What Up With Dat?: Answering a Few 'What If's'


Below are more answers to this weeks reader questions submitted Thursday. In case you missed my earlier answers, catch them right hereSpecial thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion in the comment section below.


My biggest worry for the Saints is the pass rush especially if/when Will Smith gets suspended. What's your biggest concern heading into 2011? Besides your drug problem. - Ralph M.     

My biggest concern heading into the 2011 is whether or not there is actually going to be a 2011 season. Hopefully this is the week a new CBA finally gets signed. As far as the Saints are concerned, I think I may agree with you that the pass rush is my biggest concern. Obviously the team drafted Cameron Jordan and Greg Romeus at DE and signed free agent DT Shaun Rogers to help solve the problem but we have no idea whether or not any of these guys are going to be the answer. Otherwise, I really and truly think the Saints roster looks very solid on paper.  



If the saints magically disappeared, would you start following another NFL team or lose interest in the NFL all together. If the former, which team would you throw your support behind. - hrp    

Interesting question. I love football so I would definitely have to choose another team to root for. But even thinking about supporting another team feels dirty and uncomfortable. Believe it or not I was actually a bit of a Green Bay Packer fan when I was young but they just won the Super Bowl and I hate being a front runner. I grew up in NY and have quite a few friends that support the Jets and Giants so they're probably in the running also, with the Jets having the slight edge. Still, I can't truly put answer this question because I can't really imagine a world where I don't follow for the Saints. 


Pick one, and explain:  A) Re-sign Goodwin and let Bushrod walk, allowing Brown or another player (current roster or FA) to play LT or  B) Re-sign Bushrod and let Goodwin walk, allowing Tennant or another player (current roster or FA) to play C.  - GRIZZ

My answers is B. I would rather let Goodwin walk. He's older and doesn't have much time left in his career at center. I keep hearing good things about Tennant and he'll have to step up at some point. Might as well be sooner rather than later. Bushrod is still young and while he may not be the best tackle in the league, he's decent and would make an adequate backup for depth purposes when Charles Brown eventually makes the jump to starter. 


I'll be in New Orleans in a few weeks and I'm traveling with a friend that's never been. Since we will only have about 48 hours, what would you include on a "must do" itinerary? If it helps, she'd be up for almost anything. - Snowboard K.  

I hate this question because New Orleans is so much more than Bourbon St. and the French Quarter but that's what I'm supposed to recommend here for your friend to have the typical New Orleans experience. Bourbon Street is a must and having a Hurricane from Pat O'Brien's and Hand Grenade from Tropical Isle are a requirement. If she's really up for almost anything you might want to let loose and sing a little karaoke at Cat's Meow. For an overall tour of the quarter in the daylight, you might want to take a carriage ride. I'd also suggest taking a ride all the way uptown on the St. Charles streetcar and making a stop in the Garden District for a stroll, possibly Audubon Park for a trip to he zoo. While I've never actually been, the D-Day museum is supposed to be top-notch. Mardi Gras World is also a unique learning experience. As for food, you must hit up Cafe du Monde for beignets and Central Grocery for a muffuletta. For dinner in the quarter I would suggest K-Paul's or Emeril's NOLA.  


If you could choose four free agents, two from offense (one on a budget and one dream) and two from defense (one on a budget and one dream)...who would you pick?  - GRIZZ

Randy Moss - WR - If Moss has anything left in his tank I would shudder to think what Brees could do with a vertical threat like Moss. Given his age, I think he'd be relatively cheap so he's my budget pick. The question, however, would be: who do the Saints let go? 

Tyson Clabo - OT - Clabo is coming off a Pro Bowl season and might be the best tackle on the market this year. This would certainly answer any questions the Saints have protecting Drew. 

LaMarr Woodley - OLB  - This would be a pickup too good to be true. The Steelers are known for producing quality linebackers and the Saints could really use some help in that department. 

Marcus Spears - DE - The former LSU standout would probably love to play closer to home and he shouldn't cost too much while adding depth for the Saints on the defensive line.  

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