My final Rd 1 Mock plus Full Saints Mock


So I put together a mock that I think all of CSC can get behind. Unfortunately, my man-crush was not available for the Saints at 24 and neither was Ingram. So here goes, let me know whatcha think!

CAR - Cam Newton

DEN - Marcell Dareus

3.       BUF - Von Miller

4.       CIN - AJ Green

5.       AZ - Blaine Gabbert

6.       CLE - Robert Quinn

7.       SF - Patrick Peterson

8.       TEN - *trade* HOU -  Prince Amukamara

9.       DAL – Tyron Smith

10.   WAS - JJ Watt

11.   TEN – Nick Fairley

12.   MIN - Da'Quan Bowers

13.   DET – Anthony Costanzo

14.   STL – Julio Jones

15.   MIA – Mark Ingram

16.   JAC – Ryan Kerrigan

17.   NE – Cam Jordan   

18.   SD – Aldon Smith

19.   NYG – Mike Pouncey

20.   TB – Adrian Clayborn

21.   KC - *trade* CIN - Andy Dalton

22.   IND – Gabe Carimi

23.   PHIL – Jimmy Smith

24.   NO *trade* BUF - Jake Locker

BUF trades their 2nd round pick and 3rd round pick

25.   SEA – Corey Luiget

26.   BAL – Justin Houston

27.   ATL – Johnathan Baldwin

28.   NE – M. Wilkerson

29.   CHI – Marvin Austin

30.   NYJ – Akeem Ayers

31.   PIT – Brandon Harris

32.   GB – Brooks Reed 


Full Saints Draft:

2a Jabaal Sheard

I think Jabaal Sheard in the early second is a perfect marriage between value and need. He was the Big East Defensive Player of the Year and if you haven't seen him play, check out PITT vs U of Miami on youtube. The guy was a terror against Orlando Franklin, who is 2 rnd talent.

2b Mikel Leshoure

I think Leshoure slips here a bit because need just not being there for teams, but I don't think we can pass him up. I'm not sure what this means for our backfield, but having a plethora of quality RBs is a good problem to have.

3aMason Foster (From Buffalo)

This pick is perfect for the Saints. Foster can come in right away at either WLB or SLB. 

3b Ras-I Dowling (From Washington)

With GW always looking for CBs, I went Dowling over DJ Williams because Dowling has way more value. Could play a little safety and spell Jenkins in case we don't resign Sharper and could be a special teams stand out. The only reason he slips this far is because guys like Curtis Brown and Aaron Williams are slightly ahead of him.

3c DJ Williams

Oh hey, looky here! DJ WIlliams is here. I wanted to go OT here, but I think we are real high on Charlie Brown and are going to give him every chance to make it in the starting lineup, be it at RT or LT. DJ Williams helps twofold: He's insurance in case we can't re-sign Dave Thomas and he's got the bulk and skill set to be an eventual great combo TE.

7a Marc Schiechl

This is one I've got to give up to Dave. I had seen him when I watched videos of Blaine Sumner, but I just never looked him up to see if he was draft eligible. This guy will make a great ST'er and I think the hybrid kind of pass rusher to pair with Junior.

7b Blaine Sumner

The Vanillia Gorilla. This guy is a beast physically. I think he'll make a good 2 down NT in a 43 scheme. Squatty but powerful. Definitely needs coaching up, but from the videos I've seen, he has an insane motor that sometimes makes up for his lack of pure skill.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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