How Will Each Division Finish (pre-free agency)?

By the time the season starts, each team will have changed to varying degrees through losses and additions in free agency.  Players still on the roster will be a year older, which can be good or bad-- some younger players will have that much more experience, while older players will have that much more wear on their bodies.  The longer this work stoppage continues, the less impact rookie players will have for their teams.  Also to be considered, teams who've gone through a change at the Head Coach or either Coordinator positions are at a distinct disadvantage that grows larger with each day the lock-out continues. 


So with the above considerations, lets hazard a guess as to how each division will finish.

AFC East

New England-- continuity and youth with experience.

New York Jets-- continuity, but older.

Buffalo Bills-- I like the staff and the QB.

Miami Dolphins-- train wreck.


AFC South

Houston-- Wade Phillips will show why he's one of the best DC's around.

Indianapolis-- They just revamped the offensive line, but Peyton's ego throws the division with no Moore OC to keep him in check.

Tennessee-- Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue-- a fresh message and fresh start won't be so bad for the Titans.

Jacksonville-- Del Rio's in a win now position, with a win in the future roster.


AFC North

Baltimore-- just the right mix of youth and leadership to dethrone their rivals.

Pittsburgh-- losing a Superbowl hurts.  So does an aging defense.

Cleveland-- while they don't have continuity with a staff, they aren't dysfunctional.

Cincinatti-- if they thought last year was bad, they're in for a surprise.


AFC West

San Diego-- how do you finish #1 in offense AND defense and not win your division?

Kansas City-- time to come back down to earth with a first place schedule.

Oakland-- Al must have ran the draft after taking the last one off.

Denver-- I think Free Agency will help this team finish over Oakland.


NFC North

Green Bay-- cue the Scarface "Okay, I'm reloaded".  These guys are about to get healthy, oh my.

Detroit-- surprise, surprise.  IF Stafford stays healthy of course.

Chicago-- while they have more experience than Detroit, they're due for the injury bug.

Minnesota-- it's what happens when you mortgage your future at the most important position.


NFC East

NY Giants-- the Mara's stuck with Coughlin.  They get rewarded for doing so.

Philidelphia Eagles-- they've had a very solid draft, but Andy Reid (and Mike Vick) don't change their stripes.

Dallas Cowboys-- the Rob Ryan addition would scare me if you had a Jerry Jones subtraction.

Washington Redskins-- this is what happens when you try to force a square peg into a round hole.  You hearing me there Haslett?


NFC West

St. Louis Rams-- Bradford- if you lead, they will follow.

Seattle Seahawks-- enthusiasm only goes so far.

San Francisco-- it's amazing what a real head coach can do for you.

Arizona-- probably will be battling for first after player movement begins.


NFC South

New Orleans Saints--  balance on both sides of the ball.

Tampa Bay-- best draft class in the NFL.  Hurts to say.

Atlanta-- last year- top 5 in rushing and takeaways and Ryan looks pedestrian.  Look what Drew did with those.

Carolina-- at least they'll sell some tickets.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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