If/When Free Agency Starts...

If/when we are allowed to start signing players this offseason, who should we target? What positions should we improve upon? Who are we more likely to spend money on?


We can all agree there are still some minor improvements that need to be made. OLB is still pretty weak. Another SS to push Roman Harper would be nice. DT, TE and WR depth. A backup QB capable of winning a game or two if we need him. OT. So, who are the best possible FA's at these positions, and who should we sign, if the money is right? I'm going to be using Jason La Canfora's unofficial list, which is based on the 2010 FA rules.

Let's start on offense.


Potential Signees: Vincent Jackson, Braylon Edwards, Santana Moss, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, Donte Stallworth.

All of these guys have proven, throughout their career, that they have the ability to be great receivers. However, there are question marks surrounding all of them. For TO, Randy and Santana, it's age. All of them have at least 10 seasons under their belt, with TO going into his 16th. For Braylon, his hands have come into question quite a bit, especially in his Cleveland days. Stallworth has bounced around the league, but his speed is a big asset. Vincent Jackson has been named a troubled WR, but I think that has more to do with him just not wanting to be franchise tagged.

Best option: Terrell Owens. Could have had another 1000-yard season last year, had he not had an injury late in the season. Still works hard every play. Ya, he sometimes complains about not getting the ball enough, but Drew knows how to spread it around. TO would definitely get his share of the workload. Would, at the very least, take double-teams away from Marques Colston.



Bo Scaife, Desmond Clark, Randy McMichael.


Not much to work with here. These three are all mainly blocking TEs, but all have the ability to be threats in the passing game too.

Best Option: Stick with Jimmy Graham and David Thomas, re-sign Tory Humphrey. I don't really know why you guys are complaining about TE depth. Graham is a very athletic TE, capable of beating LBs over the middle, and crushing Safetys in his way. Thomas has been a great in-line blocker for us, and Humphrey can provide added depth.



Kerry Collins and Matt Hasselbeck are probably our best options here. There's a lot of guys with plenty of experience out there, but most of them have been(or should have been) career backups.

Best Option: Kerry Collins. I don't see Hasselbeck settling for a backup position, and Collins has proven he can win with a team with plenty of talent around him.



Matt Light, Chester Pitts, Jamaal Brown.

The three of these guys have proven to be able to handle the load at LT. I don't see any of them being a bad pickup.

Best Option: Chester Pitts. Like I said, I don't see any of them being a bad pickup, but Pitts will probably be the cheapest.


And, on defense:


Keith Bulluck, LeRoy Hill, Mike Peterson.

As a one or two year stop gap, Bulluck and Peterson would both perform very well. Hill is probably going to be out of our price range, but I'd love to see him in Black&Gold.

Best Option: LeRoy Hill. TO won't be too expensive, and hopefully Pitts won't be either. The FA budget needs to be geared towards upgrading our OLB, and Hill would start immediately. Plus, Lunch Pail could go to backup duty. Where he belongs.



Brodney Poole, Quinton Mikell.

Really the only two solid options available at SS in this years FA class.

Best Option: Quinton Mikell. He has already stated that he likely won't be in Philly next year, so he must think he's going to get a lot of interest on the open market. Hopefully he doesn't.



Aubrayo Franklin. He is the only game-changer available at DT this year. If we sign him, Ellis and Franklin could be a great DT tandem for years.

Best Option: Aubrayo Franklin.


So, based on the FA list I used, is there anybody else you'd like to pick up? Or anybody you would rather, over the guys I've chosen?

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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