Fleur-de-Links: February 10, 2011


Watching Outside The Lines Story on William "Refrigerator" Perry...brings you back to reality very quick. Life is short and precious!

Reggie Bush
Its hard to see former great NFL Athletes in that type of shape. Hopefully the NFL can implement a better system to help retired players

Reggie Bush
Brings tears to my eyes...

Leigh Torrence Jr
The Days of the Dictator are coming to an end, and thanks to modern technology we get to watch it live on CNN, smh this is incredible!
by jgoody76
League should be blamed for breakdown in labor talks

Brian McCarthy
by Official_Saints
We've spoken to nearly 250 of 400 fans who didn't receive seats @ . Pls email SBXLV@nfl.com if u haven't heard from us

ends Saturday - so let's play hard to help the hungry. Winner gets a signed ball! @ @

Felt too good to sleep in til 12... Time to get off my butt. Gym bound,

Saints' 2011 opponents - Which team are you looking forward to seeing the Saints play most?

Chad Ochocinco
by HeathEvans
Not to be a (debbie downer) <--who breaks sad news The owners were planning this lockout all along,I wish u all as fans could see the facts

It's sad when great ppl are taken away from us...RIP Que

deuce mcallister
Morning World. Have a Great day

Adam Schefter
NFL's new league year is scheduled to begin in 3 weeks -- and the two sides are essentially arguing over an additional $1 billion.

Alex James Brown
Jumped in the truck this morning an this is what was waiting on me...

Adam Schefter
Make of it what you will: NFL and NFLPA not meeting again today, as they were scheduled to do. Meeting cancelled after yesterday's session.

Reggie Bush
I'm at this restaurant and this girl is giving me a really creepy look! Lol! I feel like I'm in the Poltergeist! LMAO!

Reggie Bush
I should just start throwing gangs signs just to see watching she reacts! Lol!



Handwerger: Win and no one will worry about where Sean Payton's family lives | New Orleans News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | wwltv.com | Eye on Black and Gold
That Sean Payton’s impending move to Dallas with his family was big news isn’t really a surprise to anyone who knows New Orleans and its permanent inhabitants.

Sean Payton gets it wrong with Texas move

Plan for career change critical: A letter to the editor | NOLA.com
It is tempting to criticize Coach Payton's decision to buy a residence in Dallas, but this should be tempered with consideration for his circumstances. Professional sports coaches, as the saying goes, are hired to be fired. That simply goes with the territory. The tenure of even the very accomplished coaches is relatively short, as careers go, and longer-term planning for...

Coach Sean Payton makes a lateral play: A letter to the editor | NOLA.com
When Sean Payton became the coach of the Saints he became one of us. Being one of us, he was totally embraced, taken into the family and community of Louisiana, no questions asked. We shared our spirit, our constant support and our love of the Saints with him. And now he is not one of us. Daryl Owens Mandeville

Jeff Duncan's read-and-react: Payton-to-Dallas story continues to ignite reaction | NOLA.com
The Sean Payton story just won't go away. The story has gone national. It was featured on three separate ESPN shows: Rome is Burning; Pardon the Interruption; and Around the Horn. Today it's the subject for a pair of columnists on CBSSports.com. Gregg Doyel of CBSSports.com rushes to Payton's defense and scolds New Orleanians (myself included) for criticizing Payton:...



New Orleans Saints reportedly have the NFL's highest number of potential free agents | NOLA.com
According to ESPN.com, the Saints' 27 potential free agents lead the league

Where NFL teams rank in free agents - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The NFL Players association annually makes available information regarding free agency to reporters attending the Super Bowl.

Saints lead league in potential free agents - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Hypothetically speaking, and everything’s hypothetical in this time of NFL labor uncertainty, the New Orleans Saints lead the league with 27 potential free agents.

Top NFL Teams Going into 2011 - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com
New Orleans Saints - I whole heartedly believe that Gregg Williams pulled his name out of the head coaching carousel just to come back to the Saints and prove a point. Although the defense had solid rankings at the end of the season, this group was anything but solid. Saints fans shouldn't look for regulars Jeremy Shockey or Pierre Thomas to be back. With Chris Ivory and the rookie tight end Graham emerging, these two have become expendable. Reggie Bush will restructure and the team should load up on defensive talented to go with that potent offense. Brees will return to form.

New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins encourages kids to stay fit | NOLA.com
Jenkins visits Madisonville Elementary as part of NFL's "Fuel Up To Play 60" campaign



Greed is root cause of Super Bowl seating debacle: Opinion | NOLA.com
$5 million lawsuit filed against Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys, NFL



NFL, players union representatives mum after meeting | NOLA.com
Another session is set for Thursday

NFC South scores low in franchise rankings - NFC South Blog - ESPN
For the 10th straight year, The Dallas Morning News has released its NFL franchise rankings. The newspaper ranks the franchises throughout history and the scoring system relies heavily on advancing deep into the postseason.

Freeman joins Brees with historic leap - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The two biggest jumps in passer rating since 1980 have been recorded by current NFC South starting quarterbacks.

With the No. 1 pick, the Panthers take ... - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Todd McShay’s latest mock draft is out and you can see it all right here.

Former Karr, LSU standout Robert Royal among Cleveland Browns cuts | NOLA.com
Former Pro Bowl nose tackle Shaun Rogers also released

States look to strengthen sports agent oversight | NOLA.com
NCAA pushing for national registration system for agents





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