Position by Position Draft "Needs" 2011 Pt 2: Defense


Continuing from my other post from a couple weeks ago, I will now address my position by position needs on the defense. Our defense is, according to the last poll, the most needed position in this years draft, so this post should be a little more meaningful:


Starting with the Linebacker position (I know there are a few specific LB positions we could discuss, but fore the sake of saving time and space I will bunch them up into one group and pick one), this is one of the draft choices many fans think we could use. A young linebacker is always a great way to get build on a defense.

Akeem Ayers - OLB UCLA      Akeem-ayers_medium

One of the better OLBs in this years class, Ayers is a great pass rusher and that's what we need to help our defense. Scott Shanle is looking like he could be gone this year and hopefully a guy like this could step right in a play in his first year. This year he had 91 total tackles and 4 sacks and started all 12 games



Remi Ayodele will be a UFA this year, so we'll need to eventually get a body next to Ellis.

Stephen Paea - DT Oregon State      Stephen-paea_2__medium

6'1" 295 is a little under-sized (at least on our team: Ellis: 6'1" 307 and Adoyele 6'2" 318, 317 minus the mo-hawk) but I'm sure he would put on some weight in the NFL.  This guy is a beast, according to CBS: " a 600-pound squat, 500-pound bench press and the ability to churn out 44 repetitions of 225 pounds". With that being said, he's obviously a great project. I don't think we'd use a guy like this immediately, but there's always free agency for the time being. (unless we get another Jimmy Graham right?)



Another position that we are in need of is DE (at least a pass rushing one).

Adrian Clayborn - DE Iowa           211100105018_orange_bowl_georgia_tech_v_iowa_medium

Clayborn is another pass rusher, he could be taken well before us, but I'm gonna go with him as my choice because there's always those players that fall (and we never seem to pick up). In his career at Iowa he totaled 30 consecutive starts, 192 tackles, 37.5 TFLs, 19 sacks, not too shabby.


3 CBs in 3 years? I doubt it, but let's go for it anyway...

Brandon Harris - CB Miami (FL)    211091107055_virginia_at_miami_medium

Harris is also a KR/PR so there we go! I will say no more!


We're pretty secure at both Safety positions, so I see no reason to spend a 1st rounder on one.

DeAndre McDaniel - SS Clemson       1758  

The Safety class this year is pretty poor (at least according to my main source CBS SPORTSLINE), McDaniel is the #1 ranked SS and he was ranked 59th overall, it also said his projected round drafted should be in the 2nd, so if we really want to reach for a Safety in the first, he's as close as it comes. Not too bad either: 8 INTs and 102 Tackles last season.

And that's it for the Defense, I refuse to do kicker/punter/long snapper for obvious reasons, so until next year...


I'd also like to thank CBS SPORTS for being my source (for rankings of players and such), they're one of the best draft sites in my opinion.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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