Fleur-De-Links: Saturday, April 23

In the Twitter section, Heath Evans grouses about seeing the new elephant movie with his wife, while self-promoting for "Husband of the Year". That just makes me LMAO! (Photo by Hamish Blair/Getty Images)

Welcome to your weekend walk through the Saints-a-bloomin' field of links, tweets, and even a T-P video featuring Mike Triplett and a tanned, rested, and ready James Varney dishing on the DEs in the 2011 Draft Pool!

You'll also find for your reading pleasure: lots of self-promotional tweets from players and Saints figures (surprise!), more coverage of the 2011 NFL schedule, a couple of labor pieces, a ranking of the 2010 draft picks, and an analysis of the NFC South draft history.

What are you waiting for? Make the jump!


iWillSmith Let's Get It Hornets! BLUE DAT!!!
T_Porter22 Let's go #hornets
HeathEvans Husband of the yr award for me! I'm watching "Water for Elephants" w/ Beth! Let's just say, it's no longer Good Friday for me!!
alexbrown96 At the Rush game having a good time... http://plixi.com/p/94989177
reggie_bush At Lakers/Hornets game! The energy in here is crazy!!!!http://plixi.com/p/94996212
robyslyfe Remember that cartoon "Bobby's World"...tha boy wit the XXL head = Steve Blake, really how does his head band fit?!
jgoody76 A pageant in a club! #realllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy
T_Porter22 My #hornets had a tough one tonight. It's all good, still have an opportunity to shake back in front another packed house on Sunday!!
jgoody76 Self esteem is a great thing!
MalcolmJenkins Early bird catches the worm.... Gone Fishing
ltorrence24 Very funny Marissa! CBS local reporter @MarissaMike versus the wind http://bit.ly/hen7qZ.
HeathEvans "@Jennabenna10: @HeathEvans well...how was water for elephants? Other than the vampire getting the crap kicked out of him the whole movie.A-
ltorrence24 Only 1 day left on this Lenten Fast, Oh My!
ltorrence24 Shhh, Tricks of the trade! "@IAmBrittanyLyn: Saw this and thought of you, @ltorrence24  bit.ly/eb9FFC"
alexbrown96 At an egg hunt with the kids and friends... This shouldn't be too difficult.. http://plixi.com/p/95192880
alexbrown96 Another Easter pic... http://plixi.com/p/95200645
usama_young28 Gotta b the best part of Sam's club..... In this jount grubbinhttp://plixi.com/p/95200899
karimarbrown Proud daddy @alexbrown96 http://twitpic.com/4oje04
robyslyfe At the #Pacers vs. Bulls game..I got a feel'n that 2nites gonna be a good nite..!
reggie_bush So apparently I wasn't as good as I thought on Words with Friends! Some of you guys killed me! Gotta go practice!
robyslyfe Tha atmospere is crazy in here right now..!
alexbrown96 Does anyone know where I can get my PAC MAN machine fixed?
MalcolmJenkins Check out all the fish me and @bellameaux caught today.twitpic.com/4oklp1
alexbrown96 Damn!!! This kid is something else lmao WOW!!!
MalcolmJenkins This was my biggest one twitpic.com/4okndk
alexbrown96 Hilarious!!!! RT @jaejr: Off to the gym for some Back, Bi's, and cardio. Down to 231! 225 and ready for summer here I come.
alexbrown96 Thats how GATORS do my man.. It is what it is.. RT @JerryAzumah: Noah's Heart doesn't beat, it Pounds! I love his game!    


Saints/2011 Draft

New Orleans Saints' outlook at defensive end | NOLA.com
Mike Triplett - Position is high level of need for team.

Cameron Jordan heads bountiful class of defensive ends for 2011 NFL draft | NOLA.com
Mike Triplett - Part 8 of 9-part series: Defensive ends.

NFL draft 2011: A closer look at the defensive ends | NOLA.com
Mike Triplett - Missouri's Aldon Smith a raw prospect.

Saints could target pass rush with top pick | SunHerald.com
Brett Martel (AP) - Sean Payton's success in the NFL began with his ability to conceive of creative offensive schemes that pick defenses apart.


NFC South

NFC South draft flashback: The Saints have made drafting look easy | Philly.com
This is the sixth of eight breakdowns looking at the draft history of each division from 2001-2010. In the NFC South, the Saints have marched to the best beat while it has been a tale of two QBs for the Falcons.

Reviewing film of the NFC South chat - NFC South Blog | ESPN.com
Pat Y. - The NFL draft, especially the future of Cam Newton with the Carolina Panthers, was the big topic in Friday's NFC South chat.


2011 NFL Schedule

NFL: Seven teams stuck with three straight road games on 2011 schedule | ESPN.com
Seven teams are stuck with three consecutive road games on the 2011 NFL schedule, John Clayton writes.

Must-know nuggets for 2011 NFL schedule - Stats & Info Blog | ESPN.com
Outside of the NFL Draft later this month, non-legal NFL talk will be at a premium, so you can't blame us if we wanted to share our best schedule-related nuggets.

NFL hasn't set deadline for games' cancellation | ESPN.com
ESPN.com news services - The NFL doesn't have a deadline for when games would be canceled without a collective bargaining agreement.


Lockout/Decertification Blues

NFL Labor Pains: The Spending Problem | huffingtonpost.com
Andrew Brandt - Ultimately, all the legal wrangling and courtroom football of this lockout may defer to the core reality of a good number of players needing to start receiving their checks.

No separate lawyers for NFL players - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
(NewsCore) Reports earlier this week of a split between the players in the NFLs ongoing labor dispute appear to have been greatly exaggerated.



Grading/Ranking the 2010 first-round picks - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Alex Marvez - 25. New Orleans cornerback Patrick Robinson (32nd): The early season injuries that wracked New Orleans' secondary pushed Robinson into the starting lineup for four games. Robinson was impressive enough that he may compete for the role on a full-time basis in 2011.


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