Off-Season Priorities

I know it's still kind of early and we're all still trying to understand what the **** happened yesterday but it's time we move on. We're all praying that there is a season next year because I don't know what I would do if there's a lockout, watching hockey isn't enough for me.

James Varney had an article in the Times-Picayune today with a list of all UFAs/RFAs to be, here they are:

But by the rules that existed under the old arrangement, the Saints would have a whopping 28 players as unrestricted free agents. Those with six or more years in the league are running backs Ladell Betts and Julius Jones, fullback Heath Evans, center Jonathan Goodwin, safeties Darren Sharper, Pierson Prioleau and Matt Giordano, linebacker Scott Shanle, Kawika Mitchell and Danny Clark; defensive linemen Anthony Hargrove and Jimmy Wilkerson and long snapper Jason Kyle.


The following players have five years experience: safety Roman Harper, cornerback Leigh Torrence, wide receiver Lance Moore, wide receiver/kickoff returner Courtney Roby, tight end David Thomas and offensive tackle Zach Strief.


Running backs Pierre Thomas and Deshawn Wynn, offensive tackle Jermon Bushrod, tight end Tory Humphrey, defensive tackle Remi Ayodele, defensive end Jeff Charletson, linebacker Marvin Mitchell, and safeties Usama Young and Chris Reis all have four years experience.


And then four more players with three years experience would be restricted free agents under the old CBA. They are guard Carl Nicks, kicker Garrett Hartley, linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar and linebacker Anthony Waters.


Some other Saints, most notably Bush and tight end Jeremy Shockey, have one expensive year remaining on their contracts, which the franchise would presumably seek to renegotiate. Quarterback Drew Brees also has just one year remaining, which means the team will have to hammer out a new deal with one of the league's marquee players.

Now here's my question to you, out of those names, who do you guys think the Saints will keep? Of course Carl Nicks is priority, giving him a tender is a no-brainer. Lance Moore, who is one of the most underrated players on our team, Courtney Roby is very credential to the Special Teams unit. I'm not sure what their plans are for Goodwin, I know Matt Tennant is his back-up and might eventually become our starter but I'm not sure if he's ready for that. Jermon Bushrod didn't have an amazing year, he was getting help for most of the games. I'm not too sure about Charles Brown yet, he's been inactive for most of the games, that can't be a good thing, he's behind Zach Strief on the depth chart.

My 2nd question to you guys is draft needs and who should we draft? I think we're picking at 21 or 22, not sure. With Shanle and Clark set to become UFAs, an OLB would be a huge need. Vilma has been working so hard and management doesn't reward him with help, it bothers me so much. A pass rusher and nose tackle would be the other needs, that's my opinion, of course. Cameron Heyward out of Ohio State would be nice. I wanted Travis Lewis, OLB from Oklahoma but he's going back to school for another year.

Tell me what you guys think.


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