Who Would You Rather? QB Edition

Here we are again, this time it's a little more of an easy question, Who would you rather (out of our options) start at QB. But instead of the obvious choice, let's go with the 2nd string QB for the 2011 season.

Drew Brees is our starting QB and our team leader, but if he goes down, who would you trust most to go in his place?

Current Saints Roster:            14-oct-10_98639804cp074_new_orleans_s_crop_450x500_medium

Chase Daniel:                          

Chase is now going on 3 seasons with the Saints and has a career that consists of 2 completions on 3 attempts, 16 yards, no TDs, 2 rushes for 16 yards (which actually puts him at 29th in the league last year in YPR...for "all players"...) and 1 fumble (that was not lost). So...yeah not much experience in our young 2nd string QB. But maybe in his 3rd season under Breesus' wings he will develop into a beautiful falcon swan.  The only "real" action we've seen from Daniel is preseason, which his stat line looks as follows:

48 Attempts, 31 Completions, 369 Yds, 4 TDs,  3 Ints, 89.7 QB Rating

Not too bad, but it IS preseason...

Sean Canfield:

We picked up Canfield in the 2010 draft, and he bounced on and off our practice squad all season.  Currently he is on our official roster, but who knows what'll be of him by the start of the 2011 season.  He was a 7th rounder, so we didn't expect too much of him, and honeslty I really doubt he'll be back next year. 



Notable Free Agents:              Nfl-week-01_medium


Kerry Collins- A former Saint, maybe he could play one more season and retire a Saint?

Trent Edwards- Always had potential...but now all he has is potential to be a backup.

Chad Pennington- A solid starter his career, now a solid 2nd stringer.

other FA's include:

John Beck

Kyle Boller

Marc Bulger

Brodie Croyle


Rex Grossman (bleh)

Matt Hasselbeck

J.P. Losman

Matt Moore *

Patrick Ramsey

JaMarcus Russell

Alex Smith


  *Panthers offered tender March 2nd




Rookies:                                    349311000_medium



I really doubt we'd use one of our first draft picks on a QB so I'll search for a few later round prospects we could be targeting.

Greg McElroy: Alabama's wonderlic acing (almost) QB. Not sure if his draft stock rose from his combine, but looks to be a 4-6 round pick.  Has a great attitude (from what I've seen) and hey he's led his team to a National Championship before.

Josh Portis: We know the Saints love reaching for those small school guys...have you ever heard of California? Oh not that one...I mean California University of Pennsylvania, aka: "CUP". Yeah...well he's 6'4" 200 lbs, and ran his 40 in 4.62 seconds, had the highest vertical at 40 inches, and not that bad of a TD to INT ratio in college: 69:17. So why not make a project with him on a late round pick?

Well that's all I've got for it's your turn. Who would you rather for our 2nd string QB?

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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