The Fun Stuff

I'm sorta getting fed up with talking about the lockout and arguing about the value of the Ingram pick trade, so I decided to write about fun stuff instead.  And by fun stuff, I mean the type of exciting plays that SP might draw up next season to combat/exploit various formations that they see.

Make the Jump if you're interested.

Even though I was a little bit against drafting Ingram before the draft, I'm going to hop on the Delusional Optimism campaign and try to enjoy it until I have facts to force me to think otherwise.  Also, I'm going to assume (large assumption, I know) that most of the key players on the team last year get resigned (Goodwin, Nicks, etc, etc). So, without ado, here's some stuff I'd love to see:

Meachem                                             Thomas  Bushrod   Evans  Goodwin  Nicks  Stinchcomb  Graham


Thomas        Ingram


This is a formation I'd love to see.  It's one that Brees can easily go run, play-action, or screen without tipping his hat as to the play.

For the Screen:  Get Thomas, Bushrod, Evans, and P. Thomas to block on the left, Nicks and Stinchcomb to block right, and Goodwin to block middle.  Ingram runs a screen to the left, Meachem runs a bubble screen in the middle, and Graham runs a screen to the right.

For the Run: Many variations.  Honestly, everything is open here, with one of the RB's acting as a leading blocker for the other.  I especially like motioning David Thomas to the right (overloaded right), then running left with Ingram with PT leading the way.  I know, PT isn't a great lead blocker or anything, but just getting in the way would help, as the weak side LB would be pretty much the only guy stopping this play from getting 5-6 yards every time (if Bushrod does his job).

Play-Action: Remember that Saints-Patriots game a few years ago?  How could one forget?  That deep play-action to Meachem for a TD?  Yea, think that.  Because that's what this formations screams to me.  It says, run out of it. Then do a screen out of it.  Then run once more, then go deep.  Of course, mix it up more than that, but you get the picture.

Or, play action Ingram to the right, then screen to Thomas on the left.  There are so many good combinations, I love it.


Thinking about defensive alignments, I sorta noticed something.  The defensive line is probably better suited to a 3-4 than a 4-3 (though the LBs, not so much).  Jordan, Rogers, Hargrove with Smith, Remi, and Ellis as rotations.  That's a solid line right there, with good depth.  Unfortunately, the LBs are not quite there.  Vilma is not meant to be a 3-4 ILB, even though M. Mitchell might be good at it.  Dunbar and Casillas could try, but that might not work either, and Wilson is a 4-3 guy too.  But, it does give GW a lot of flexibility if he ever wanted to make Gallete into a 3-4 Elephant LB.  But I's a third down/nickel formation I'd like to see.


Porter                                                                        Smith  Jordan  Hargrove  Gallete                                                Greer

Robinson Vilma Wilson


Young          Jenkins


Emphasis: Speed.  This is a formation that'd get run all over if it were first down, but as a nickel / 3rd and long, I think it works well.  The nickel back gets the other WR, and both Young and Jenkins play as free safeties.  Wilson can blitz on the same side as Gallete, or drop back.  Vilma helps with intermediate stuff, and Porter and Greer do their usually spot-on job.  I'm almost always a fan of 4 linemen on passing plays, and I think this gives a huge rush presence from the front four.  Honestly, these are the types of formations that give QBs fits and Jenkins picks.


Are there any base formations that you'd love to see?

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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