Fleur-De-Links: Sunday, May 8

The 137th Kentucky Derby was run in my town yesterday, and here's the winner. Congratulations, Animal Kingdom. (Photo by Travis Lindquist/Getty Images)

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Day After the Kentucky Derby, too! Did anyone else enjoy watching Animal Kingdom power through to victory yesterday? Did anyone else win their office Derby Pool, too? Did anyone else know that SB Nation has a horse racing site?

Make the jump for your tweets and links to Saints and NFL news...


T_Porter22 I think I may go out tonight to see what their clubs are all about...
ZachStrief I dont know If I'm more impressed with how far pacman had to run or how far Mosley backpeddled.
iWillSmith Mosley fought like a scared girl!!!
robyslyfe Shane head look like a stress ball, red & lumpy..
reggie_bush This dude PACMAN threw 552 punches! Wow! Lol
T_Porter22 But I need a driver first....lemme call him..
robyslyfe Dear Floyd Mayweather, what cha gonna do?!?!
ZachStrief Did Mosley just say "I'm proud of you.". Hey. Thanks for beating my face :)
dmcallister26  Happy Mother's Day to all my moms out there holding it down. Hope your day is filled with joy
T_Porter22  Me going to the club is not looking good...think I will stay in this comfortable bed for the night
alexbrown96 Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers, Thanks to you all and God Bless
T_Porter22  Tossing and turning....
T_Porter22  Baby let's stay home and burn a couple calories....
robyslyfe  Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there...we appreciate all that you do, without YOU there would be no LIFE. Thank You.
T_Porter22 I want to take this time to wish all of the beautiful women out there a Happy Mother's Day. W/o u the world wouldn't be possible. Thank You!
Official_Saints We hope all the true Saints enjoy today - Happy Mother's Day!
Official_Saints  Check out @jimmybuffett wearing a Saints hat yesterday at Jazz Fest! via @cdepre1 http://twitpic.com/4v4cp0
usama_young28  Lol 50 though? Thanks a lot RT @saints_fans#Saints fans wish @usama_young28 a Happy B-day he made 50 today Who Dat
Harp41 It seems like the more i think about the class reunion last night the more I realize how much fun I really had. Shout out to class of 01!!!
HeathEvans I swear I just saw Ron Artest little brother! Spitting image: looks & attitude! He punched a guy leaving Russels Marina grill...
jgoody76 Happy mothers day to all the my female followers who have chaps lol. Happy mothers day.
ZachStrief Happy Mothers day to all the mothers especially mine, Ma and MaSal.
alexbrown96 What about the "not so beautiful" mothers? RT @Jmack37: Happy mothers day to all the beautiful mothers...out there



New Orleans Saints expecting big things on defense from top draft pick Cameron Jordan | NOLA.com
James Varney - Defensive end brings 'positive energy' whereever he goes, teammates say.

New Orleans Saints' Johnny Patrick not wasting any time getting acclimated | NOLA.com
Jeff Duncan - Return game may gain boost.

Drew Brees encourages Reggie Bush to stay positive | ProFootballTalk.com
Mike Florio - After the Saints traded back into the first round of the 2011 draft, giving up their 2012 first-round pick to do so, and landed 2009 Heisman winner Mark Ingram, tailback Reggie Bush presumed the worst.

Around the NFC South | ESPN.com
Pat Y. - Time for a quick trip through the Sunday headlines around the NFC South.


Labor Pains

N.F.L. Players Need Courts, Not a Union | NYTimes.com
Arn Tellem - The contentious labor dispute in the N.F.L. might show that the players union has outlived its usefulness, according to an agent.

With Judges Silent, N.F.L. Still in Limbo Over Lockout | NYTimes.com
Judy Battista - Analysts on both sides have anticipated that the league would get the full stay of the injunction, but the lengthy delay has some scratching their heads.



Brain Trauma in N.F.L. - Next Step Is to Not Find It | NYTimes.com
Alan Schwarz - Researchers at Boston University acknowledge they need to study a wider sample of the brains of former N.F.L. players to validate findings on trauma.

Cal producing NFL players but not championships | NOLA.com
McClatchy Tribune Services - New Orleans Saints picked Cam Jordan, one of four Bears drafted.

In His Book, Jets’ Ryan Is Ryan, Like It or Not | NYTimes.com
Greg Bishop - In his book, "Play Like You Mean It," Rex Ryan has produced an inside look of his first two years as Jets coach and managed to spark myriad reactions. (HansDat note - fans of the Jets on "Hard Knocks" may enjoy this tome.)

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