Fleur-De-Links: Saturday, May 14

LEICESTER, ENGLAND - MAY 14: A dejected Saints fullback Ben Foden (NOT HEATH EVANS) looks on during the Aviva Premiership Semi Final between Leicester Tigers and Northampton Saints at Welford Road on May 14, 2011 in Leicester, United Kingdom. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

It gets bad on Friday the 13th, but it gets worse on Saturday the 14th!

That's the tagline from this 1981 cinematic gem featuring Richard BenjaminPaula Prentiss, and a young Kari Michaelson (who also starred at that time on Gimme A Break). [HansDat sidenote - G A B was a show that lasted seven #$%^ seasons - seriously! I had no idea it ran for that long.]

Since IMDB didn't have a picture of Ms. Michaelson, here's a screenshot of her from the Gimme A Break title sequence. And in the interest of reaching out to all manner of CSC readers, here's a recent photo of that hunky beefcake Joey Lawrence, who once played a precocious cherub on Gimme A Break.

Wait, what am I supposed to be talking about? Football?  Saints/NFL tweets and links? OK, make the jump quickly before I go off on another 80's sitcom or movie from my childhood...


T_Porter22 Maaan I don't not miss these mosquitoes...dammit!
alexbrown96 Z. Randolph is a really good player (quietly good tho)...
HeathEvans "@okerland: I think I just saw @heathevans on Kitchen Nightmares" Yes sir! Chef is intense!
HeathEvans Just got to the ER w/ Naomi...think she might of broke her wrist? This chick is tufffff!! Hasn't even cried but she is swollen for sure!
HeathEvans Thx for all the well wishes for Naomi! She thinks it's cool here @ the hospital! She just told the Doc, I'm fine, it's just a sprain! #TUFF
jeffduncantp Speechless. RT @darrenrovell: Hilarious NY Post cover this morning  http://yfrog.com/gz770qwj (via @PaulPabst)
jeffduncantp Heading over to Reggie Bush's camp at Tulane where he will address the #Nola media for first time this offseason..... Should be interesting.
j_bushrod7475 Really considering going to elmwood to watch this racquetball tourney, seen some pros yesterday and they were on (cont)http://tl.gd/af1jtk
jeffduncantp #Saints running back Reggie Bush addresses campers at his camp at Tulane U. http://lockerz.com/s/101545693
Official_Saints  Great photo! RT @Mark_Ingram22 #Pricelesshttp://yfrog.com/h4mn8htj
jeffduncantp RB camp shirt. RT @GrapeSmuggla@jeffduncantp He wearing a gold Saints polo and black Saints shorts or am I making that up?
jeffduncantp  Bush on not attending saints infirmal workouts: "It just started. I will be here sparingly. Everybody is in different positions."
jeffduncantp Bush said he is amenable to a restructured deal. Said the Saints are his first choice. "First & foremost, I want to be a Saint."
jeffduncantp Bush: "Obv, sometimes you write things or say things that you wish you shouldn't have. I probably shouldn't have written that (tweet.)"
jeffduncantp Bush: "We've got to handle the business side of things. We've got to sit down and come to a happy medium."
jeffduncantp Bush: "I wasn't frustrated. I said something that was taken the wrong way .... (Mark Ingram) & I can definitely help each other."
JonVilma51 "@TheSourceMag: Shout out to @JonVilma51 and his loyal followers along with those Saints fans!" Boom
reggie_bush  We live at the 4th Annual Reggie Bush Camp here in New Orleans! Kids are having a great time http://lockerz.com/s/101584551
reggie_bush Love giving back to the kids! This is what makes it all worth it!http://lockerz.com/s/101584751
greggrosenthal 1. Check out post/interview from @MikeSilver on fan reaction to owners, not twitter headline http://bit.ly/lADPuL http://is.gd/FWIqZ4
greggrosenthal 2. Spending rest of day working on application for millionaire journalist gig  @ProFootballTalk @whitlockjason @MikeSilver
robyslyfeS/O to my new #followers ...welcome to my Lyfe..!
HeathEvans Go to www.facebook.com/heathevansfoundation to win ur child the chance to shag balls w/Saints players during HR Derby of Softball Showdown!
HeathEvans Thx for all the prayers & concern for Naomi! I've read her all your tweets about her! She broke both arm bones but it doing great! #PinkCast
reggie_bush Had a great time today at my camp with all the kids! You guys were great see you tomorrow! http://lockerz.com/s/101622754
reggie_bush This just in Oprah is more powerful than the NBA! Lol! So powerful they have to reschedule a playoff game because of her.
j_bushrod7475 You need a new Orleans daiquiri bruh "@therealJonnybo: daiquiri's"    


Saints/NFC South/NFL

Veteran safety Darren Sharper has the desire to keep playing with the New Orleans Saints or elsewhere | NOLA.com
Take it from JD - He wants to stay with the Saints.

New Orleans Saints RB Reggie Bush Holds Court at Youth Camp | Canal Street Chronicles
HansDat - Reggie Bush's youth football camp in New Orleans gave the media a chance to get past his Twitter account and talk right to the Winner himself. I wonder what Reggie will tweet about this tonight...

Hitting the NFC South hot spots | ESPN.com
Pat Y - Time for a trip into the mailbag to see what's on the minds of readers across the NFC South.

Cam Newton takes home the Manning Award | NOLA.com
Nakia Hogan - 'Everyday I wake up I continue to pinch myself'

Ex-LSU running back Charles Scott recovering from car accident | NOLA.com
Staff report - Former LSU running back Charles Scott, now with the New York Giants, was in a  car accident in Baton Rouge recently.


Labor Pains

Millionaires vs. Billionaires or Them vs. Us? Why the NFL Would Do Us a Favor by Calling Off the Coming Season | huffingtonpost.com
Robert Lipsyte - Some days I think that the worst-case scenario -- no National Football League games this year -- might be a blessing. It would be a year in which we could study those leading American issues that football vivifies so well.

"We went to the matresses because they made us" | ProFootballTalk.com
Michael David Smith - In the latest round of the war of words between the NFL and its players, NFLPA* chief DeMaurice Smith invoked some Godfather-style language to explain why he places the blame for the ongoing labor fight squarely on the owners. (HansDat note: then who's Fredo in this role-play? Who's going to get gunned down like Sonny at the toll booth? Let's carry this comparison out a little more, Maurice...)

The NFL’s self-serving anti-litigation PSA | ProFootballTalk.com
Mike Florio - As part of its meticulous preparations for the inevitable lockout the league launched nine weeks ago tonight, the NFL created a website aimed at spreading propaganda regarding its point of view on the labor dispute.

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