Reflections of a Seaon gone bye...


First off Congrats to our Saints!!! They had a heck of a season dealing with the plethora or injuries they had to there team.  I applaud all the coaches, players and fans for rolling into the season without much time off and putting a good product out on the field.  It was hard to watch at times but we saw glimpses throughout the regular season. As a whole I was impressed but I am left with a feeling of wanting to see more...unfortunately it wont be from the Saints this season.

The loss to the Seahawksonly proves one thing to me...they peaked at the wrong time of the season and could not start the playoffs with the right kind of momentum that propels teams to a higher calling.  What momentum? Simply loosing to TB and the injuries that came out of that game didn't help much and the fact they put two huge names on IR 48 hours prior to a pivotal playoff match up hundreds of miles away.  That kind of momentum.  They were missing the kind of momentum Seattle gained by beating St. Louis in week 17, and like ravenous players/fans with nothing to loose welcomed the defending champs into there home to have a Hannibal Esq mid-day snack.

***Lets look into this a little deeper....New Orleans vs. the NFC West.  Yea that Division that isn't supposed to be any good!!! but no one told them (Seattle, St. Louis, Arizona and S.F) that!!!  In the games we played against this division  this season we are a respectable 3-2, but In the games we had to travel (SEA, ARZ, S.F) we are a disappointing 1-2 barely winning the week 2 match up in S.F.  We did not travel well against NFC West opponents and it proved to be a factor in this weeks game. 

Drew Brees was not the "Breesus" that he was last year. Is that really his fault? He finally broke is INT streak!?! Its like this Reggie was out most the year after Week 2 and Pierre was hurt after week 3...significant bad breaks, but the major difference wasn't Brees or the top two 


RB's being out it was the play of the O-Line as a whole.  (You are open to interpretation on this suggestion)

Chris Ivory and Jimmy Graham stepped up and played well in their rookie seasons they surpassed any expectations and have laid ground on hopefully stellar sophomore seasons.

The Defense played lights out most the year ranking near the top of the NFL but in games against stellar teams they were more human and when it really mattered could not live up to their hype.  Greg Williams might be a hot commodity now the season is over, could this be a reason the D was not on there game this week? Who knows?

Sean Payton did a great job this much as we all might want to pull out our hair at some of the calls that are is that fire and tenacity that keeps us feeling confident and knowing that is what fires this team up week in and week out...we know he is a gambler...lets give him a pass on the 4th down call...we should have gotten that yard...heck...Pierre was soring over O-lineman and D-Lineman in the Falcons game not to long ago...

The theory of the "Black Pants" do I really need to go into this??? Regulars here at CSC are well documented on talking about the wretched "Black Pants!!"

In the Draft I truly believe we now have a great shot at taking RB MARK INGRAM!!! I said it here first...

All in all our season was much better than some people initially believed...personally I feel we left a lot on the field in this loss but in the end it wont take away from having another L in the playoff road category...Its only a matter of time NOLA Saints faithful...

Those that are in the 504 I hope you can get out to the Airport and support the team!!! I will be there in spirit...

Dont worry Ladies and Gentleman I am not going anywhere!!! (Winking at the bandwagon fair weather fans)

Geaux Saints!!!  WHO DAT!!!

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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