Who would you rather? Running Back Edition

Time to play the classic "Who would you rather" game. I love doing this with painful things like:

 What would you rather: 
a. burn to death?
b. drown to death?

But we're gonna try it with our Running Back position on the Saints. Right now it's kind of up in the air on what's happening with the position, we've got Reggie Bush about to make a crap-load of money that I think that he even knows he shouldn't be getting. Also Pierre Thomas will be a free agent this season. And Chris Ivory has been solid but like the running backs previously mentioned he is injury prone. Then there's the draft or free agency we could always turn to.  

Reggie Bush:                             Reggie-bush-running_medium


Reggie...well Reggie is Reggie...we love him, we hate him...but when it come's down to it: when he's out of the game our offense operates differently (for good or bad).  Defenses react differently when Bush is in the game. Reggie is great in the passing game (most of the time) and if he wouldn't dance around so much he would be a little better in the running game.  I've heard rumors of the Saints possibly restructuring his contract, and I've also heard that he agrees.  I think he wants to be a Saint for a while, I just don't know if the front office wants him.


Pierre Thomas:                     P19-081213-a5_medium


Pierre is our most complete back, but he is also injury prone, and a free agent this year.  He is easily my favorite back since he joined the team.  He always fights for extra yards and is on of the best screen runners I've seen in the NFL. if you don't believe me, remember his SB XLIV TD?  He shows great vision, balance, power and speed...everything that defines the running back position. They also mention that Pierre caught 45 passes in 2009...26 of them were screens!  I would really hate to see Pierre go, let's hope we keep him and if so he stays healthy.


Chris Ivory:        Chris-ivory_medium


"Tusk" showed he can be an NFL running back even though no one heard of him before this season.  He had some ball security issues throughout the year, but he was an undrafted rookie so I'll cut him some slack for this year.  He ran with great power and speed, and was very decisive in his running up the middle.  I think we have the rights to him next year, so he should still be here.  


I think if we had all 3 running backs healthy all year round we would have definitely had an even better season, but you can't always count on the health of RB's as the Saints found out.

Free Agency:     3791845989_45226265d0_medium


- DeAngelo Williams:  Oh how great it would be to rub some Deangelo all up in the faces of the Panthers. Williams (when healthy) puts up some of the greatest numbers in the NFL.  His price might be a bit high, but I would love for him to come to New Orleans...but we really need another injured running back?

- Ronnie Brown: The former Auburn Tiger looks like he will leave Miami this year, but he is another injury-bitten back...but he his a workhorse type player who came from a run heavy system.

- Michael Bush:  Another Bush you say? And he doesn't dance!? I'm still not sold, but he'll be a FA (possibly RFA...) a decent back-up to McFadden in Oakland the past couple years, and still is fairly young (26) and I think he still has potential in the right offensive scheme. (and who wouldn't prosper in our offense?)


There are plenty other free agent RB's we could looks into and here are a few: 


Arian Foster (HOU) 

Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG)

Cedric Benson (CIN) 

Mike Tolbert (SD) 

Darren Sproles (SD) 

BenJarvus Green-Ellis (NE)

Ricky Williams (MIA)

Michael Bush (OAK) 

Leon Washington (SEA)


Draft:                     Mark-ingram1_medium


Here are a few draft prospect the Saints might have the chance to take: (won't go to in depth seeing as soon I'm sure we'll all be bombarded with draft info)


1st Rd Talent-

- Mark Ingram (Alabama) 

- Mikel LeShoure (Illinois)

- Ryan Williams (VT)

2nd Rd Talent-

- Kendall Hunter (Okla State)

- DeMarco Murray (Oklahoma)

- Jacquizz Rodgers (Oregon St)

3rd Rd and beyond (notables)-

- Bilal Powell (Louisville)

- Stevan Ridley (LSU!)

- John Clay (Wisconsin)

- Derrick Locke (Kentucky)

It's possible the Saints could look to the draft for a future running back, but when they would take one is up in the air for me.

So thanks for tuning in, I'll try to keep going with this on a regular basis and go through all the positions I can. So what would you rather?

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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