What Up With Dat? Answers - Part II: Here Come Da Juge!



Court is back in session, and Judge Juge is back on the bench to finish answering the questions you, the mighty readers, submitted earlier this week. If you missed it, be sure to scroll down the main page for the mid-day edition of What Up With Dat? Answers - Part I: I'll Be the Juge of That.

Asked by Rob L. 

What ever happened to the Fetch Monster?

I miss him too!! I still feel like that was by far the best post kickoff thing to watch, it was always hilarious. I feel like the Fetch Monster was always on a... ahem... short leash, no pun intended.

I've been a season ticket holder since the late 80's (well my parents initially, but I've since taken over the account) and I want to say Fetch was in the late 90's? Was it the Ditka era or Haslett era? I can't even remember anymore.

Anyway, I remember one time something happened and the dog blew it. It was either a loud bang/band in the stadium speakers or a player that tried to pet him, but the dog kind of freaked out, didn't retrieve the tee and the owner/trainer had to call him back to the sidelines. A team official then ran onto the field and got the tee.

I could be remembering part of this story wrong so old-time season ticket holders can fill in the blanks, but my memory is that the Fetch Monster after that mishap never saw the field ever again. It was very late in the season, in fact it might have been the last game of the year. He was not brought back.

I remember thinking that was crappy of the organization because it was an outlier and the dog blew it one time, and had had countless successful runs prior to that incident. They pulled the plug on him after one mishap. I remember being bummed. I wish they would bring it back. Watching some kid run out there is cool for him and his family, I guess, but lame for everyone else. The Fetch Monster was hilarious.

Editor's Note - Fetch Monster got pink-slipped in June of 2000, and apparently was axed by Arnold Fielkow. SOURCE

Asked by Hans D.

When did you start your Saints Nation blog and what led you to that as a hobby/obsession?

April 1st, 2008 was when it started. Probably not a coincidence that its birthday is April Fool's Day.

I am from Metairie and a lifelong season ticket holder and Saints fan. I am still a season ticket holder today and fly back for 3-4 games a season. I went to school for college in Virginia and have been here ever since 1999. I reside in Charlottesville, VA, today with my wife and son.

Anyway, after I had been away from New Orleans for so long, I lost touch with a lot of my Saints buddies and NO ONE up here roots for the Saints. I am as diehard now as I was as a kid, I invested in DirecTV immediately, fought city hall in Downtown Cville to get a satellite put on my condo's roof etc... but I had no one besides my parents to talk about the Saints with. My wife is from Baton Rouge and she's a big fan too, but I just had all the opinions about the Saints in my head that I mostly kept to myself.

So anyway, I spent most of my time on nola.com's forum interacting w/ fans, but if you've been there you know it's a ton of idiots. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I decided to start a blog where I could impose my thoughts on others and not have to deal with a lot of the uneducated fans that exist on nola.com.

Somehow it seems that SBNation is immune to the idiot fan, it's crazy. You know, the kind that says "cut Drew Brees, fire Sean Payton, decapitate Reggie Bush!" after every loss?

At the time I felt like my thoughts on the team were superior to the average fan, so I really felt like starting a blog and putting my two cents out there would enhance not only my experience as a fan, but hopefully a few other people as well. As I spend more time on CSC, though, I become less convinced I have that much to offer. Lots of educated Saints fans around these parts :)

Both asked by Friar B. 

We already know Dave's profession here... but what about yours? Or the other moderators?

I can't speak for the other guys, for I am not sure what they do, but I am a booking agent for an agency called Sam Hill Entertainment up here in Charlottesville, VA. We mostly book bands for weddings, corporate events and college events nationwide.

I'm focused mostly on the wedding sector. If you ever know anyone getting married that needs a band, feel free to send them my way and I'll help them out and give them a Saints fan discount. We book bands in New Orleans, too. Our bands come from all over the country.

I'm fortunate in that I make my own schedule and it's a flexible job, so it gives me time to do other stuff I love like play tennis (I played tennis in college and had a reasonably successful high school career in Louisiana) and blog about the Saints.

If you could sign only one new (incoming) UFA this year, who would you sign?

Another great question. I've already told you about my penchant for an elite pass rusher, and while I realistically doubt Cameron Jordan can become the next Abraham, I'm hopeful and excited to see what he can do. If money was no object and I wouldn't have to worry about cap ramifications, to me the best available UFA is clearly Nnamdi Asogmuha. He plays at a position the Saints are deep at, though, and it's not a realistic guy to get. More realistically, I'd love to see the Saints get James Anderson of the Carolina Panthers. He's a tough and fast playmaking linebacker that would be a huge upgrade over what we've been used to from an athleticism standpoint. He had a very solid season last year.

Asked by Dan K.  

Do you think the Saints will sign any free agents besides their own?

The Saints are going to be strapped for cash. A cap number hasn’t been set yet, but regardless of the final number the Saints are going to be right up against it. They also need to sign both Carl Nicks and Drew Brees to long term extensions with huge bonuses, so while that could help matters in the short term, eventually those cap numbers will also inflate the bottom line. The short answer to your question is not really. I think the Saints will add some guys to the roster to fill it out, but I don’t expect them to make any splashes on big names. They’ll spend the little money they have available retaining their pieces.

* * *

Th-th-th-that's all, folks!! Hopefully you enjoyed some of my answers. If you didn't, the good news is, you get Dave back next week.

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