What Up With Dat?: Absolutely No Saints Questions


Below are answers to this weeks reader questions submitted yesterday. As the title might suggest, nobody asked any questions that had to do with the Saints or with football. I know I'm doing this kinda early so if more questions show up - preferably Saints related - I will put together more answers for another post. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion in the comment section below.


What techie gadgets do you own and use? (ipad, smart phone, laptop, desktop, casio scuba watch with calculator, ipod, etc.) and which of all that you own do you like/use the most? - Hans D.

I've got a laptop for personal use, a desktop for work use, an ipod, an ipad and a Blackberry Tour. My wife has an iMac, an iPhone and an iPad2. So between the two of us, we're pretty connected. I use them all frequently on a daily basis but I'd have to say I use my Blackberry the most.  

If you had to select from all the CSC regulars, who would be: 1) Funniest? 2) Most loyal? 3) Best use of props (photos and video links)? 4) Most sarcastic? 5) Most creative username? - Snowboard K.

I probably should answer these but...what the hell. Here's my crack at it:

1. Just 'Nother Day

2. My mother. I'm only half joking with that answer since she has a vested interest in reading every day. Seriously though, I can't really answer this. There are quite a lot of people I would consider loyal. Veteran members like stujo4 have been around for a long time. Everyone on the writing team is loyal as well. There are probably people that read everyday but who don't even have accounts and I would consider them loyal, too.  

3. Jon Banks, GRIZZ, coldpizza and stujo4 all do a good job with the photos and such. 

4. coldpizza

5. There are a lot of members who create accounts and never comment so I know a lot more names than you do. My favorites, most of whom you probably never even knew existed are: 'MrPoopyPants,' 'boobies,' 'Monkey Poop Battle,' 'SaintsSaintsSaints,' 'Fat Punk Kicker,'  'SaintsFaninaStrangeLand,' and 'Ray Finkle, Isotoner Glove Spokesman.' 


What's your favorite snowball flavor? - Cocky W. D.

I usually do two flavors at once and I usually gravitate toward the fruity flavors like Sour Apple, Watermelon, Raspberry etc. 


Dave, do you run into CSC members at Saint home games? Who? How often? - Metry M.

I don't really run into members during games. The only person - I believe - I've ever seen at a Saints game was stujo4. I have, however, met quite a few members that have visited me at my store. I don't want to try and list everyone because I know I will forget someone but I'd say I've met ten to fifteen members and I enjoy meeting each and every one of them. I will let them tell you on their own in the comment section, if they wish. I'd say I meet about five members a year. The question is: when am I going to meet you?


Once the season starts can I keep asking my silly questions?   - Csc M. 

Of course. But it may not get selected if there are Saints/football related questions that need to get answered first. 


What is the first piece of music (cassette, cassingle, cd, 8-track, reel to reel tape, vinyl, acetate original) you ever owned? What is the most recent music purchase you made (download, CD, etc.)? What was the most recent live musical performance you attended? What is the BEST live music show you've EVER SEEN? - Hans D. 

The first piece of music that I can ever remember owning myself was probably a cassette of Richard Marx's Repeat Offender.

I don't really buy music much anymore but the last thing I remember purchasing was a song by Shannon McNally called 'Bohemian Wedding Prayer.'

The last live show I've seen was a few weeks ago at One Eyed Jacks (formerly the Shim Sham Club) to see Sick Like Sinatra. An odd band, to say the least. The last good show I attended was Guster at House of Blues on April. 

Tom Petty always puts on a good show but I love his music so I'm a bit partial. Believe it or not, Coldplay put on a pretty great show for a big stadium tour. I saw Cream's final performance ever at MSG in October 2005, that was pretty unique. Shooter Jennings rocked my socks at Bonnaroo in 2006. The most emotional concert I've ever attended was Bruce Springsteen's Jazzfest performance in 2006, the first one after Katrina. I was about eight rows from the stage and everyone was crying when he sang "My City of Ruins." I've been to a lot of shows in my life and many times I'm not always sober so I'm sure I'm leaving some performances out.  

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