Fleur-De-Links: Sunday, May 22


reggie_bush In the Adidas Store is it weird of I buy my own cleats???http://lockerz.com/s/103714100

JonVilma51 Mavs ain't playing tonite...

T_Porter22 Probably check out this night life...

JonVilma51 Mavs ain't playin tonite means they're not messing around tonite lol#ebonics

robyslyfe Yo, Westbrook is a ...he doesn't believe in pass'n tha  at all..!

ZachStrief  Bernard Hopkins looks like he's 28 right now.

Twitter (cont'd)

T_Porter22 How many spots will I make it to tonight? Hmmmm?
T_Porter22 I'm on a club tour in Chicago with my boys...where is it popping at and I'ma pay your club a visit.
T_Porter22  I'm thinking about club Vibe...what yall think?
T_Porter22 Well on to the next one then... #justhavingfun
T_Porter22  Lmao...man I'm dumb sometimes. #thoughtaboutsomethingfromearlier
T_Porter22  Is it funny that ppl tweet while they in the club? Lmao
T_Porter22 My ears still ringing from that club man....but still going strong lol
T_Porter22  Welp time to party party party party partyyyyyyy aye
T_Porter22  @alexbrown96 man where u at i'm about to come knock on yo door and wake all yall up
T_Porter22 I can't feel my face.... #themixtape
T_Porter22  Ok my fun has come to an end...I need sleep
T_Porter22  I need to reevaluate things and ppl in my life...bc this is crazy.
T_Porter22  I am very unpopular...
T_Porter22  I miss Samari...to her I am the most popular, the most handsome, the most EVERYTHING! I love my baby man.
T_Porter22  She's ALL the validation I need. #SamariRene'Porter
T_Porter22  "@alex_xxv@T_Porter22 Are u ok? U sound like ur drunk or high?"<T_Porter22 Most ppl get homesick when they are away from home....I get Samari sick when I'm away from home.
T_Porter22  "@lil_p_tack: Im like da only Black person that cant do the electric slide"<< no u not homie...I don't either
moosedenied Truth. RT @skooks: Oh my God. Glee. Is this what you people have been watching? There is something very wrong with you.
moosedenied  I'm reading (and loving) Wuthering Heights again. For about the 10th time. Sheesh, I'm such a girl.
robyslyfe  Mannnnn im headed to the track  and its pourin rain...thats all bad..! SMH


Saints Stuff

New Orleans Saints rookie duo has a big fan at Southern Mississippi | NOLA.com
Jeff Duncan - Former Illinois assistant says Martez Wilson's best football is ahead of him.

New Orleans Saints sell out renovated Superdome for 2011 season | NOLA.com
James Varney - Ticket sales of 73,000 catch NFL's eye.

Money is really the name of the game in New Orleans Saints' contracts, NFL lockout | NOLA.com
Pete Finney - Millions, billions factor heavily this offseason.

New Orleans Apparently Has A Football Problem | Who Dat Dish
Gene Higginbotham starts with a t-shirt anecdote and then walks through a personal history of Saints moments.


Bonus Tracks

Around the NFC South ESPN.com
Pat Y. - Time for a Sunday stroll through the NFC South headlines.

'Call It' deadline for best defender | ESPN.com
Pat Y. - Just looked back at the latest results in our 'Call It' poll on the NFC South's best defensive player. (HansDat note: Vilma's in the running!) 

Former NFL player Matt Bowen breaks down the importance of offseason workouts | chicagotribune.com
Brad Biggs - It has been debated how much these player-led workouts help and how much they've been overblown. So we turned to Matt Bowen, who played seven NFL seasons and spent seven offseasons preparing for the grind of the regular season.

John Clayton examines 10 deals that need to get done when the lockout finally ends | ESPN.com
When the lockout ends, deals need to be made for big-name free agents and a stadium

The NFL and its players continue to wage a labor war on four legal fronts, with no end in sight. | ESPN.com
Lester Munson - The owners and players are now fighting major battles on four legal fronts in three federal courthouses and two offices of the National Labor Relations Board, and they're using at least two dozen top-of-the-line lawyers from eight of America's most expensive law firms.


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