Fueling the Draft Fire

The other day I asked the fine people over at both Roll Bama Roll (Alabama's SBN site) and Hammer & Rails (Purdue's SBN site) to give us a little more on 2 of our prospective draft choices (Ingram and Kerrigan) since they, most likely, know the most about these guys and what we could look forward to...I know Kerrigan and Ingram might not even make it to the #24 pick, but seems like 2 guys we can most agree on that the Saints should pick. If there are any more suggestions for players backgrounds, just comment below and I'll see if I can get them to put together anything as well.

From Roll Bama Roll:




If Ingram is in your backfield

its will make your pants tight.

Give him decent blocking and he will do great things

by caveman4bama


Well, hopefully someone else who's better versed can help you more

But since it looks like there aren’t to many comments, I’ll throw in my 2 cents.He’s definitely a hard worker with pretty good patience and field vision. He’s also the kind of runner who will not shy away from a tackle. As Todd mentioned elsewhere I think, this is a good and bad thing. On the one hand, he’s good for a couple more yards than he really should get (I think he has very good yards after contact numbers), but on the other hand, it may shorten his time in the NFL. I’d also say he’s not the type of runner you’d expect to make a bunch of breakaway huge runs, but he does a very good job of helping you consistently move the chains. You should also never have to worry about his work ethic. And as far as I know, he has never had any kind of off-field issues at Alabama.

by billycthulhu 

One more thing...

Ball security. You don’t have to worry about him pulling an Adrian Peterson and fumbling all the time. I think he lost 2 fumbles during his Bama career.

by BamaBoy777

 He's also a great threat with the screen pass.

As a Saints fan myself, I would love to get Ingram. But I don’t think he’ll be around for the saints to pick up.

by Zoltar 


every draft line up i see say mark will last so long because there are no nfl teams in need of a number 1 running back? i don’t watch pro football much so i guess they know what their talking about


Per our own Todd, you may want to check this out:

by d12 


And from the guys at Hammer & Rails



I did a feature on him during the combine

You can use that.

HammerAndRails, SBNation's Boilermaker Blog

by BoilerTMill


Here is the link for that post


Give us Breesus back please.

by benjapal 


by BoilerPaulie 


by 7_Painter's_First_Fan


Ryan could possibly go to New Orleans

No doubt about it. The Saints need a DE, along with an LBer and another DT. It will just be a matter of whether or not a team like Jacksonville, New England or San Diego bite on him first. Not to mention Tampa Bay. I have a feeling guys like Da’Quan Bowers and Nick Fairley may slide down a bit from where they are currently being positioned, pushing others (like Kerrigan) up and/or down depending on individual team big boards.

As far as how he will do in the NFL, I think it will take him the first year to year and a half to add some polish to his game and become consistent. Much will depend on which team he is going to and what their defense already has in terms of frontline power.

The Saints would be great for Ryan because Shaun Rogers is now up front and should (repeat, SHOULD) create chaos for opposing offensive lines. That will allow Will Smith and perhaps Ryan to find some gaping holes to zip through and attack the QB. If I remember correctly, DT Sedrick Ellis was the Saints leading sack man for the defense in 2010. That tells you how badly the Saints need help rushing the QB from the edge.

My hope is that whatever team selects Ryan, it’s a team running the 4-3 rather than the 3-4, as I think he’s probaby going to be better in that alignment for a longer period of time. But there’s no doubt he has the drive and determination to make a go of it if he hooks up with a team in the 3-4. He’ll just have to work harder than he already does – which is A BUNCH.

Kerrigan in the Big Easy would be sweet.

by BoilerMacR 

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