The 2010 Season. Tie It To A Tree. Hack It To Death With A Chainsaw!

Well first off, you have to give credit to Seattle for playing a very hard fought game for a full 60 minutes.  When you score 36 points (as pretty as it was) and don't win. You don't deserve to be in the playoffs.  In spite of their 7-9 record.  The season starts over with a 0-0 record. 


 Guys I will say, I've never been to keen on this 2010 season.  When we lost to the Cards and Browns, it gave me fear that this season in some way shape or form that somewhere down the stretch we were in for a letdown.  My 2 fears were: ending up 10-6 and missing the playoffs, or being one and done in the playoffs.  There were way too many mistakes this season. Turnovers, poor defense, missed opportunities on 3rd down and stupid penalties.  It wouldn't surprise me if we're not the most penalized team in the NFL.


Let's face it guys. Our defense is horrific. And for the experts that were stating the Saints defense was better than last year, is totally off their rocker.  Our defense showed up for 2 games this season against 2 good teams.  Pittsburgh and Atlanta.     Roman Harper is garbage, he can't cover a walking turtle.  Porter and Greer were burnt like toast yesterday.   I'm not too high on them either.  Our D line is weak, except for Vilma.   Clean house on defense. This is not working.  Maybe Gregg Williams is not the answer for our defense.


And don't get me started on special teams.  The worst special return teams I've ever seen.


Drew Brees threw 60 passes yesterday. I bet his arm is exhausted.  He's not had his best year even though he threw for over 4600 yds. Yesterday, he didn't throw an INT.  But there were key 3rd downs where he didn't do well. And the 3 yard passes into traffic drive me absolutely nuts.  Maybe a couple of our receivers are losing a little speed perhaps?   I know Devery is not as lightning fast as it used to be. 


And Reggie Bush? Bye Bye. Thank you for the 2006 season.


   A message for Sean Payton.  I hope you read this carefully.   One thing that really annoys me about you is you struggle against weaker/ bad teams such as: The Cards this season. The Browns, almost lost to Carolina at home, the 2-12 Bucs "At Home" last season.  I despised you for that.  And let's not forget, the 0-8 Rams in 2007.    Teams like the Steelers, the Pats, the Colts, dominate inferior teams Mr Payton.  Maybe that can be your part of your seminar for the 2011 off season.    


 Oh, and I love how Internet cowards resort to vile juvenile behavior after a Saints loss. Such as: Katrina Crap, the refs gifted you last year blah blah blah.  Or here's a good one. Maybe the next hurricane will wipe that ugly city off the map. Real classy people..I could go on and on. 


 For instance:  Take a look on Yahoo Sports...known as the "Trailer Park Blog Site" after the Saints loss yesterday.  Loaded with hate and slander beyond belief.   These clowns should not have the privilege to blog such garbage.;_ylt=AtqIqzGzM2k0PbjGYJguiBpDubYF?gid=20110108026


Over 2000 posts. 90% ugly hate.  I bet these cowards would steal from an elderly couple and a blind man. 


Shame on Yahoo allowing juveniles to blog such garbage.  Way to treat your fellow Americans like crap.  Real Classy.


So here's my take on the 2010 season.  Good Riddance!  I may be one Rough n Tough hard nosed fan.  But the truth is: I'm a very "Loyal" fan to my team.   I just don't sugar coat anything. 


 It's going to be a long off-season.  Maybe we'll get some good draft choices and free agencies for the 2011 season.


 There's my rant for the day.


 Fire Away!

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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