to coach special teams and give him a bunch of money.

I don't have any statistics (bleahhhhh) about injuries on other teams but I have a gut feeling that we are getting more than our fair share.  Is there a problem with our team's conditioning?  Our guys look to have great guns and abs that that I could do a load of wash on but . . . . jeeeeez, why so fragile?  It's like PeeWee Herman kicking the snot out of Mike Tyson!  Granted, the modern NFL players are bigger, stronger, and faster than ever before.  But, that includes ALL NFL players - the hit-ors and the hit-ees.  Let's find an expert at conditioning and give him a bunch of money.

Other than non-tackling, non-kick returning, and being as brittle as a bed sheet in a whorehouse . . . I guess we're doing ok.  This has always been "my" team and always will be.  And, you don't even have to give me a bunch of money.

We are the Super Bowl Champions for the next 29 days.  Let party like it.  I hope and pray that there will be at least 10,000 Saints Fans at Louis Armstrong International Airport to welcome our boys home and loud enough to distract them from remembering that . . . . that sucked. 

They deserve better memories than Seattle.





This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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