What Up With Dat? Answers - Part I: I'll Be the Juge of That


Below is the first block of answers to this week's reader questions submitted Tuesday. Come back around supper time to get the next serving. Special thanks to all those who participated. I answered as many questions as I could because I don't get to do this often and I had a good time with it. Feel free to continue the discussion in the comment section below.

Here are a few questions submitted by Csc M.

How do you pronounce your last name? 

Like the word "huge" but with a J. There's never been a D, though "judge" is a fairly common piss poor attempt at my last name. Jugee or Jude or even Jew has been said before. People have a lot of trouble with it. Most of my close friends refer to me by my last name.


If you had to pick one player from offense and defense to join Drew in his "steep decline" who would they be?

Meaning they'll go from good in 2010 to bad in 2011? I guess I can't pick Pierre Thomas and Will Smith since they sucked in 2010. OK, I'm going to say that Jon Stinchcomb, who's already kind of on a decline, will continue to under perform, and on defense I'll say that Vilma is going to start to decline, sadly. I could pick Alex Brown but that's just way too easy.


Imagine you are stranded on an island and had the fortune of bringing 5 items with you. What would you bring? Who would you want to be stranded with? Any CSC members?

No offense, but I wouldn't take any CSC members because I don't know any of you guys well enough. I have a one-year-old son, so he and my wife are musts. That's two. I'd also need DirecTV and a television to watch all the Saints games. I guess I need power, too, so that the satellite cable works. So that's five things already. I better get good at hunting/fishing.


These two were submitted by Snowboard K.

Which head coach is most likely to be the first one fired in 2011?

Tough one. You know how the Redskins and Dan Snyder don't tolerate losing well at all and I just don't see them winning anytime soon with that roster. I see them getting off to a disastrous start and Mike Shanahan getting fired. I'm going out on a limb here, but it would be consistent with their recent history, and Snyder makes rash decisions at the first sign of trouble without ever putting faith in a rebuilding process.


If you could have one super power, what would it be?

The ability to read everyone's mind, especially my one-year-old son's.


Asked by Big D. 

If you could bring back one former Saint player of past years and add to this year’s team, who would it be?

If I'm just picking my favorite player, Dalton Hilliard has always been the one. I loved him both at LSU and with the Saints and as a kid he was the guy that first got me obsessed with football. I was so pumped when the Saints got him and the fact that he turned in a very good career in the NFL made it even more special. Obviously the Saints don't need a running back right now as bad as other positions... If I'm picking the player that best helps the team right now, Rickey Jackson in his prime (though I personally was a huge fan of Pat Swilling). If I'm picking the best player in team history, Willie Roaf.


Asked by Hrp. 

If you could take one player on offense and defense from each other team in the NFC South, and insert them into the starting line-up of the 2011 Saints, who would those players be and who would you be replacing?

What a great question. Without a doubt I'd replace Drew Brees with Jimmy Clausen... just kidding.

I still feel like the one glaring deficiency in the Sean Payton era has been an elite pass rusher. When Will Smith is healthy he's posted double digit sacks, but I don't think you can put him in the same caliber as the Julius Peppers' (no longer in NFC South) or John Abraham's of the league. So I'm going with Abraham because he's still a premiere pass rusher despite getting a little longer in the tooth...Ultimately a guy that gets to the quarterback consistently is going to yield more turnovers and that's the name of the game.

I'm a firm believer that a very good defensive line protects a bad secondary much better than the other way around. I don't care if you have Charles Woodson, Nnamdi Asomugha and Ed Reed back there, if your front four is terrible, Tom Brady will still tear them to shreds. Elite pass rushers are very unique and instrumental to the success of the teams they play on.

That said, I'd also happily take Charles Johnson from Carolina who's turning quickly into a very special player and pass rusher, and is much younger than Abraham. I'm definitely replacing Alex Brown.

On offense, I feel like the most spotty play has come at the tackle position. Jordan Gross of Carolina would be a huge upgrade on the offensive line at tackle replacing Jermon Bushrod.


Asked by Stujo 4.

"Why do I waste so much time on Saints Nation" - ha ha - no seriously, you probably ought to answer that one

Fine... Hansdat asked a similar question so I'll explain further below, but SN is my baby I created and it's my free license to put my thoughts out there with no restrictions. At CSC I'm respectful of Dave's guidelines (not that they're strict by any means), but I feel a little bit more liberty with SN.

To be completely honest, SN is more about my pure love for the Saints, and the success of the site or lack thereof is very secondary. I put some effort into promoting it, no doubt, and of course I'd love more comments and interaction on it, but at the end of the day, it's more of a therapeutic exercise for me and it exists for selfish reasons. Because of that it's probably not going away (unless maybe I have a second kid?).

CSC is more of an established blog with a huge fan base, so I just feel like it's more designed to grow and to be kept running under specific guidelines and a system. That's not a criticism, by the way, I'm definitely very envious of all the fans and comments Dave gets. It's why I write here, it's awesome to interact with Saints fans. I'm probably not making any sense but my point is I get a lot of pleasure out of writing for both, but in different ways. And for the record, Dave is about as easy going and chill about how he runs this site as I could ask for.

* * *

Thanks guys and girls! Court is recessed for now. As I said above - come back for seconds after work, as you start your long weekend - USA! USA! USA! 

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