Going into next season

Since I have not said anything about the draft, cause I really don't follow college football that well, I have abstained from any serious talk about who we should take and what not. The only thing I have talked about was the lockout and impending season.  For now, since next season's schedule is out, I am going to talk about the teams we are going to play and how I think the games are gonig to pan out.  I do not have the great insight into teams like others do, I just call them as I see them.

Game 1.  Da Packers:  Well we are playing in Green Bay and that will mean it will be a difficult game.  Green Bay has a great team and a great QB.  Their defense is awesome, and their offense is pretty darn good also.  If they can someway come up with a way to run the ball against our run D and put points on the board, I think they might pull it out, but being a homer, I am going to call the Saints for the win on this one. 

Game 2. Da Bears:  Every time I think of da bears, I throw up a little in my mouth.  I still have bad feelings from the 06 NFCCG.  I knew that the chance of us winning in the snow was slim to none, but still.... I wanted it so bad.  But I don't think the bears have the same team now that they did back then.  I think the Saints pull this one out.

Game 3. Da Texans:  Well what can I say, unless this ends up like Cleveland last year, I think the Saints can pull this one out.

Game 4. Da Jags:  This is where I think that the Saints might come up with their first loss.  MJD is going to have a killer day and run all over us and Jacksonville is gonna take this one at home.

Game 5. Da Pants:  Do I need to say anything...... really????  I mean seriously, it's the Panthers and I think we are gonna take this one from them on their own soil.

Game 6. Da Bucs:  Well, well, well..... this is going to be one very interesting game.  This will really see how the Bucs have improved in their passing game as well as their defense against the rush.  If we get some Ingramania going on, then we might be able to take them on the run game, and if it's Kerrigansanity, we might be able to disrupt their passing game, but I think that the Bucs will take this one cause it's home field and they are an up and coming team.

Game 7. Da Colts:  It's gonna be the SupaBowl all over again.  We are gonna take Manning to the cleaners because he really doesn't have the support he needs.  He doesn't have it in the backfield and he doesn't have it on D.

Game 8. Da Rams:  Meh, it's the Rams and if Jackson has another game like he did last time, it might get interesting, but I think not.  2nd year QB Bradford has shown some good skills on the field, but I think that the Saints secondary will show him how it's done.

Game 9. Da Bucs (again):  Here is where we get our revenge and take it at home.

Game 10. Da dirty birds:  Last year was a fluke and we will show them that matty ice will lose again at home.  It will be at this time of the year that teams will start to fall into contention for the playoffs and wild cards.  I think that after the Saints serve up dirty bird gumbo, people will talk about the Saints being a serious contender for another title.  Going into the bye week, our running game is going to be beat up and we are going to really start to stress over how we are going to set out the rest of the season.

Game 11. Da G-Men:  I think that Eli is starting to show that he is not the QB everyone thought he would be,  In fact, I think that he will have a terrible game against the Saints.

Game 12. Da Lions:  Stafford is a good QB and the Lions D is really starting to come together Suh was a great pick up for them and I think they are gonna stuff our run pretty well.  I am hoping that Brees will be able to air it out and that our wide outs will have a steller game in front of the home crowd.  I know a lot of people are thinking the Saints are gonna tank this one, but I don't.

Game 13. Da Tits:  I call them that cause I dated a gal from Tennessee and she said that is what they call them.  Well, I don't know about this game.  I don't have a good feel cause I don't know which QB is gonna show up.  Young has shown glimmers of greatness, so I am giving this game a toss up cause it is an away game.

Game 14. Da Queens: I don't like the Queens.  I never had and I never will.  I hope they never win another game.... ever.  If they moved the team to Cali, I still wouldn't want them to win.  They have tossed the Saints out of too many playoff games and the fans are not nice people.  The leadership at the DN is lacking any class whatsoever and therefor I will never pick them over anyone.

Game 15. Da dirty birds:  (see above)

Game 16. Da Pants:  I am hoping that we wont have to play this game.  I am hoping that we will have something locked up.  Not that it worked last year, but I am hoping that we are sitting starters cause we are going into the bye....

and on that note I hope you can add a little something to my post and I hope that I am right about the wins and wrong about the losses ;-)

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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