Fleur-De-Links: Sunday, April 17

CSC wishes a belated Happy Birthday to Jon Vilma, futbol-style. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)


JonVilma51 Thanku guys for the bday s/o!! Much appreciated, been a chill day for a chill dude

alexbrown96 A week ago it was 80 degrees outside today it's snowing... Only in the Chi..

alexbrown96 With @karimarbrown heading to a fashion show with @Jmack37and other friends should be a great time. I will get a pic on here asap...

alexbrown96 What he said... Lol RT @jasonbenefield: @alexbrown96 who says we don't have four seasons in Chicago? Dude, we had four seasons this week.

robyslyfe This weather is crazy, so unpredictable!!! Mannnnnn im missin NOLA..!

More to come...after the jump.

Twitter (cont'd)

ChaseDaniel Great day on the lake today! Thanks for all the follows, guys! Last night in Nola for a bit..going to be back soon tho!

miketripletttp At our first New Orleans Zephyrs game of many this year! Minor-league baseball games are an underrated entertainment experience.

miketripletttp Asked my 2-year-old son what position he'll play when he grows up and plays baseball. ... And he said "hot dog."

miketripletttp ... I hope Randall Simon isn't around if that happens.

HeathEvans All right twitter fam: I need a RT from all of u! Get your #SAINTSsoftballshowdown.com tix 2day! May 17th will b the NOLA event of the yr!

j_bushrod7475 Def just did the Cupid shuffle on bourbon street wit the homies @MarcEd029 n @Meats_Way.. And a bunch of people joined in#dontjudgeme lol

robyslyfe Watch'n my bruh @RobyIsBlessed do work, at the half 4 receptions with a 45 yd. touchdown...2nd half next, #LEGGOO

ChaseDaniel Just saw a dude in New Orleans driving a bike by way of weedeater! Wow..only in Nola!

HeathEvans South Beach is crazy! As in crazy lookin people!

robyslyfe My bruh @RobyIsBlessed did work 2nite...7 receptions for 97 yards & 1 touchdown...proud of u bruh..!

HeathEvans "@CajunGalatea: @HeathEvans did you take yr fav ladies to see the Easter Bunny yet?"Were not allowed back! Naomi beat him up last yr!

ChaseDaniel Headed out with @j_bushrod7475 & the fellows tonight..gonna be a good night!

dmcallister26 On That Br flow Dumb Dumb Dumb

dmcallister26  #neverforget the struggle the hustle the grind the trendsetters. The ForeFathers the product The U

MalcolmJenkins Headed to Mississippi to do some fishing lol should be fun!!

JonVilma51 thanks guys for the bday shot outs!! still find it funny when people call me mr. vilma....i'm just regular old... http://fb.me/YsBA0VvN

usama_young28  @JonVilma51 happy birthday Mr Vilma!

JonVilma51  @usama_young28 lol u a fool mr young

jeffduncantp Excellent feature by @MikeTriplettTP on 1 of the #Saints' best ever draft picks: Deuce McAllister, No. 23 pick in '01: http://bit.ly/dPhImB


Saints/NFC South/NFL Draft

Deuce McAllister, New Orleans Saints proved a perfect fit | NOLA.com
Mike Triplett - He wasn't a team need in 2001, but he became one of the most loved.

NFL draft may see run from history regarding selection of backs | NOLA.com
Mike Triplett - First in a series previewing the 2011 NFL draft.

Bilal Powell, Third-Ranked Rusher | NYTimes.com
Matt Waldman - Louisville running back Bilal Powell loves to initiate contact. He still plays with a former defender's mentality. (this one's for you, we're gonna need a bigger boat)

NFL teams preferring to focus on the inside regarding personnel | NOLA.com
Jeff Duncan - The NFL is a game of constant evolution. The latest trend is happening inside.

Hitting the NFC South hot spots - NFC South Blog | ESPN.com
Pat Y. - Time for a plunge into the NFC South mailbag to see what readers around the division are wondering about.

Monday deadline to Call It on draft needs - NFC South Blog | ESPN.com
No huge surprises. In fact, the vote on the Saints’ top need is very close between defensive end and outside linebacker and the winner could go either way. Includes links to the polls so you can vote.


NFL Mediation Blues

N.F.L. and Players See Same Forest, Different Trees | NYTimes.com
Judy Battista - As court-ordered mediation began Thursday, N.F.L. team owners and players saw the lockout, and other issues, in distinctly different ways.

Courtroom Football: Mediation Phase | huffingtonpost.com
Andrew Brandt - Mediation part two begins in earnest today as the key player in the NFL in 2011, Judge Susan Nelson, has ordered such talks to occur.

V-Roll Roll Call



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