2011 NFL Mock Draft: The Jacksonville Jaguars Select...

With the sixteenth pick of the 2011 CSC Community Mock Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars (represented by Jay Preece) select...

J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin

After starting the CSC draft with the Colts, I foolishly traded up for the Jaguars, a team which I find to be one of the least interesting in the NFL and one which I know very little about. So I checked out their SB Nation blog, Big Cat Country, and a few other Jags fan websites to see what their draft needs might be. Turns out that the team which led the AFC South for a while last year actually needs a whole lot of improvement going into the 2011 season if they are to make a push into the playoffs.

The Jags need linebackers, apparently, as signs point to both Kirk Morrison and Justin Durant not being resigned. Let's not forget that before the 2010 season the Jags also lost the Hall of Fame bound Clint Ingram, who became the jewel of the Saints TwoDat crown. But they also need a quarterback, as David Garrard, coming off perhaps his best season ever, is 33, injury-prone and at his best is still only the very mediocre David Garrard. But the Jags also need help rushing the passer. They made only 26 sacks in the 2010 season, fewer than every other team besides the awful Broncos. Other big needs include a safety to shore up their terrible backfield and a wide receiver to take some pressure off Mike Sims-Walker.

So WTF am I going to do!? I don't like this team or their weird uniforms and I'm confused and overwhelmed by their huge needs on both sides of the ball. I needed help from somewhere. Fortunately, in GM Gene Smith, they have someone who is attempting to bring some stability and structure to the organisation. Gene Genie has one clear draft philosophy, outlined in his 1972 anthem to the NFL:

David Bowie: Jean Genie (via ZiiggyyStardust)

As exemplified by the teamwork at 5:00 that leads Gene and the Jaguars to victory, Gene drafts by talent and character. Draft the best available player, regardless of team needs.

Now, looking at our mock draft, I can see the top two quarterbacks are off of the board, as are the top two cornerbacks, the top two wide receivers and the top two linebackers. Though many Jags fans are clamoring after Christian Ponder and/or Colin Kaepernick, I believe they're blinded by their annual desire for a QB hero (see Tebow, Tim) into overstating the talents of a very average quarterback crop. So nobody remains in those positions that I could legitimately take with the 16th pick and stay true to BAP. And there isn't a single decent safety worth taking in the first round.

Luckily, though, if I take a big board such as this one at Mocking The Draft, I'm left with a lot of players in a need specific to the Jaguars: defensive end. And from there comes my pick of J.J. Watt.


via www.49ers.com

J.J. Watt started his college career as a tight end at Central Michigan. He transferred to Wisconsin after one year, took a redshirt in 2008 and earned a scholarship before he was eligible to play a down, then appeared on the Badgers' defensive line in 2009 as a sophomore. Given his position switch, his elite-level production surpassed many people's expectations. At Wisconsin he put up 11.5 sacks and 104 total tackles, including 36 tackles for loss in only 26 games. Most of that production came in his final seaason, when he was the focus of double teams from the opposition.

This 6'6", 292 lbs. behemoth is quick, with a 4.81 40 time and has great hands. He looks great in pursuit and, in the (admittedly few) videos of him I've seen, always seems to be around the ball. He played as a 4-3 defensive end for Wisconsin and could slot into that position opposite Jeremy Mincey for the Jaguars. He knocks down a lot of passes and also has four blocked kicks as a special teams player. At the 2011 NFL Combine, he finished amongst the top five in the broad jump, bench press, vertical jump, three-cone drill and 20-yard shuttle. A kinesiology major, he is almost certainly smarter than you, being named an Academic All-Big Ten in '09.

Watt also seems to have great character, that indefinable nonsense which scouts love to talk about at this time of the year. He began to set up a children's charity before his junior year, using his own motto of "Dream Big, Work Hard" - and that cheesy slogan has spread across Twitter like wildfire. The #DBWH website will apparently launch soon.

But hell, don't take my word for it. I'm a football moron. Here's a helpful quote to brainwash you into agreeing with me:


Watt is an ideal fit as a strong side 4-3 defensive end but some may like him more as a 3-4 end. A hard-working, intelligent, relentless player. Uses his hands extremely well to get off blocks both rushing the passer and against the run. Doesn't possesses great initial quickness but closes hard and fast on the quarterback and has enough straight-lined speed to pursue from the backside. Good height, fast hands and great anticipation allow him to bat down a ton of passes. Watt will give you everything he's got and is certainly a first-round selection.

And who can say no to a big fat guy in touch with his feminine side?


via jordanschelling.files.wordpress.com

As a final treat, this is a video of me making the 16th pick of the 2011 CSC mock draft.

J.J. Watt's #1 Badger Fan! (via efgpdx)

Sorry about all that pudding talk. Damn I'm hungry.


Thanks to all the CSC members who participated in this years community mock draft. Without your help, none of this would be possible. 

Below are the complete results from our community mock draft. 

Catch up with all of the mock draft selections in our 2011 CSC Community Mock Draft Section.

Pick Team Selection Team Representative Approval Rating
1 Carolina Panthers  QB Cam Newton - Auburn DatFan 35%
2 Denver Broncos  DT Marcell Dareus - Alabama Jeff.l.b 71%
3 Buffalo Bills  QB Blaine Gabbert - Missouri SpreeGoogs 52%
4 Cincinnati Bengals  DE Da'Quan Bowers - Clemson coldpizza 73%
5 Arizona Cardinals  CB Patrick Peterson - LSU GRIZZ 61%
6 Cleveland Browns  DE Cameron Jordan - Cal theprogrammerman 11%
7 San Francisco 49ers  LB Von Miller - Texas A&M who dat patate 68%
8 Tennessee Titans  WR A.J. Green - Georgia shipgoalie05 48%
9 Dallas Cowboys  CB Prince Amukamara - Nebraska saints fan in cowboyland! 67%
10 Washington Redskins  WR Julio Jones - Alabama VAsaintsfan 56%
11 Houston Texans  DE/OLB Robert Quinn - UNC Jon Banks 62%
12 Minnesota Vikings  OT Tyron Smith - USC HansDat 46%
13 Detroit Lions  OT Anthony Castonzo - BC NorthFan 48%
14 St. Louis rams  DT Nick Fairley - Auburn hakimdropstheball 54%
15 Miami Dolphins  RB Mark Ingram - Alabama SpreeGoogs
16 Jacksonville Jaguars  DE J.J.Watt - Wisconsin Jay Preece
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