Fleur-de-Links: Saturday, March 12

Better get used to the site of this. (Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images)

We're now in Day One of Owner Lockout and NFLPA Decertification. I have to admit that I'm not doing well. I don't like this one bit and want it to be over, NOW. I think I must have an unhealthy addiction to pro football.

I'm glad you're here.  Hold me, please.

Or, just make the jump to read all the latest in tweets and news, commentary, recapping, and reaction that's fit to link to, featuring Mike Triplett, John DeShazier, Pat Y., and an adventure in dining for Cris Collinsworth and other Northern Kentucky diners.


usama_young28 Saturday morning cartoons... Now watching The Smurfs, and crushing this breakfast. Papa Smurf was a beast
j_bushrod7475 I might have to dust off the glove#istillgotit"@AndrewJuge: @j_bushrod7475 are you going to try out for the O's since there's no football?"
usama_young28 Aight. Done with the Smurfs, back to reality. Time to find a job!
HeathEvans "@Roof_Restore: @HeathEvans rumor has it that Keanu Reeves is putting together a team full of convicts because of lockout? Too funny!
HeathEvans "@Ben_Ivy: What say you @HeathEvans ? RT @nflNFL statement on "Decertification"-Litigation-This should help u buddy! http://t.co/XzmKeLs
HeathEvans "@Aubtgr87: @HeathEvans are the NFL financials not public record" No! The NFL operates as a non-profit w/ their anti-trust exemptions
TylerLorenzen Love ya sister RT @nicatch @TylerLorenzenwish I was there miss Costa rica. #memories
caplannfl RT @BrianAyrault: Hearing rumors of player's draft event independent of the NFL coverage. Other networks might be involved.
ProFootballTalk With more than 13,000 votes, 20 percent blame the owners, 40 percent blame the players, 38 percent blame both. http://wp.me/p14QSB-um0
caplannfl That was funny. RT @ProStarSports: @ProFootballTalk You should've told Aiello & Brown they can't vote more than 10,000 times.
HeathEvans "@drewcraw: @HeathEvans that is a bit misleading. The NFL operates as a not for profit but the individual teams do not." Hence I said NFL!
HeathEvans "@dtautigers: @HeathEvans wish y'all luck in your hold out...I hope us fans don't miss a whole season due to greed." U won't!
HeathEvans "@marquettefan: @HeathEvans Heath help me understand the lockout" NFLLOCKOUT.com is your best bet!
GregBensel Mr. Benson welcomed the Boy Scouts to the Saints Facility this morning http://twitpic.com/48syhx
HeathEvans If u want more Facts about the NFL LOCKOUT read this: sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news
HeathEvans More facts from the side of the player...http://t.co/G9Zs9T7"
markschlereth Money power and control! good breakdown on the mind of the player...http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=ms-disrespectedunion031111
HeathEvans "@tomecurran: NFL complains NFLPA wanted this. If so, why were they there strong in #s while owners were gone for so much of time?" Awesome!
jeffduncantp The fallout begins.... RT @thomasmorstead: Guess I need to find a gym in pearland now
jeffduncantp The #Saints issue a statement to fans about the NFL lockout: http://bit.ly/dZKRtz
GregBensel Saints camp is abuzz today with over 200 Boy Scouts using the indoor facility...Mr. Benson and Mickey Loomis greeted them all!!
ProFootballTalk League claims that NFLPA decertification came too early to avoid the "sham" defensehttp://wp.me/p14QSB-umL
usama_young28 Watching footage of the tsunami. My prayers go out to all of the people in Japan devastated by the disaster


Labor Pains

NFLPA decertifies, files antitrust suit against league | ESPN.com
ESPN News services

NFL Players Association decertifies, takes labor dispute to court | SI.com
Michael McCann - Now that the NFL Players Association has decided to decertify, here's a road map of what might happen next. 

Players, coaches, officials all disappointed with latest labor developments | ESPN.com
Associated Press - Anger and disappointment were the predominant emotions throughout the football world and beyond after the NFL players' union decertified Friday, hours before the expiration of their collective bargaining agreement with the league.

After impasse, what's next? | neworleans.com
Associated Press

New Orleans Saints players are vowing to stay the course | NOLA.com
Mike Triplett - They defend union's decision to decertify.

Latest development in NFL labor talks only brings aggravation | NOLA.com
John DeShazier: Support here is for the players.

NFC South labor impact - NFC South Blog | ESPN
Pat Y. - A team-by-team look at how a continued labor impasse and extended NFL freeze on transactions would affect the division.

Saints send message to fans - NFC South Blog | ESPN.com
Pat Y. Throughout all the labor talks New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson and the rest of the franchise's brain trust remained virtually silent. (Includes complete text of message.)


Saints/NFC South/NFL

Reviewing film of the NFC South chat - NFC South Blog | ESPN.com
Pat Y. - With all the labor stuff flying Friday, I never did get a chance to do a post to review our weekly NFC South chat. So let's do it now.

New Orleans Saints Host Boy Scouts At Facility | neworleanssaints.com
Staff report

Former Cincinnati Bengals star Cris Collinsworth among 83 rescued from restaurant - ESPN
Associated Press - A seafood eatery aboard a barge broke from its moorings Friday then drifted downriver during the dinner rush before crews rescued 83 patrons, including former Bengals receiver Cris Collinsworth.

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