New Orleans Saints vs. Washington Redskins: Sunday, December 6, 2009

During the first season of Seinfeld, George acts on an impulse and quits his job. Almost immediately, he regrets the decision, and he and Jerry sit down discussing possible job options. George decides he wants to be a sports-caster becuase he always makes interesting comments during the game. Jerry gently shoots down this new career path saying that those jobs are usually reserved for ex-ballplayers or people in broadcasting. A crushed George moves onto other ideas and ends up trying to just go back to his old job and act like nothing happened He tried to convince his bosses that when he said he quit he was only kidding. Later in the series, he ends up working for the Yankees and trying to get a job and Vandelay Industries. 

Anyway, I am also under the delusion that I often make interesting comments during the game. Since I am not an ex-ballplayer or in broadcasting, I have decided that by using this blog I might convince Saints Nation that I indeed make interesting comments during the game.

To be honest, this lockout talk is all a bit boring to me. Today was the last straw for me, fifteen minutes of SportsCenter and I had to watch a game.  I just got the itch to want watch football players do what they do best, play games, not haggle in courts and tweet about unemployment

The last two paragraphs came together and gave me an idea for a new blog. After the jump, I invite you into my living room to enjoy the Saints game from December 6, 2009 against the Washington Redskins. Most of us have seen this game before, but their is a chance your Super Bowl celebration included too much partying. Or maybe, the endorphins in your brain that hold all of your happy Saints memories got stomped on by Marshawn Lynch (click at your own risk). No matter what the case, re-watching this game together will be the perfect cure for offseason blues.  

The NFL was nice enough to put together a fantastic blu-ray package commemorating the Saints march to the Super Bowl. Three playoffs games, and one awesome regular season game against the Redskins are crammed into this awesome package.  If you have the blu-ray set, downloaded a torrent, or have some other means of watching the game with us feel free to fire it up and read as you go. If not, don't fear, crack a beer and cut up some crackers and cheese. My interesting comments should be more than enough to bring back all of the great memories from this improbable football game. 

Kickoff: Live from RFK stadium in Washington, the Saints are dressed in white jerseys and gold pants with black stripes. Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan are in the booth. Nischelle Turner is roaming the sidelines sure to provide fantastic insight and interview a coach as he jogs away as fast as he can. The Saints won the toss and will receive. 

14:57 1Q: The Saints start in the shotgun and run an effective screen for about 13-yards to Pierre Thomas

13:58 1Q: Drew Brees gets rushed for the first time and almost gets picked off by Fred Smoot. The Redskins only rushed three guys. 

13:33 1Q: Another screen to Pierre Thomas isn't good enough for a first down. Thomas Morstead pins the Redskins deep in their own territory.

11:37 1Q: Jason Campbell goes deep to Devin Thomas and Malcolm Jenkins interferes. 

9:45 1Q: The Saints have a chance to get off the field  on a 3rd and 7 but Devin Thomas comes across the middle and holds on after a borderline hit by Darren Sharper. Sam Rosen did not like that hit. 

8:17 1Q: The Redskins turn a 3rd and goal into the first points of the game as Fred Davis catches a short pass and sneaks into the end zone. Our defense got pushed all over the field on that drive and the Redskins made it look easy. We had two chances on third down to make the Redskins settle for a field goal but couldn't get a big stop. Redskins 7 Saints 0

7:01 1Q: The Saint go three and out when Mike Bell gets tripped up in the backfield by Jahari Evans who got blown off the line. 

6:08 1Q: The first play of the Redskins second drive shows the same rhythm as the first drive as Fred Davis goes for about 11 yards. Then, Roman Harper misses a tackle in the hole and allows Quinton Ganther to rush for another first down. 

4:45 1Q: The Saints knock down Campbell on a blitz, but the QB finds Antwaan Randle El for another first down. We are getting blown off the field by Jason Campbell. 

2:58 1Q: Huge 3rd and 4 for the Saints defense. Campbell overthrows Fred Davis and we hold the Redskins to a field goal. Jenkins had fantastic coverage that time. A troubling stat early; The Redskins have held the ball for 8:05 and the Saints have held it for only 4:03.  Redskins 10 Saints 0

2:48 1Q: Courtney Roby is standing on the goal line for his third kick return already. 

2:33 1Q: Robert Meachem catches a short pass and gets a first-down. LaRon Landry hits him pretty late, and I would have liked a flag there. Landry is very proud of himself and he gets up jumping and hooting and shaking his head. My blood pressure is boiling, and I have taken about 35 sips of iced tea already. 

1:31 1Q: Another beautiful screen to PT goes for another first down. The offense seems to be getting a little rhythm. 

:47 1Q: Devry Henderson misses a block on the edge and spoils Reggie Bush's first touch of the game. The quarter will end with the Saints down 10 and facing a 3rd and 7 at the Redskins 41-yard line. 

First Quarter Summary: That was terrible. The Redskins are dominating the line of scrimage on both sides of the ball. Our offense hasn't had a chance to get going because we couldn't convert on third down. The defense gave up two big third down conversions on the Redskins touchdown drive. Nischelle Turner needs to get more involved. She only had one report that quarter telling us she sat down with Fred Davis and he said something. The report lacked information but I bet her best work today is still in front of her.

14:55 2Q: Drew Brees guns one into a very tight spot and connects with Henderson for a huge first down. Sam and Tim fight about head to head collisions as Henderson was shaken up on the play. 

14:30 2Q: Jeremy Shockey makes a nice catch deep into the red zone but is flagged for interference. Landry leaves the field shaken up. 

13:27 2Q: Shockey makes up for his previous mistake and catches the ball at the 19-yard line. Fox displays a graphic showing that the Saints only rushed for -1 yards during the first quarter. Fantastic. 

12:25 2Q: Brees gets a pass batted down. This is something I have learned to live with watching Brees play. He is short and it happens sometimes.

12:18 2Q: Andre Carter blitzes but Brees was already on his third read and the play just wasn't there. The drive stalls and we are forced to kick a field goal. Redskins 10 Saints 3 

10:49 2Q: The Saints defense blows up a run on 3rd and 2 and earns a stop. Great series for the defense. Troy Evans made an underrated tackle on second down to force the 3rd and 1. 

10:00 2Q: Reggie Bush is back ready to return the punt, but instead he elects to dance around the 13-yard line and wait for a swarm of Redskins players to come tackle him. The idea is to advance the ball forward. First quarter rushing, -1. First punt return, -3. 

9:21 2Q: Mike Bell puts his head down and rushes for 9 yards and then picks up the first down on the next play. It's our sixth first down of the game. Washington has had 10.

7:42 2Q: Brees gets his second pass of the day batted down at the line. Guess who? Albert Haynesworth. Bigger nightmare for Mike Shanahan; His daughter falls deeply in love with Albert Haynesworth or his daughter falls deeply in love with this guy?

5:35 2Q: Drew Brees drops it right in the basket as Marques Colston blows by Landry on a beautiful double move. It's the 10th touchdown pass of 10 yards or more for Brees this season. Colston is so big and so smooth. He has a nice set of hands too. Saints 10 Redskins 10 

3:40 2Q: Jason Campbell makes a terrible throw on a TE screen on second down, but on third down everyone on our defense bites on a play action pass and Santana Moss burns Malcolm Jenkins for a 38-yard gain to the red zone. 

2:27 2Q: The Saints call a timeout and then the Redskins thorw their 8th straight pass of the drive this time incomplete. 

2:17 2Q: Campbell throws a touchdown pass to Devin Thomas that looked a lot like their first touchdown but on the other side of the field. Mike McKenzie looks really slow on the play as he is about six steps behind Thomas when he enters the end zone. Redskins 17 Saints 10

2:12 2Q: Huge drive for the Saints at the end of this half. Bush starts it off with an 9 yard gain. He could have had 10 yards if he put his head down, but he was content with jogging out of bounds short of the stick. 

1:47 2Q: Reggie Bush shows no speed on a rushing play designed to get the yard he left on the field by jogging out of bounds two play ago. Brian Orakpo made that tackle look so easy you would have thought Reggie Bush was a throw pillow.

1:34 2Q: HUGE BREAK for the Saints. A disastrous 29 yard punt hits a brain dead Redskins player in the back of the head and Usama Young jumped on it. The bone head Redskin that let the punt hit him in the head just took a lot of heat off of Bush and Morstead. 

1:00 2Q: Drew Brees looks really confident and is reading every blitz. 

:55 2Q: I have to giggle a bit as Reggie Bush gets knocked on his ass like an 87-pound girl as he tries to set up a screen. Bush leaves Evans hanging and he is flagged for being illegal man down field. Reggie Bush has been awful. 

:47 2Q: Disaster, Drew Brees tries to get away from a pass rush by running backwards and gets sacked well out of field goal range. This sets up a 3rd and 26.

:22 2Q: I don't mean to steal from Jack Buck, but I ] don't know what else to do. I DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT I JUST SAW! I DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT I JUST SAW. So this is what happened, Brees got pressured, forced out of the pocket, and threw a pick. The Redskins player (Moore) got up to return the interception and got the ball ripped out of his hands from behind by Robert Meachem. I am not sure where Meachem came from, but he never gave up on the play, ripped away the ball, and RETURNED IT FOR A TOUCHDOWN. Saints 17 Redskins 17

:22 2Q: The ref is under the hood taking a long look at the play. He is checking to see if Moore is down by contact by way of touching Jeremy Shockey while he was still on the ground. THE RULING ON THE FIELDS STANDS! That was one of the most exciting plays in Saints history and it started with Brees throwing a pick  on 3rd and 26 only to have his wide receiver hustle down the field, rip the ball away from the defender, and run it back down the sideline for a game tying touchdown. I am speechless. Isn't that the kind of play that usually happens against us and not for us? There is something special about the 2009 Saints. 

Second Quarter Summary: The Saints played better in the second quarter than they did in the disastrous first. One thing that scares me going into the second half is that the speedy Redskins receivers, Thomas and Moss, are giving our secondary all kinds of troubles. Santana Moss has always given us hassles and today is no different. The Saints need to get more pressure on Campbell in the second half. He has had more time in the pocket than my wallet. We are lucky to be heading into halftime tied against a team with far inferior talent. The second half is a chance to blow them away. Lets try to pick on Landry more. Colston got him once already and I am sure he could get him again.

14:48 3Q: Nischelle Turner says that Coach Jim Zorn says his team is full of fighters and that Payton said his team is good in the second half. Thank you, Nischelle. 

14:13 3Q: There is a Malcolm Kelly sighting as the former Sooner runs an out that sails over his head into the sideline. He is a fantastic rapper. 

13:18 3Q: Devin Thomas beats good coverage by Malcolm Jenkins catching a beautifully placed throw by Joe Montana Jason Campbell. The Redskins are picking up right where they left off, driving the field with ease on our defense. I am seaching the field for Charles Grant and Will Smith but cant seem to find them. 

11:08 3Q: Campbell throws it to no one as he and Moss seem to have a miscommunication and the ball sails meekly into the end zone. Good job by the Saints defense to hold the Redskins to 3. Redskins 20 Saints 17

9:34 3Q: A stat flashes showing the Saints way off pace to rush for their season average of 151 yards. You see at this point we have only rushed for 21 yards. I hope for a throw on 3rd and 1 but Mike Bell falls forward for a half a yard. 

9:27 3Q: Fourth and a half a yard and the Saints again give it to Mike Bell who again is tackled long before he even thinks of gaining the half yard needed. 

9:14 3Q: The Redskins waste no time and Campbell hits Jerry Rice Devin Thomas at the 16-yard line. Darren Sharper was so late with over the top help that if he was delivering a pizza it would have been free. 

7:57 3Q: Malcolm Jenkins tries to run before catching and drops a sure pick-6. On the very next play, Devin Thomas tiptoes the sidelines for the second touchdown of his carrer the game A fourteen point swing on two plays. Redskins 27 Saints 17

7:08 3Q: Seemingly just to aggravate me, Fox zooms in on LaRon Landry who is bobbing his head like he is carrying a boombox on his shoulder after making a tackle on a 7 yard gain. He is very pleased with the play.

5:27 3Q: Huge 3rd and 2, and instead of running for a half of yard, Brees throws a play action pass to David Thomas 23 yards down the field for a first down. 

4:23 3Q: Landry is late and Brees hits Henderson for another first down. No dancing from Landry. 

2:57 3Q: Huge third down in the redzone turns into disaster as Brees throw a WR screen to Henderson who is tackled well before the first down. A block in the back call was thrown in just to make sure Garret Hartley would be jogging out. Redskins 27 Saints 20

2:00 3Q: Sedrick Ellis makes a great tackle on first down. I only mention it because Big Sed is one bad mother...

:16 3Q: The last play of the third quarter is a disaster for the Saints. Campbell hits Randel El for a long reception on third and long. The Redskins will start the fourth quarter in the red zone. 

Third Quarter Summary: The Saints were nearly as bad in that quarter as they were in the first. Washington did whatever they wanted on offense. The Saints are without Tracy Porter, Jabari Greer, and Randall Gay and it shows. The defensive front hasn't put enough pressure on Campbell to help out the secondary. The Saints are going to need a huge fourth quarter to remain undefeated. 

13:19 4Q: The Redskins decide to kick a 21 yard field goal instead of trying to go for it on 4th and 1. I hate to second guess, but this is an awful decision. The Redskins have been able to get a yard pretty much anytime they have needed it all day. Worst case scenario is 1st and 95 and the Redskins have totally crushed the Saints rushing game making their offense one-demensional. Redskins 30 Saints 20

12:24 4Q: The Saints have rushed for 24 yards at this point. 

10:33 4Q: Brees is picking apart the zone and hits Shockey in the middle of the field for a 20 yard pickup.

9:33 4Q: Henderson gets bit by the drops that have bit him his whole career. 

9;26 4Q: Henderson drops the ball on first down. Mike Bell runs into the pile and falls back meekly on second down. Brees bails them both out with a great move in the pocket to avoid the blitz and he hits Meachem for a 28 yard gain on 3rd and 11. 

7:35 4Q: Quickly, it is third and long again. On first down, we ran into the pile for zero. On second down, we ran a screen that was sniffed out by the very proud LaRon Landry. Brees tries to squeeze one into Colston but the ball arrives late and gets tipped. Hartley will kick another field goal. Hartley is 3 for 3 on the day and his kicks have been a huge reason why the Saints are still in the game.  Redskins 30 Saints 23

6:23 4Q: Sharper is late again and Sellers catches a pass for a first down. The Redskins could really control the ball and run the clock down to the point that the Saints wont have a chance too touch it again. The Redskins have scored on all three possessions this half.

5:10 4Q: Malcolm Kelly catches a pass. It was a beauty. Did you ever hear his rap?

4:23 4Q: Just before the play I was thinking this would be a terrible time for Chris McAlister to grab a face mask and try to rip off a head. He does it anyway and is reward with a personal foul. 

3:26 4Q: First and Goal for the Redskins and this game is over. We had a nice undefeated run going, 11-0,  but the injuries in the secondary got the best of us today. I am not ashamed to be 11-1. It just seems like we can never beat the damn Redskins. 

1:56 4Q: At the two minute warning it is all but over. The Redskins will bring in Shaun Suisham and kick a chip shot field goal that even Snooki could make. It will be a two score game and we don't have any time outs left. Suisham is 3-3 today and he isn't missing a 23 yard field goal at home. I had so much fun being undefeated, but I never expected to win them all. I am okay with this loss. 


1:41 4Q: I know the Redskins will play a three deep zone so Brees just needs to pick it apart one throw at a time. Washington is going to make sure they don't get beat deep. We have to be patient. 

NOTE: WE ARE THE NFC SOUTH CHAMPIONS. The Falcons lost, so the division is ours. Awesome. I think I will get a t-shirt.

1:27 4Q: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That bum LaRon Landry got burned on a beautiful double move by Robert Meachem and gave up a 53-yard touchdown pass. LaRon would you like to stick around and dance with us? Saints 30 Redskins 30 

1:13 4Q: The Redskins have the ball but I wonder how much confidence they have in their field goal kicker at this point?

:41 4Q: Campbell gets blasted by the previously useless Will Smith and gets up limping all over the place. A penalty on the Redskins backed them up to the 29-yard line. 

:36 4Q: Pierson Prioleau with a horrific face-mask penalty moving the Redskins about 15 yards from field goal range. 

:28 4Q: INTERCEPTED! Jonathan Vilma undercuts a route and picks off Campbell. 

:28 4Q: Reset: 0 Timeouts, :28 seconds. about 35 yards away from field goal range. 

:24 4Q: Jermon Bushrod gets called for holding and all but clinches a coin-toss.

:12 4Q: A really annoying booth review forces my rapidly beating heart to continue pounding on the inside of my chest. 

:07 4Q: Bush catches a pass and sprints out of bounds to set up a 58 yard field goal attempt by Hartley. Zorn ices Hartley and Payton puts the offense back on the field for one more play. 

:03 4Q: Brees has another pass batted down at the line. 

:00 4Q Hartley misses the kick by about 4 yards and Fred Smoot brings it out of the end zone trying to be Ed Reed. He gets tackled and the game is going to OVVVVVVVVVVVVVVERTIMMMMMMMMME

Fourth Quarter Summary: The Redskins missed a chance at playing a perfect game when SS missed a chip shot field goal. LaRon Landry is going to have nightmares about letting Robert Meachem burn him for a 53-yard touchdown in that situation. The Saints should have been beaten, our Daddy's Saints would have been beaten, but Drew Brees and Sean Payton's Saints don't get beaten easily.

Washington WINS the TOSS. UGHH

14:56 5Q: The Redskins start from the 20 and Campbell connects with Moss for 10 yards and a first down on the first play of overtime. 

13:55 5Q: Chris McAlister makes a fantastic play jumping in to knock the ball away from the receiver. The Saints take a timeout to give the booth a chance to review the play. The issue is does the football come out before his left forarm/elbow hits the field. The ruling on the field is down. Tim is certain they got it right. The referee emerges from the hood to OVERTURN the call. Whoa. Awesome play by McAllister, better time out call by Coach Payton, and another booth review goes our way. There is no way we are losing this game. No chance.

12:33 5Q: Brees finds Meachem on the sideline and he hauls it in to put the Saints on the 25-yard line and already in field goal range. 

11:24 5Q: Brees is 34-48 414 2 1

11:23 5Q: Does anyone know where Nischelle Turner is? I know she mentioned something at the start of the seocnd half, but I don't remember what she said. Did she say she was leaving early to beat traffic? Is she still part of the broadcast?

11:00 5Q: Huge first down catch by Colston sets up Hartley for a 32 yard field goal attempt. Jim Zorn ices the kid so Payton sends Brees and the offense back on the field. 

10:08 5Q: Mike Bell rushes for positive yards for the first time all game taking the ball to the 5-yard line. 

9:20 5Q: Mike Bell flips over the pile but comes down a half a yard shy of the end zone. 

8:48 5Q: The booth would like to look at that last play. Many Saints players and coaches seem to think that this call will be overturned. Tim Ryan is sure the video will be upheld. Tim Ryan pops out his chest in the booth after getting it right. Still no sign of Nischelle? Is she waiting in line for Westlemania tickets?

8:48 5Q: Hartley get iced just before his 18 yard kick struggles through the uprights. Tim Ryan questions why the timeout was granted. "It isnt even close though." he scream is frustration over a meaningless decision to grant the Redskins a timeout. 

8:37 5Q Hartley nails it through one more time and the Saints escape the Nation's Capital with a win. 

As soon as the kick goes in my blu-ray stops. I have no idea if Nischelle resurfaced for another fabulous sideline report as everyone was sprinting off the field. 

Final Score: Saints 33 Redskins 30

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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