New Draft (post senior bowl)

Well, the Senior bowl is long gone.  I've delayed this post because I've spent the past 2 weeks crying because the Senior Bowl indeed wasn't 80 year olds running to the endzone and duking it out for the last pudding cup.  *sigh*  But I guess I have to move on.  The Senior Bowl had a bad effect on our draft, with two potential steals performing well enough for them to move out of our grasp.  But it's time for me to sit back, pray that someone who effects the Saints draft choices reads this, and tell my mind "What expring CBA and potential lockout?"  Enjoy.  Please.  I just want to be loved....

1.(10)- The Saints aquired this and a 3rd round pick from the lions for Jermon Bushrod and Reggie Bust (What spelling mistake?) Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M- I realized that since were gonna need a bigger boat, were REALLY gonna need a bigger salary cap to afford said boat.  But while we're on this boat, lets go fishing for a OLB. (I've taken this analogy way too far, and I have no intention to stop anytime soon.) Von Miller is the best OLB of the class, and could be a pain in Matt Ryan and Josh Freeman's sides (and shoulders...and ribs...and head...and everything else) for years to come.  If we make this deal (or one similar to it) work, it would be a great deal on our part.

1.(24) Phil Taylor, NT/DT, Baylor-  Taylor had a phenomonal Senior Bowl, moving him out of our second round range.  I don't think Ayodele can be as much of a threat to accompany Sedrick Ellis as Taylor would be. 

2.(56) Brooks Reed, DE, Arizona-  I don't think that DE is a huge need for us, but I'm apperantly the only one who thinks this.

3.(75) Jordan Todman Derrick Locke Ryan Williams Bilal Powell, RB, Louisville-  Still think I'm crazy drafting him to us?  He was the leading rusher at the Senior Bowl, with 5 ypc.  Ka-Ching!  We trade the Redskins pick for the Jaguars 4th round picks (including the one they got from us) and their 6th round pick.

3.(88) Austin Pettis, WR, Boise State- I'd mock us the OT Joseph Barksdale, but I think we re sign Zach Streif.  Titus Young had a great Senior Bowl, slipping out of our grasp.  But why not take his also sucsessful right hand man.

4.(113) Lance Kendricks, TE, Wisconsin- To all the people who think we need an upgrade at TE, here you go.  Our 4th string TE and worst reciever named Lance.  Happy?

4.(120) Ahmad Black, SS, Flordia- What?  Roman Harper doesn't choke.  Roman Harper never chokes.  Ever.

6.(176) Greg McElroy- If Drew Brees gets knocked out of a game, I honestly wouldn't want to rely on Chase Daniels under center.

7. (I don't know) Rodney Gnat, DE, Louisville- OK, at this point, I'm just taking someone who I know.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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