Fleur-De-Links: Sunday, July 10, 2011


iWillSmith Enjoying my weekend with my family.. Smith Family Reunion 2011.

scottshanle RT @ProFootballTalk Report: Free agents pressing for progress on CBA http://wp.me/p14QSB-A6H >not big deal. traded week before season in 06

robyslyfe I keep a small circle, so when I consider you a "true friend" I consider you family & expect our friendship to reflect..do I expect 2 much?!

reggie_bush RT @KennicotAsks@reggie_bush How would you advise someone to mend a broken heart? (only time can heal a broken heart! Hope you are ok. )

BillyMiller83 @reggie_bush ok Dr Phil I see you!

reggie_bush What a finish in the Padres vs. Dodgers game!

T_Porter22 One tatt down...getting two more 2morro...not gonna twit pic til 2morro. S/o to the homie @kevo2021

CSCtweet What's the best new droid/htc phone available?

MalcolmJenkins Had a great time golfing today...only my second time ever loltwitpic.com/5nsgwy

camjordan97 Fam reunion n good eats n la http://www.tout.com/vvhbdn

JohnnyP019 youtube.com/watch?v=YWcAFf...

JohnnyP019 neworleanssaints.com/team/roster/Jo...

LHolderCBS Jon Gruden says it's fair to compare Andrew Luck to Peyton Manning. And Luck is the best prospect he's scouted. Ever.http://bit.ly/nyJd3N

T_Porter22 @ Pappadeaux for the first time

Mark_Ingram22 S/O to my boy @jacoby_jones12! Its his bday this weekend and we in Houston doin it big! Y'all b on the watch out or him!

Mark_Ingram22 Fairly Odd Parents is trending??! Lol I used to watch that show..

Mark_Ingram22 S/O to all my followers!!! I appreciate y'all...

JohnnyP019 RT @GregRomeus91@JohnnyP019 needa get out da crib tn lol I'm.out bruh

BillyMiller83 Helping others just makes my soul happy! We should never get to big to help others come up.

GregRomeus91 Watching Saints replay of super bowl.. #whodat legoooo

Mark_Ingram22 Did he really just propose in the club tho??!!! Smh

camjordan97 Love you u ben my best since we was knee high now we grown RT @S_SevenClub:Happy 22nd Birthday to my best friend @camjordan97 Enjoy your day

camjordan97 Countdown ta my bday http://www.tout.com/j88gbp

camjordan97 Nooo karaoke and confidence is high http://www.tout.com/0tnkgp

JohnnyP019 Up early good morning....

JohnnyP019 If I retweet about a party does not mean I was there lol


Saints Stuff

Fleur-De-Facts: Wide Receivers | neworleanssaints.com
Notes and stats on the eight Saints wideouts.


Labor Pains

NFL labor negotiations 'at the 5-yard line' in New York | SI.com
With face-to-face negotiations between the principle figures involved in the NFL's labor fight scheduled to again resume Thursday in New York, many observers believe the end game to this messy, four-month test of wills and wallets has at last come into view.

NFL owners, players meet again in New York | FOX Sports on MSN
Nancy Gay - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA chief DeMaurice Smith have arrived to start a second straight day of negotiations at a law firm in Manhattan.

Rookie pay system among remaining negotiating obstacles | The Washington Post
Mark Maske - Working out the details of a rookie pay system is among the final remaining negotiating obstacles for the NFL and locked-out players.

Mediator sets NFL meeting on July 19 | NOLA.com
Associated Press - Judge orders sides to continue negotiations.

Report: Free agents pressing for progress on CBA | ProFootballTalk
Mike Florio - We’ve arrived at an undisclosed location on the East Coast for a one-week vacation, in honor of U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan, who bailed out on the labor talks just as the two sides arguably needed him most.



NFL free agency spending could come fast and furious | SI.com
Don Banks - When a new CBA is at last forged and the focus returns to football, what promises to be as unique a free agency period as any in NFL history will undoubtedly take center stage.  

Eli Manning doing his best to keep New York Giants' offense in sync during lockout | NOLA.com
Hunter Paniagua - He says his team has gotten 'decent work' in.

LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson eager to show progress he has made | NOLA.com
Chris Abshire - Former Destrehan standout breakout performer among Manning Passing Academy counselors.

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