NFC South Roundup: There's a First Time for Everything

"You know what? I like you Drew Brees. In fact, I've decided not to stab you."

Well, the lockout is still ongoing and news is hard to come by unless it's propaganda spewed out by owners/players. So instead of focusing on just the Saints, I'll try to go dig around in the basement and see what the other teams are talking about that may pertain to the Saints. Make the jump with me to read all about the other teams of the NFC South.

Falcons News:

The Great Debate: If Offensive Failure Occurs in 2011, Is it Mike Mularkey's fault?- The tolerable decent ok on a good day good people at the Falcoholic discuss their offense in 2011. Would their failures be on Mularkey? Or QB Matt Ryan?

Falcons Receiver Julio Jones Begins His Recovery- Because when you trade an entire draft for a player, you want him to have a foot injury. Luckily for the Falcons, football players don't use their feet. Oh wait, they do. #juliojonesisthenewrickeywilliams

Dunta Robinson Thinks Defense Will Be Fine-Dunta's right! He's been on good defenses before to know, too! He was on Houston's defense for the past six years, so the man knows good defense.

Buccaneers News:

Aqib Talib Indicted for Assault With a Deadly Weapon- Talib was developing into a good corner. If he may be facing jail time, that may affect his time on the field.

The History of Kellen Winslow Jr.'s Production and What We Can Expect In 2011- Will Winslow have a good 2011? Will he give the Saints trouble in their two matchups? *Looks at Saints linebacking corps* Uhh, maybe.

Why the Buccaneers Will Suck In 2011- Interesting points. He might be a bit dramatic in saying the Bucs will suck (rhyming is fun), but there are people out there who don't believe the Bucs are going anywhere.

Panthers News:

Panthers QB Coach Shula Plans to Emphasize the Little Things- Like vienna sausages, blades of grass, microbes, and reading a Falcons defense (Get it? Because it's easy to read).

CSR Ranked #19th Among NFL Blogs- "CSR is ranked #9 among the SB Nation NFL blogs (and #1 in the NFC South - woot!)."...The Panthers are beating us. That stings.

Panthers Post 2010 Position Review- RB- This is probably the most important position in determining how the Panthers will do in 2011. Their rookie QB will need a good running game to lean on while he learns how to be a QB when the other players are just as good as you.


I also have a question for everyone. I would like to try and make this a regular feature during the summer. However, I wanted input from the members of CSC first. Would you prefer to read just news from the NFC South, or would you rather have the entire conference or even the entire NFL? Or maybe you don't want to see this type of post ever again? Please vote in the poll and explain why you voted the way you did in the comments.

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