Saints 2001 NFL Draft in Review


With the Super Bowl over and the possibility of no free agency, there is only one thing left to talk about this off-season: the draft!

After the jump you'll find each of the Saints picks in every round of the 2001 draft as well as the next few picks after the Saints. I have then listed the career stats of those players so that you can decide, in retrospect, if you would take a different player than the one the Saints actually drafted. Forget about needs of the time and just choose the player with the most talent.

Make the jump to see the Saints 2001 draft.

2001 NFL Draft


1st Round

23rd New Orleans Saints Deuce McAllister* RB Mississippi
24th Denver Broncos Willie Middlebrooks DB Minnesota
25th Philadelphia Eagles Freddie Mitchell WR UCLA
26th Miami Dolphins Jamar Fletcher DB Wisconsin
27th Minnesota Vikings Micheal Bennett* RB Wisconsin
28th Oakland Raiders Derrick Gibson DB Florida St.
29th St. Louis Rams Ryan Pickett DT Ohio State
30th Indianapolis Colts Reggie Wayne* WR Miami U

(* denotes Pro Bowl)

Deuce McAllister - 1,429 rushing attempts, 6,096 yards rushing, 49 rushing TD, 234 receptions, 1,720 receiving yards,  reception TD, 20 fumbles, 13 lost. 9 seasons

Willie Middlebrooks - 62 tackles, 7 passes defended, 1 sack. 5 seasons

Freddie Mitchell - 90 receptions, 1,263 receiving yards, 5 TD, 1 fumble. 4 seasons

Jamar Fletcher - 193 tackles, 26 passes defended, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble, 7 INT. 9 seasons

Micheal Bennett - 842 rushing attempts, 3703 rushing yards, 13 rushing TD, 159 receptions, 1,294 receiving yards, 6 receiving TD, 15 fumbles, 9 lost. Currently 10th season.

Derrick Gibson - 194 tackles, 11 passes defended, 2 sacks, 3 INT, 1 forced fumble. 6 seasons.

Ryan Pickett - 454 tackles, 9.5 sacks, 24 passes defended, 1 forced fumble. Currently 10th season.

Reggie Wayne - 787 receptions, 10,748 reception yards, 69 receiving TD, 8 fumbles, 5 lost. Currently 10th season



3rd Round

70th New Orleans Saints Sedrick Hodge OLB UNC
71st Green Bay Packers Bhawoh Jue FS Penn State
72nd Green Bay Packers Torrance Marshall ILB Oklahoma
73rd Jacksonville Jaguars Westmoreland, Eric Eric Westmoreland OLB Tennessee
74th Carolina Panthers Smith, Steve Steve Smith* WR Utah
75th Kansas City Chiefs Eric Downing DT Syracuse
76th Buffalo Bills Ron Edwards DT Texas A&M
77th Kansas City Chiefs Marvin Minnis WR Florida State


81st New Orleans Saints Kenny Smith DT Alabama
82nd Seattle Seahawks Heath Evans FB Auburn
83rd St. Louis Rams Brian Allen OLB Florida St.
84th Tampa Bay Buccaneers Smith, Dwight Dwight Smith FS Akron
85th Miami Dolphins Travis Minor RB Florida St.

Sedrick Hodge - 161 tackles, 1 sack, 10 passes defended, 2 forced fumbles. 5 seasons

Bhawoh Jue- 181 tackles, 1.5 sack, 19 passes defended, 2 forced fumbles. 7 seasons

Torrance Marshall- 76 tackles, 1 sack, 2 passes defended, 1 forced fumble. 4 seasons

Eric Westmoreland - 78 tackles, 2 sacks, 3 passes defended, 3 forced fumbles. 4 seasons

Steve Smith - 620 receptions, 8884 receiving yards, 52 receiving TD, 28 fumbles, 10 lost. Currently 10th season

Eric Downing - 44 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 passes defended. 4 seasons

Ron Edwards - 192 tackles, 15.5 sacks, 6 passes defended, 3 forced fumbles. Currently 10th season

Marvin Minnis - 34 receptions, 515 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD. 5 seasons

Kenny Smith - 71 tackles, 4.5 sacks, 2 passes defended. 7 seasons

Heath Evans - 164 rushing attempts, 579 rushing yards, 4 rushing TD, 57 receptions, 439 receiving yards, 4 receiving TD, 3 fumbles, 1 lost. Currently 10th season.

Brian Allen- None

Dwight Smith - 465 tackles, 2 sacks 40 passes defended, 22 INT, 10 forced fumbles. 8 seasons

Travis Minor - 307 rushing attempts, 1230 rushing yards, 8 rushing TD, 67 receptions, 474 receiving yards,1 TD, 1 fumble. 8 seasons.



4th Round

115th New Orleans Saints Moran Norris FB Kansas
116th St. Louis Rams Milton Wynn WR Washington State
117th Tampa Bay Buccaneers John Howell SS Colorado State
118th Indianapolis Colts Ryan Diem OT Northern Illinois
119th New England Patriots Jabari Holloway TE Notre Dame

Moran Norris - 28 rushing attempts, 67 yards, 1 rushing TD, 38 receptions, 198 receiving yards, 3 receiving TD, one fumble. Currently in 10th season.

Milton Wynn - 4 receptions, 69 yards. 4 games

John Howell - 100 tackles, 3 passes defended. 5 seasons.

Ryan Diem - 10 seasons as RT for Colts. Currently starting.

Jabari Holloway - 15 receptions, 157 receiving yards. 3 seasons



5th Round

153rd New Orleans Saints Ojo, Onome Onome Ojo WR California-Davis
154th Washington Redskins Darnerien McCants WR Delaware St.
155th Philadelphia Eagles Feeley, A.J. A. J. Feeley QB Oregon
156th Miami Dolphins Draper, Shawn Shawn Draper TE Alabama
157th Minnesota Vikings Patrick Chukwurah OLB Wyoming

Onome Ojo - None

Darnerien McCants - 58 receptions, 774 receiving yards, 8 receiving TD, 1 fumble lost. 5 seasons. Currently in CFL.

A.J. Feely - 372 completions, 665 attempts, 4070 passing yards, 27 TD, 29 INT, 34 sacks. Currently 10th season.

Shawn Draper - None

Patrick Chukwurah - 81 tackles, 9 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, 3 passes defended. 7 seasons.

6th Round

185th New Orleans Saints Mitch White OT Oregon State
186th Washington Redskins Mario Monds DT Cincinnati
187th Miami Dolphins Otis Leverette DE UAB
188th Miami Dolphins Rick Crowell LB Colorado St.
189th Minnesota Vikings Carey Scott CB Kentucky St.

Mitch White - None

Mario Monds - 6 tackles. 3 seasons.

Otis Leverette - 31 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 INT. 4 seasons

Rick Crowell - None

Carey Scott - 2 tackle. 3 seasons.



7th Round

221st New Orleans Saints Ennis Davis DT USC
222nd Seattle Seahawks Dennis Norman C Princeton
223rd Tampa Bay Buccaneers Than Merrill SS Yale
224th San Francisco 49ers Eric Johnson TE Yale
225th Minnesota Vikings Brian Crawford OT Western Oregon

Ennis Davis - None

Dennis Norman - Journeyman center. 9 seasons.

Than Merrill - 7 tackles. 2 seasons

Eric Johnson - 240 receptions, 2178 receiving yards, 9 receiving TD, 3 fumbles, 2 lost. 5 seasons.

Brian Crawford - None

My thoughts

Taking into consideration as to where the Saints drafted, they didn't do half bad. Most of the guys around them were either special teamers or back ups. The only real impact player that the Saints could of had was wide receiver Steve Smith. The Saints could have kept Smith out of the hands of Carolina and they would have had a veteran No. 1 receiver to go alongside Marques Colston right now. Otherwise, the draft was pretty meh.

What do you think? Could this draft have been improved? Any thoughts to add or change to mine?

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