My somewhat less insane Saints NFL mock draft/ Open free agency discussion

After my last mock draft, I learned a few things:

  • Rush isn't the best selling band ever.  I'm in complete shock.
  • And also... well, that's about it.  But I tried to update it with a less insane twist. As former Saints coach Jim Mora once said

 I'm sure people vomited in the stands after watching our kicking game.

 but of course, by kicking, he means running/pass rushing/tackling a mediocre running back with 7 different tries.

Round 1 (24)  Robert Quinn, DE/OLB, North Carolina-  when Robert Quinn's stock fell due to suspension, I began to pray that he'd slip to us.  I think I may get that wish thanks to the rising stock of Von Miller, Akeem Ayersn and Aldon Smith.  We could play him at at DE or OLB, depending on if we take care of one of those problems in Free Agency.

Round 2 (56)  Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon State-  Thankls to a knee injury, Paea could fall down to here.  We're really getting lucky with these falling stocks.

Round 3 (88) (Other 3rd rounder traded to Jacksonville for 2 4th round picks and a 6th) Titus Young, WR, Boise State-  devery Henderson dissapeared like Waldo this season.  The hype of Titus Young's impressive senior bowl is dying down, and we may be able to grab hm here.

Round 4 (113)  Bilal Powell, RB, Louisville-  I'm beggining to get tired of preaching how Bilal Powell could be the running game of whoever drafts him for years to come and all of that... but seriously, he's a steal here.

Round 4 (120)  Football Player, Tight End, School place University-  I'll leave this one to you in the discussions.  If you think we need a tight end, then who?  Theres Cameron Graham, Lance Kendericks, D.J Williams, Weslye Saunders...  I'll put a poll below.

Round 6 (187) Greg McElroy, QB, Alabama-  People get so caught up in Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson that they don't think of how impressive Greg McElroy has been for the Crimson Tide.

Round 7 (215) Matt Bosher, K, Miami (FL)-  If Garrett Hartley misses to many important FG's next season, we won't have to turn to John Carney.  That guy can't even make an extra point when it counts *COUGH*

5 free agents to look at (that aren't ours)

  1. Chad Greenway, OLB-  With a little luck (and a lot of money)  We might be able to lure him in to replace Shanle.
  2. Charles Johnson, DE-  If I were him, I certainly wouldn't go back to Carolina.
  3. Randy Moss, WR-  Just because everyone hates him as a person doesn't mean he won't be able to play good.  But he could become a team cancer.  In that case, just drop him.
  4. Arian Foster, RB-  If we could lure him away from Houston, I will run to the top of the Empire State Building waving a Jamaican flag, and scream at the top of my lungs "WE'VE FINALLY GOT A BOBSLED TEAM!!!"
  5. Michael Bush, RB- He had some trouble with the law recently, but having watched him at Louisville...  He may be one the most underrated RB's in the NFL.

Predictions for 2012 (For the entire NFL)-  The CBA gets done about a week before the draft.  Jamaal Charles sets an NFL record for most rushing yards in a single season.  Drew Brees and Matt Schaub both surpass 5,000 passing yards, and Drew Brees breaks the record he almost got in 2008.  Drew Stanton and Dennis Dixon both fight to get starting jobs (Stanton with Carolina and Dixon with Buffalo)  and both manage to lead their teams to better records than in the previous season, with Stanton winning comeback player of the year.  Drew Brees wins his 1st NFL MVP award, and Jamaal Charles wins Offensive Player of the year.  Defensive Player of the year goes to Ndamakong Suh, who sets a single season record for sacks.  The NFL rookies of the year are A.J Green and Robert Quinn.  The Saints and Chiefs face off in Super Bowl 46, And the Saints win 45-34.  Lance Moore catches 12 passes for 168 yards and 2 TD's, and shares the MVP award with Drew Brees, who completes 42/49 passes for 421 yards and  5 TD's. 


Feel free to discuss any subject about the off season or your predictions.  Thanks for reading this, because it really took a long time to write.                              

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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