Day After Rants: Dirty Birds

These rants almost didn't happen thanks to a massive consumption of the alcohol known as Jack Daniels and Bacardi. But alas, I drank enough to not be able to sleep, so I was able to write these.

This week was a big win, sort of like last week except the Saints have now done everything but clinch the division. I'll go into that further when I start my ranting, but this game was awesome. It was almost like the inverse of the 2010 Falcons-Saints match up. Saints winning on an OT FG after a "WOW" moment by the opposing team. That just seems familiar.

So anyway, make the jump to see more rants, pro Brees arguments, and another play breakdown.

Do You Realize How Much This Win Mattered?

The New Orleans Saints are now 7-3 and the Falcons are 5-4. If the Saints had lost, the Saints would be 6-4 and the Falcons would be 6-3. The Falcons would be in first place and in control of their own destiny by a game. By winning, the Saints are in first place, get to relax this week, are in control of their own destiny (by two games currently) and have the #3 seed if the playoffs started tomorrow.

This was a huge game and it's great that the Saints won.


How About that Curse?

Saints are now 2-0 when wearing throwbacks and 2-0 when wearing black pants and white jerseys. Polar opposite from what happened last year. Who was that idiot saying the black pants were at fault for the Saints losses? He should be drawn and quartered! Look over there! (runs away).


In Which I Piss Off Coldpizza and Start Another Argument When I'm Actually Being Kinda Sarcastic.

Saints lost TOP 36:32 to 30:03.

Saints lost offensive balance by having a pass run percentage of 73: 27 compared to the Falcons 63:37.

Scott Shanle had the game changing interception.

/avoids comments for fear of flame war


Awesome Pic of The Week

Payton first down


In which I defend Mike Smith Even if It Makes My Ulcer Flare Up

Ok, going for it on 4th down, I agree with that call. Don't look at the results, look at the game. Your offense just put a 3 and out on the field. Your team is tired, there's little momentum, the fans are nervous, and Drew Brees is salivating at the chance to march down the field.

If the Falcons make that down, the Falcons have stunned the Saints, have the ball back, are in control of this game, and their defense gets to rest a little bit longer. Most of all, you put the thought in everyone's head that you want to win this game.

That I agree with completely. However, running Turner up the gut in a play which everyone and their mom knew was coming...was mind boggling. You spread the Saints out by going 4 wide and have a draw play, that's shocking. You go play action from an I-formation, that's shocking. Running Turner in an I-form...isn't shocking.

It just seems like to me Smith put his balls to the wall with that call, and then made a play call that was anything but. So let's break it down, shall we?


Breakdown of the Week: Stuffed on 4th Down

Here is the play in question. Falcons have decided to go for it on 4th and inches in overtime. As you can see from the following image, the Falcons are in the I with a 2 Tight end, 2 back set with Roddy White out wide. Saints are anticipating run.

Stuffed 1


Ryan sends White out in motion, revealing the Saints are going to blitz as Jabari Greer is in man coverage with Roddy White. If Ryan were in a play action pass, the Falcons likely get this down and I may be writing this post through tears and Jack Daniels. Instead of just tears of Jack Daniels.

Stuffed 2


Here's where I would be screaming for play action. Saints have 10 guys at the line. 10!! If Matt Ryan fakes to Turner and throws to Roddy White (a supposed premier wideout in the league) he gets this first down very easily. Yet it's a running play. Pity for them.

Stuffed 3


Now, take a look at what Turner has to deal with. His only shot is to start running North-South and hoping that the Saints defenders watching him all can't tackle him...which is something that was very likely to happen knowing how "well" they tackled in this game. Still, anything up the gut is a guaranteed stuff, and he needs to go the outside immediately.

Stuffed 4


Turner decides that up the gut is the way to go. The Saints laugh and proceed to tackle him.

Stuffed 5


Turner gets stuffed behind the line of scrimmage for a 2 yard loss and a turnover on downs for the Falcons.

Stuffed 6


Finally, the reaction of who dat nation.


Marino Watch

Brees Yards: 3326

Marino's record: 5084

Yards to go: 1758

Games left: 6

Passing yards per game needed to tie passing record: 293

Brees current yards per game average: 332.6


Weekly "Why Brees is Awesome" Rant

Brees has the most completions of any NFL QB by 61 completions. Now, Brees also has the most attempts in the league with 422, good for 60 most over any QB. However, Brees 70.9 completion rate is good for an NFL record and is only 2nd to Aaron Rodgers 72.5%. Brees threw for a total of 3,004 yards over 9 games, the first QB in NFL history to do so. Tom Brady became the 2nd QB to do that today with 3,032. Brees currently leads the league with 3,326 yards. However, Brees ranks 8th in terms of YPA. He isn't making tons of deep throws, but is starting to take what the defense is giving him, and still getting these numbers.

Brees is 2nd in terms of yards per game. That distinction goes to Brady who has 4.3 yards per game more. Drew Brees is tied for 2nd in the league for total passing touchdowns with 23. His interceptions is tied for 4th most in the league, however, is over the "2:1 TD: INT" ratio. Brees is tied with Mike Vick and Rex Grossman, with Cam Newton and Tom Brady having 10 interceptions. Drew Brees has the most passing first downs with 170, which gives him the 5th highest 1st down percentage with 40.3%. Drew Brees is also tied for the 4th most 20 yard plays or more, while also being tied for 7th in 40 yard plays or more. He has 38 and 6 respectively. Drew Brees has taken 19 sacks, Jay Cutler has gone down 23 times and Big Ben has been downed 31 times. Good for 16th, 5th, and 1st respectively. Finally, Drew Brees has the 3rd highest QB rating with 101.3. Brady is 2nd with 102.0 and Aaron Rodgers is first with 129.0.


Awesome Dog Pic of the Week:




Winning Streak

The Saints are two more wins away from having their 3rd straight winning season. If they make the playoffs, this will be their third straight winning season and third straight playoff appearance. If this team can get another Lombardi, I don't know how you can say this team isn't a dynasty.


Official Mancrush list copyright: Jon Banks

Pierre Thomas

Arian Foster

Marques Colston

Darren Sproles

Jimmy Graham

Jabari Greer

Mark Ingram

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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