Accountability Index Update

Post draft, pre training camp.  Not many resolutions.






Apr 29  2011

were gonna need a bigger boat

Jeff Duncan

Louisville lovers love Johnny Patrick

So does Johnny Patrick.

Via Twitter:  JohnnyP019 Johnny Patrick Bored

Apr 29  2011

Jun 8  2011


were gonna need a bigger boat

Andrew Juge

Ingram pick cost too much with too much risk.  Overrated, potential bust.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

May 1  2011


Ingram scores only 2 to 4 TD's IF he makes the team.

But not their own facts.

May 1 2011


Ingram has injury concerns, may not have been the best running back prospect in the draft, and doesn't represent a great upgrade over Thomas/Ivory. and when you consider the price, it was a bad pick unless Ingram puts his butt in the Pro Bowl multiple times or keys another Super Bowl run.

You remind me of that Colts fan I argued with at breakfast in the hotel on Super Bowl morning.  I told him I'd meet him for breakfast at the same place on Monday morning and we'd finish the discussion.  I showed up, he didn't.  I'll be here to see this play out too.  Will you?

Jul 6  2011



Ingram starts more games than Jordan in 2011

Does Cam Jordan have a playbook yet?  Does Ingram even need one?

Apr 28  2011


Morstead and 2011 Saints will set NFL record for fewest punts and team record for 6 games without a punt

Purple Drank talkin'.

Mar 17  2011


Breesus Christ Superstar


NFL CBA will be signed before any 2011 games are lost

Things are looking up.

Mar 4  2011


Saints RB's:

1. PT
2. Chris Ivory
3. Reggie
4. Hamilton

This was pre-draft.  Sorry, Ranger.  Although catastrophe could still happen.  You're still alive until they break camp.

Apr 24  2011


Thinks our run game will be Top 5.

Maybe if Payton calls that many running plays.

Jan 9  2011

Bob Marshall, T-P

Saints To-Do List:  Don't rest on your laurels

Just for the record, to hold PayLoo accountable

BM, cont'd

Get a pass rush.

If that's measured in sacks, then this probably didn't get done.

BM, cont'd

Find an elite deep threat.

Adrian Arrington hasn't shown much eliteness.

BM, cont'd

Find more running backs


BOOM!! Marking this one complete.

BM, cont'd


Overhaul your return and coverage teams.

tlsk thinks this got done with Johnny Patrick and Nate Bussey.  We'll see. 

Jan 10  2011



NFL players and owners will reach an agreement by March and all will continue as normal provided they drop the 18-game schedule idea.

Missed it.   Satch regroups and predicts we'll miss no more than 2 preseason games.

Jan 14  2011


Skeptical of Denver Post's statement that Kyle Orton is likely to be traded in the offseason

Still controversial.  Might sit behind Tebow.  Go Broncos.

Jan 16  2011

Jeff Duncan

To Do List:

Sign Brees

And pay him more than Manning or Brady?  Or insult him by paying him less?  Franchise tag buys some time.


Reggie-pay cut/trade/cut

Solution changes with the wind.


Cut Shockey-keep Graham/D Thomas

Half done


Cut Kyle/Gay, keep Dresher/P-Rob

Looking probable due to his salary requirements, if not his concussion history.


Retain Bushrod, Harper, Moore,

P Thomas

PT done, we'll see about the rest


Shanle, Ayodele, Hargrove-Paycut or cut

Shanle more likely to stay on than the other two.


Goodwin, Evans, Strief, Charleston, Prioleau, Torrence-release, resign at Saints' leisure

They'll serve at the leisure of the executive Vice President (Loomis) when gets around to making an offer.  Or not.


(Tennant replaces Goodwin, Casillas replaces Shanle)

Tennant more likely than Casillas, I'm thinking.


Draft a DE to help Will Smith

Cameron Jordan

boom done, we'll see how much help he is


Free agency niceties-  young fullback, reserve interior OL, K/P returner

See ya, Heath Evans.


Educate and overhaul TUSK!

Cannon fodder, no longer a priority with INGRAMANIA!!

Apr 28  2011


Whoever drafts Da'Quan Bowers will see him balloon up during the inevitable rehab

This is not happening, I was wrong.  At least, for THIS rehab.  Will he make it through his rookie season?

May 1  2011

GSO Saints Fan

The Falcons will begin a steep decline based on this draft.

You might be out on a limb here, GSO.

May 1  2011

were gonna need a bigger boat

Martez Wilson, not Mark Ingram, makes the biggest impact of all rookies this season.

And you are hanging by a leaf.

May 2  2011


Three NFC South teams with double digit win totals in 2011.

I'm sure Cold P has done the math and it's quite possible, but it sure seems unlikely.  Oh I forget about the Panters going 0-6 intradivision.

May 2  2011


Wilson probably has the best chance of our drafted rookies to win Rookie of the Year

Leaf hanger.

May 2  2011


Junior Galette will be a starter this year

Hail Mary, full of grace.

Varney doesn't think so either.

May 9  2011


2011 RB's:  Ingram, Thomas, Ivory, J Bell. Bush gets cut outright prior to training camp

If Reggie cuts a much better deal under the table with Pete Carroll, sure.

May 4  2011


Ingram won't have more than 3 games with 13+ carries

Send a fax to Mickey:  "You're a moron!"

May 4  2011


Ingram will have 8 games with 13+ carries & 50%+ more rushing yards than teammates

Send a fax to Mickey:  "You still gave up way too much for INGRAMANIA!!"

May 4  2011


Martez Wilson will be the best overall performer of our draft class

I thought we covered this already.

May 11  2011

Andrew Juge

Saint for life

Heath Evans will probably/def be on the opening day roster

With that aging big mouth?  Not bloody likely.

May 13  2011

Preston J. Gary, Jr.

Saints will pursue Rocky McIntosh and Barry Cofield

I'm not going to look them up again.

Jun 2  2011


Doesn't believe A Arrington will be a regular rotation receiver

In 2011

Hey, don't go all in or anything there, jeff.

Jun 18  2011


PhotoOp makes the roster

Even if Reggie leaves, I can't see it.

April 18  2011


Scott Shanle will return to the Saints in 2011

Did they draft a starting linebacker?  Well, did they?

Jan 21  2011


OT Charles Brown is the starter by Sep 2011

Post surgery, he wasn't even cleared to run until the first of June.  But hey, I was wrong about Bowers, so...

Nov 2  2010


The over thrown would be TD pass to Strief in week 8 of 2010 indicates Brees' QB career peaked in 2009

Not that I'm happy about it or anything.  But after every pick and underthrown pass, I'll be going GAAAA!!! a little more vociferously.

May 14  2010


Condemned Ricky Williams draft day trade, applauded Tebow draft day trade

Hey, Ricky's going to play somewhere this year.

May 17  2010


Believes Payton was addicted to Vicodin and Loomis aided cover-up

Might be a good clue to crack this case if someone examined Payton's and Joe Vitt's laxative addictions.

Jul 2  2011

Preston J. Gary, Jr.

Shaun Rogers will make a big impact on defense for the Saints in 2011.

Especially if he falls on a teammate and breaks their leg.

Jul 2  2011

Preston J. Gary, Jr.

If Reggie stays, he will have a more impactful season than his rookie year and the offense will be more dangerous than in 2009.

This is going to take more than a few Hail Marys and Our Fathers.  Maybe more than a Jesus1000 intervention.

Jun 23  2011

Jeff Duncan

Chances of being a Saint in 2011:

Reggie 30-40%

Lance  80-90%

I don't think Jeff Duncan gambles very much.

May 4  2011


Reggie's new contract will be at least $4 million a year, traded or restructured

It won't be for lack of effort on his agent's part.

May 3  2011


Reggie needs to have a good camp, or PayLoo will cut him without a contract offer.

Probably not an issue since he's supposebly running unofficial 4.2 40's.  (Joey on Friends just popped into my head.)

Mar 22  2011


Reggie will not sign a new contract prior to mid-August 2011

Assuming the CBA is signed next week, it has to be sooner than that, right?

June 11  2010


CP thinks PT and Reggie both gone in 2011

Could still happen.  But the Devil needs to get busy.

May 20  2011


Reggie will retire having played all his NFL games as a Saint.

Aw, that was sweet.  Now, will he still be a fan favorite?

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