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Apr 29  2011

were gonna need a bigger boat

Jeff Duncan

Louisville lovers love Johnny Patrick

I wanted the OK safety.  Kinda liked the Q Carter kid.  If Patrick sucks, I blame these two guys.

Apr 29  2011


were gonna need a bigger boat

Ingram pick cost too much with too much risk.  Overrated, potential bust.

Saints compared Ingram to Deuce McAllister in character and talent.

Apr 28  2011


Morstead and 2011 Saints will set NFL record for fewest punts and team record for 6 games without a punt

Hans had too many draft night glasses of Purple Ingramania Drank

Mar 17  2011


Breesus Christ Superstar


NFL CBA will be signed before any 2011 games are lost

No, too much money at stake, right?  Right?

Mar 4  2011


Saints RB's:

1. PT
2. Chris Ivory
3. Reggie
4. Hamilton

The reality is that this position is up for grabs.  Maybe Ingram pulls an Antonio Pittman (not bloody likely).  Let's see how it plays out.

Mar 21  2011


The Saints will not address a position of immediate need (an RB, DE, OLB or OT )with their first round pick.

That's some stinkin' thinkin'.

Ah, no... jeff, I'm so sorry.  The Saints addressed TWO immediate needs of DE and RB, and BOTH in the first round.  Do not underestimate the PayLoo.

Jan 9  2011

Bob Marshall, T-P

Saints To-Do List:  Don't rest on your laurels

Just for the record, to hold PayLoo accountable

BM, cont'd

Get a pass rush.

Does Cameron Jordan count, even though pass rush is not his strong suit?

BM, cont'd

Find an elite deep threat.

Adrian Arrington??

BM, cont'd

Find more running backs


BM, cont'd

Overhaul your return and coverage teams.

Uh... Johnny Patrick?

Jan 10  2011



NFL players and owners will reach an agreement by March and all will continue as normal provided they drop the 18-game schedule idea.

Missed it.   Satch regroups and predicts we'll miss no more than 2 preseason games.

Jan 10  2011

Jan 27  2011


Andrew Juge

Jake Locker will not be a top 10 draft pick in 2011.

I would've placed a modest wager on this prediction.  The Titans took him at #8.  Good thing I saved my money.

Read that thread starting here.  I think everyone is wrong at some point.

Jan 14  2011


Skeptical of Denver Post's statement that Kyle Orton is likely to be traded in the offseason

Looks like he'll compete with Tebow for the starting job in camp, although is losing faith in Orton.  Trade rumors continue (Arizona).

Jan 16  2011

Jeff Duncan

To Do List:

Sign Brees



Reggie-pay cut/trade/cut

Not yet but developing, maybe.


Cut Shockey-keep Graham/D Thomas

Half done


Cut Kyle/Gay, keep Dresher/P-Rob



Retain Bushrod, Harper, Moore,

P Thomas

PT done, we'll see about the rest


Shanle, Ayodele, Hargrove-Paycut or cut

I'm thinking Shanle paycut, at least


Goodwin, Evans, Strief, Charleston, Prioleau, Torrence-release, resign at Saints' leisure

Yeah yeah whatever


(Tennant replaces Goodwin, Casillas replaces Shanle)

If the planets align, especially for Casillas


Draft a DE to help Will Smith

Cameron Jordan

boom done


Free agency niceties-  young fullback, reserve interior OL, K/P returner

Mickey is on it.


Educate and overhaul TUSK!

Can he even walk yet?

Apr 28  2011


Whoever drafts Da'Quan Bowers will see him balloon up during the inevitable rehab

Bone on bone and Pizza Hut delivers.

Mar 23 2011


Brooks Reed will be drafted in the late first to early/mid second round

Good one, jeff.  Selected by Houston with the 10th pick of the 2nd round.

I can't stand the kid.  Probably due to his photo.

Mar 23 2011

Walter Mar 22

Saints select Brooks Reed with the #24 pick

No, Walter.


Apr 12  2011


If Ingram is still there at no. 24, Sean Payton will take him.

That did not happen, they took Cameron Jordan and I shed a tear.  Or two.

Then I shed a couple more when PayLoo closed the deal with Hoodie.

INGRAMANIA!! at #28.

Jan 20  2011


Saints take DB or WR in the first round of the 2011 draft

Fletcher Mackerel agrees with the WR part, he likes Jonathan Baldwin.

No.  The wisdom of PayLoo prevailed.

Apr 26  2011


Doesn't believe the Patriots will take a running back in the draft

Hoodie took Vereen in the 2nd and Ridley in the 3rd.  Consolation:  LSU!! LSU!!

Believe it!

Jan 21  2011


OT Charles Brown is the starter by Sep 2011

We'll watch training camp very closely for this to develop.

Jan 27  2011

James Varney

Saints evaluated these two  players, among others, at Senior Bowl:

JV cont'd Jan Mar 22

TimesUnion Apr 25

Cameron Jordan, DE-Cal, 6-4 1/8, 286

Only mocks I could find who had Saints taking Jordan at #24.  DraftSeason amended the pick later but the other two stuck with him.

"One of the steals of the draft thus far."  I may have to follow this guy Mark McGuire.

JV cont'd

Mar 4 Delima

Pierre Allen, DE-Nebraska, 6-3 7/8, 273

These mockers thought the Saints would select him at #24?  He went undrafted.  WTF?

Maybe they'll invite him to camp. 

Big 12!!! 

Big 12 !!!

2011 Mocks Mar 18 Mar 14 Mar 26

Martez Wilson LB

Correctly sniffed out the Saints' interest.

But not in the first round.  Missed the clues to INGRAMANIA!!

2011 Mocks

Walter  Apr 18

Brian Baldinger And His Finger Apr 20

Mel Kiper Apr 27

Fox-Brian Billick Apr 27

Walter Apr 28

Da'Quan Bowers  DE

Hey guys, do you even know what bone on bone  means?

At #24, PayLoo take calculated risks, not wild ass bet the farm risks.

2011 Mocks

Pat Kirwin Apr 12

Jake Locker QB

This was stupid.

Pat's on my Do Not Read List.

2011 Mocks

Omar Kelly Apr 20

Sports Central Apr 18

FootballDraftAnalysis Apr 28

NFL Mocks Apr 22

Mark Ingram RB

All four saw Ingram as a Saint.  Sports Central even had them trading up to #15 to get him.


April 18  2011


Scott Shanle will return to the Saints in 2011

Martez Wilson will play strong side LB.  Looking good so far for Shanle.

April 17  2011

Mike Detillier published a stupid mock draft and I think he's completely wrong

See my comment here

Houma paper GAAA!!  Here's a link that works.  He hit 4 out of 32:  Cam Newton @1, Patrick Peterson @5, Tyron Smith @9, Adrian Clayborn @20.

I despised in particular his Brooks Reed pick.  Ayers wasn't taken in round 1 either.

Apr 26  2011

Jeff Duncan

"I expect #Saints'1st two picks to address those areas. (DT DE LB)

Cameron Jordan adequately addresses DE.

Jeff Duncan has apparently been inoculated against INGRAMANIA!!

Feb 25  2011

jeff, Jason LaConfora

Reggie Bush to be released in the next week or week and a half

This was refuted and now is a hot topic again.

If you guys want to revise the date, let me know.

Nov 2  2010


The over thrown would be TD pass to Strief in week 8 of 2010 indicates Brees' QB career peaked in 2009

Are you gonna try to tell me that 2010 was better than 2009?  It's a long slow decline but still a decline in progress.

May 14  2010


Condemned Ricky Williams draft day trade, applauded Tebow draft day trade

Ricky won't be back with the thinks he'll sign with a contender.  Tebow, meanwhile, might start in 2011.

May 17  2010


Believes Payton was addicted to Vicodin and Loomis aided cover-up

Completely forgotten except by Frenchie.  Payton's got a better source in Dallas, I guess.

Mar 22  2011


Reggie will not sign a new contract prior to mid-August 2011

Ok, but with who?

June 11  2010


CP thinks PT and Reggie both gone in 2011

Outrageous at first, then looked prophetic.  PT has signed but does INGRAMANIA!!! make him available for trade?  Reggie's in flux.  

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