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Sep 19  2011


Malcolm Jenkins. 2011 Pro-Bowler.

Only if he goes all Drew Brees and tries to make every play on defense.

Oct 21  2011


When Ivory is 100%, he won't be active on game days.  Joique Bell will be activated prior to Ivory.

Joique:  Still waiting for another chance

TUSK!! played in both week 8 and 9 games.

Nov 3  2011


Peyton Manning will not play another down in the NFL.

I smell vinification.

Nov 3  2011


Peyton will play again.

"I wasn't healthy when I signed the contract," conceded Manning, "and if I'm not healthy in February, I think it's fair for the Colts to be able to make their decision there." According to NFL Network's Michael Lombardi, Manning will be due a $35 million commitment in February. Whether he sees that money or not depends on the progress of the fusion in his neck. -Nov 4

Oct 4 2011

GSO Saints Fan

He will then go the way of JaMarcus Russell...sCam (Cam Newton) is a flash in the pan.

Remind me:  Was JaMarcus Russell NFL rookie of the year?

Aug 8  2011


Jimmy Graham's 2011 season will not be better than Shockey's 2009 season

Shockey:  569 receiving yards, 3 TD's

Graham in 9 games:  791 yards, (5th in the NFL)

5 TD's

Unless you're telling me he has to also catch the winning TD pass in the super bowl, I'm putting this one to bed.

Aug 3  2011


Saints go 5-1 in division, lose @Tampa

15-1 blah blah

2-1 after 9 games, lost @ Tampa

Aug 3  2011


Bucs will go at least 11-5 and push us for the division title

Currently 4-4, still possible.  But they need Jesus1000.

Aug 28  2011


Saints sweep Bucs in 2011

Eternal optimism.

Lost @ Tampa 20-26

May 1  2011

GSO Saints Fan

The Falcons will begin a steep decline based on this draft.

They're 5-3 and still get to play some crappy teams this year.

Aug 3  2011


Atlanta will hit 9-7 (Julio will fail miserably, and Ryan will do worse than 2010 in passer rating)

Tony Gonzalez thinks Julio Jones is the best.  This is all possible if Jones reads his press clippings.

Sep 4  2011


I don't think the Foulclowns will even make the playoffs this year.

Not much objective thinking evident at CSC.

Aug 19  2011

Dan Kelly

Matt Ryan will NOT lead the league in TD passes, not even top 3, but maybe top 5

Ryan has 12.  Fitzpatrick is 5th with 15.

Aug 4  2011


Tarvaris Jackson goes .500 in 2011 if he starts an even number of games greater than zero

He has started 6 games and won 2, so he's on track.

Aug 4  2011

Breesus Christ Superstar

Seahawks go under .500 in 2011

2-6 and Charlie Whitehurst, although he sort of resembles him, is not Jesus1000 in any way.

Jul 13  2011

Preston J. Gary, Jr.

Jimmy Graham: 10 TD's in 2011

At 5, half way there through 9 games.  Can he stay healthy?

Apr 29  2011

Jun 8  2011


were gonna need a bigger boat

Andrew Juge

Ingram pick cost too much with too much risk.  Overrated, potential bust.

A bust like Daniel Thomas?  Or Reggie Bush?  Or Antonio Pittman?

May 1  2011


Ingram scores only 2 to 4 TD's IF he makes the team.

3 TD's in 7 games where he was able to play.  So far.

May 1 2011


Ingram has injury concerns, may not have been the best running back prospect in the draft, and doesn't represent a great upgrade over Thomas/Ivory. and when you consider the price, it was a bad pick unless Ingram puts his butt in the Pro Bowl multiple times or keys another Super Bowl run.

Depends on how you define "bruised heel".

Would Pierre/Sproles/TUSK!!/Joique have been adequate, and the pick should have been used on a linebacker?

Fax that to Mickey and tell me what he says.

Jul 6  2011



Ingram starts more games than Jordan in 2011

Oh no.  This is not going to happen.

Jul 12  2011


Ingram DOES NOT start more games than Jordan in 2011

Jordan 9, Ingram 2

Apr 28  2011


Morstead and 2011 Saints will set NFL record for fewest punts and team record for 6 games without a punt

This from the man who said the Saints would be down 17-0 in St Louis.

Apr 24  2011


Thinks our run game will be Top 5.

9th after 9 games, but trending up.

Aug 15  2011


Saints' offense will rank in the 12th to 18th range this season

#1 after 9 games. (Yards per game)

May 2  2011


Three NFC South teams with double digit win totals in 2011.

Tampa will need to perk up for this to happen.

Aug 19  2011


Saints are going to sweep the division.

Well that didn't happen.

Beat Carolina but lost @ Tampa.

Aug 19  2011


Mike Vick will have a mediocre season and not make it back to the top 5 for MVP voting.

Dog lover.   Vick's team sucks too.

Oct 4  2011


Eagles won't make the playoffs.

After getting beat by Jay Cutler and the Bears AT HOME ON MONDAY NIGHT, they should be disqualified.  Now 3-5.

Aug 21  2011


Lance and Meachem each have better seasons than Colston (better in 2 out of 3 categories: Receptions, yards, TD's)

After 9 games:

Lance    33/358/3

Meach    27/290/3

Colston   34/476/3

Aug 21  2011


Moore's season more likely to be better than Colston's than Meachem's as compared to Colston's.

That's probably going to be right.

Apr 28  2011


Whoever drafts Da'Quan Bowers will see him balloon up during the inevitable rehab

Hey, he could still get hurt.  And they have Papa John's in Tampa.

May 1  2011

were gonna need a bigger boat

Martez Wilson, not Mark Ingram, makes the biggest impact of all rookies this season.

Wilson has 3 tackles in 7 games.

May 2  2011


Wilson probably has the best chance of our drafted rookies to win Rookie of the Year

Maybe you should hang out with Hans and get some predicting tips.

May 4  2011


Martez Wilson will be the best overall performer of our draft class

Maybe Hans can form a support group.

May 2  2011


Junior Galette will be a starter this year

Not yet, he's not.

May 4  2011



Ingram won't have more than 3 games with 13+ carries

13, 14, 9, 17, 9, 9, 14, but let's keep this going if the heel bruise heals.


May 4  2011


Ingram will have 8 games with 13+ carries & 50%+ more rushing yards than teammates

Somebody was feverish with INGRAMANIA!!!

Jun 2  2011


Doesn't believe A Arrington will be a regular rotation receiver in 2011

Also doesn't believe Ingram only has a bruised heel, so give jeff some credit here.

Nov 2  2010


The over thrown would be TD pass to Strief in week 8 of 2010 indicates Brees' QB career peaked in 2009

Drew BREEESSS!!! has proven this to be false.  He's performing at a very high level in 2011.

Aug 28  2011

Mr. Dave

Drew Brees' best years are behind him

Geez, Mr. Dave.  That seems pretty harsh and unfair.  What got into you??  (See what I did there?)

Jul 14  2011


Drew Brees will prove he is not in decline by throwing less than 10 interceptions and winning the league MVP award

Well, the MVP thing is still on the board.  We'll need a collapsible baton and access to the Packers' locker room.

Oct 15  2011

were gonna need a bigger boat

Drew Brees wins the MVP award.

Or, we could get Aaron Rodgers to ride through Dealey Plaza.  When do the Packers play the Cowboys?

Aug 24  2011

Acquired Panic

Drew Brees is not declining or losing his focus.

Declining, no.  Focus on trying to win the game for his team?  Oh yeah, he's got that.

Aug 15  2011


Drew Brees will throw 38 TD's and no more than 14 INT's this year

21-11 in 9 games, I guess that's possible.  But only if he loses focus.

Oct 1  2011

were gonna need a bigger boat

Drew Brees:  4500+ yds. and 30+ TD's this season, and that the Saints win at least 12 games

You're dancing.  (Microsoft Golf for PC, anyone?  Hello?)

Jul 14  2011


Pierre Thomas will lead the team for the season in rushing yards and rushing TDs

Ingram   329/3

Sproles   347/2

Thomas  311/2

May 14  2010


Condemned Ricky Williams draft day trade, applauded Tebow draft day trade

Tebow Time is making a resurgent splash.  Rotoworld:  The Broncos coaching staff has installed the read-option offense for Tim Tebow. Let's see how he does in KC.

Jul 2  2011

Preston J. Gary, Jr.

Shaun Rogers will make a big impact on defense for the Saints in 2011.

What a big fat disappointment. 

Jul 11 2011


Shaun Rogers in 2011:  2-3 sacks tops

0 in 9 games.  10 tackles, 5 assists.  Can Martez Wilson play DT?

Jul 12  2011


At least two teams with a new starting QB will make the playoffs this year. At least one of those new QBs will be a rookie

I have no idea what he was thinking.

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