The New Orleans Jeckyll N Hyde!



Ladies and Gents. I will not sugar coat this horrific ordeal. A matter of fact? I'm going to call it as I see it. I am as every bit frustrated as everyone else is. This team is in BIG trouble! How on God's green earth do you go from extremely dominant one week to totally God Awful the next.  And not to mention to a horrible 0-6 team?  Well, to put it mildly, I believe I have this figured out. 

  For one thing our defense is garbage! Gregg Williams is garbage! Tracy Porter went from Hero to total zero.  They can't stop the run. They can't even stop one of the worst defenses out there.  Oh and wait a minute!  Wasn't it mentioned there were some second stringers on the Rams defense? I'm just sick and stunned. We could be sitting at 7-1 or at least 6-2 running away with this Division. 


 The offense stunk as well. Does Meachem and Henderson even play anymore? They have been non existent lately.  Drew Brees, even though the O'line did an F- job did terrible as well. Where was the deep ball? Why can't our receivers get frigging open?  Brees was 12-15 for 88 yards at one time. That's pretty awful.  That's almost like throwing 2 yard completions.  I am sick and tired of this team playing "soft" against bad teams. Umm Cleveland, Arizona, Seahawks and the 0-6 Rams who are now 1-6.  I think I agree with our friend Stujo regarding steep decline.  


This is a Jeckyll N Hyde inconsistent team. We never know anymore who's gonna show up. I've very disgusted with the offensive playcalling. Dink n Dunk crap. And why the hell did we punt with 6 minutes left down by 10?  We were exposed today. It's panic time folks!  If we don't rebound this Sunday, this season is in jeopardy. We'll be lucky to get in as a wildcard.  There is too much ego on this team. The Saints thought they could walk on the visiting teams field, toss their helmets, and have the attitude: We're The New Orleans Saints! We're going to just walk out of here with a win. No matter if your opponent is the undefeated Packers or the winless Rams, you play football to your fullest potential!  


And I would personally like to congratulate the coaching staff and the New Orleans Saints for playing down to an inferior team...Again! And I would like to thank them for allowing everyone to laugh at us again. And boy! Are we getting laughed at!   I certainly can handle getting beat from a good team that shows hard effort that they fought through the whole game. But I CERTAINLY can not handle embarrassing losses such as this!  And this has been a pattern. I see it!! And I hope you can too!  


 The Coaching! The Defense!! The offense!!   Get's an F- for complete utter Epic failure!!   And Payton and company, if this doesn't wake you up! I don't know what the heck will!!  


  There's my rant folks!  My optimism is very dismal as you can see!   


  Let's hear what you have to say. Rant away folks! 

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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