2011 NFL Draft Results: Second Round Complete, Saints Prepare to Dominate Third Round

The second round of the 2011 NFL Draft is in the books and the New Orleans Saints will soon be on the clock with the 72nd overall pick, their first of two selections for the round (They're second pick is 88th overall). Some ideal defensive players still remain on the board including plenty of linebackers, possibly the biggest position of need for the Saints currently. Like the first round, the draft continues to play out nicely for the Saints and has set up well for another steal by the Saints. 

Here's a short list of potential picks I'd like to see:

  • DE/OLB Justin Houston
  • LB Martez Wilson
  • LB Mason Foster
  • DL Jurrell Casey
  • OL Clint Boling
  • OL Marcus Cannon

Personally, I'd be happy with any of these players and I'm surprised they're still available this late. Will any of those players still be available when the Saints are ready to pick? Which one will they go with? Stay tuned, Saints fans.

After the jump are the full results from the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft. 

2011 NFL Draft Second Round Results

1(33) Patriots (From Panthers) Dowling, Ras-I DB 6'1" 198 Virginia 6.6 Video
2(34) Bills Williams, Aaron DB 6'0" 204 Texas 7.6 Video
3(35) Bengals Dalton, Andy QB 6'2" 215 TCU 6.8 Video
4(36) 49ers (From Broncos) Kaepernick, Colin QB 6'5" 233 Nevada 6.8 Video
5(37) Browns Sheard, Jabaal DL 6'3" 264 Pittsburgh 7.1 Video
6(38) Cardinals Williams, Ryan RB 5'9" 212 Virginia Tech 7.6 Video
7(39) Titans Ayers, Akeem LB 6'3" 254 UCLA 7.8 Video
8(40) Cowboys Carter, Bruce LB 6'2" 241 North Carolina 6.7 Video
9(41) Redskins Jenkins, Jarvis DL 6'4" 310 Clemson 6.4 Video
10(42) Texans Reed, Brooks DL 6'3" 263 Arizona 7.4 Video
11(43) Vikings Rudolph, Kyle TE 6'6" 259 Notre Dame 7.5 Video
12(44) Lions Young, Titus WR 5'11" 174 Boise St. 7.2 Video
13(45) Broncos (From 49ers) Moore, Rahim FS 6'0" 202 UCLA 7.6 Video
14(46) Broncos (From Dolphins) Franklin, Orlando OL 6'6" 316 Miami 7.4 Video
15(47) Rams Kendricks, Lance TE 6'3" 243 Wisconsin 6.2 Video
16(48) Raiders Wisniewski, Stefen OL 6'3" 313 Penn St. 5.3 Video
17(49) Colts (From Jaguars through Redskins) Ijalana, Ben OL 6'4" 317 Villanova 7.4 Video
18(50) Chargers Gilchrist, Marcus DB 5'10" 195 Clemson 6.2 Video
19(51) Buccaneers Bowers, Da'Quan DE 6'3" 280 Clemson 8.1 Video
20(52) Giants Austin, Marvin DL 6'2" 309 North Carolina 6.8 Video
21(53) Bears (From Colts through Redskins) Paea, Stephen DT 6'1" 303 Oregon St. 7.6 Video
22(54) Eagles Jarrett, Jaiquawn DB 6'0" 198 Temple 6.0 Video
23(55) Chiefs Hudson, Rodney OL 6'2" 299 Florida St. 6.2 Video
24(56) Patriots (From Saints) Vereen, Shane RB 5'10" 210 California 5.4 Video
25(57) Lions (From Seahawks) Leshoure, Mikel RB 6'0" 227 Illinois 7.3 Video
26(58) Ravens Smith, Torrey WR 6'1" 204 Maryland 7.5 Video
27(59) Browns (From Falcons) Little, Greg WR 6'3" 220 North Carolina 7.2 Video
28(60) Texans (From Patriots) Harris, Brandon DB 5'10" 191 Miami 7.8 Video
29(61) Chargers (From Jets) Mouton, Jonas LB 6'1" 239 Michigan 4.7 Video
30(62) Dolphins (From Bears through Redskins) Thomas, Daniel RB 6'0" 230 Kansas St. 6.7 Video
31(63) Steelers Gilbert, Marcus OL 6'6" 330 Florida 6.4 Video
32(64) Packers Cobb, Randall WR 5'10" 191 Kentucky 7.8 Video
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