Fleur-De-Links: Sunday, July 17, 2011


JohnnyP019  Once again my tweets are from songs lol I just took the best nap ever

ChaseDaniel Definitely a movie night tonight! Has anyone seen #HorribleBosses?

robyslyfe jus got home from tha celeb bball game, hit em for a smooth 13pts in tha OT win..had to get that W. for our 1st time head coach @SkyDigg4 ..

HeathEvans "@saintscenter@realheavyd I know, I was just raggin' on Mistah Ehhvans lol" That's was funny too! Just saw it! Get'em @realheavyd!

thomasmorstead  @ChaseDaniel ya boy! MF jones is funny...

TylerLorenzen  @thomasmorstead YOLO buddy enjoy Austin, they have a Lucys ya know!!?

JohnnyP019 One day one day......

JohnnyP019  Gonna be a sleepless night for me....

JohnnyP019 Think ill just do some push ups and sit ups

AlbertBreer The NFLPA executive committee is set to meet in DC early tomorrow afternoon. They'll follow direction of Boylan to meet w/owners from there.

AlbertBreer ... Meanwhile, legal teams/staffs will resume meetings Monday morning in NYC. Good chance owner/player meetings will be there too. Or DC.

AlbertBreer  Also, the legal teams and staff from the two parties are already in contact today, though there won't be face-to-face meetings til tomorrow.

AlbertBreer Good story here from @RonBorges, as the sides prepare to settle, on the power that the Brady plaintiffs wield http://is.gd/AWBYKX

sharper42 Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.

Official_Saints  Saints Owner Tom Benson tops the Times-Picayune's Most Powerful People on the South Louisiana Sports Scene for the 3rd consecutive year.

Official_Saints Other members of the Saints to make the list: Brees (#3), Payton (#5), Loomis (#6), Rita Benson LeBlanc (#13), Dennis Lauscha (#14)

usama_young28 Good morning... Time to get this good word. "Constant development is the law of life" -forgot who told me that one

HeathEvans I haven't seen my babies in almost 10 days! Tomorrow can't get here fast enough! yfrog.com/kf36fadsj

AlbertBreer RT @MikeSilver Fan violation No. 1: taking big-$$$ neg's personally, be it player-team or players-owners. Leverage, staredown, settlement

robyslyfe Good morn'n world, ALL is Blessed to see another day..! #GivePraise #BeThankful

DougTatum New Orleans sports' 25 most influential people #Saints #Hornets #LSU| NOLA.com nola.com/saints/index.s...

robyslyfe Special s/o to my family @bobbymccray & @ForeverKhadijah on their 1yr. #Blessing..spin that Raphael Saadiq "It's Our Anniversary" & enjoy.!

Official_Saints SURVEY: With the Women's #WorldCupFinal about to kickoff, what Saints player do you think would make the best soccer player & why? #USA

BillyMiller83 Good luck to my man @Jrue_Holiday11 and his girl @laurencheney8 today #LetsGoUSA

JohnnyP019 Gonna be a relaxed day....

usama_young28 @JohnnyP019 chillaxin as always. Wasup witchu

JohnnyP019  @usama_young28 same man... Are u in town tired of sitting in house

T_Porter22 @bobbymccray Say cuh...stop retweeting all these ppl say happy anniversary, u filling up my TL fool. Lol Happy Anniversary tho cuh.

Official_Saints Reggie & Lance are leading the way on who Saints fans think would be the best soccer player, but this is an in... (cont)http://deck.ly/~N7XjC

usama_young28 Yes suhhh RT  @ShanSaintsFan@usama_young28@j_bushrod7475@LanceMoore16@HeathEvans Almost Game Time GO USA Get that Cup!!

LHolderCBS I'll piggy back this prediction. RT @TheBigLead: USA 2, Japan 1. Alex Morgan, Wambach score

j_bushrod7475 Lets go USA #FIFA

HeathEvans @ @Official_Saints Have u seen Reggie kick a football? It ain't pretty!

camjordan97 One last day of fun slowly comin to an end... Noooo!!!

AdamSchefter Not going to lie. Feels like the Super Bowl is about to kick off.

camjordan97 Took me a few days ta find a good spot to get service

j_bushrod7475 I agree RT @trojanhombre@j_bushrod7475 is it me, or does the japanese squad look a lil tough? i mean in the bar fighting way!!!

j_bushrod7475 We should have a goal

thomasmorstead These girls will have to be in excellent condition to keep this pace up...

T_Porter22  Watching this soccer game...who y'all going for? Lmao

j_bushrod7475  We are shooting... One of them will go

T_Porter22  "@Twine23@T_Porter22 haha good one! whats gonna be your week 1 haircut?" idk I may need to take a poll to what ppl want    


Saints Stuff

Futures of Reggie Bush, Steve Smith? - NFC South Blog | ESPN.com
We've got two different stories today about a pair of NFC South starts whose futures have been the center of speculation throughout the offseason.

Hitting the NFC South hot spots - NFC South Blog | ESPN.com
Pat Y. - The NFC South mailbag got pretty full while I took my last bit of time off before training camps open, so let's go ahead and get to some of your questions.

Saints' Most Clutch Plays No. 7: The Original Kick | wwltv.com
The stories have been told through the generations, the ones about the rabble-rousing Saints in the early days of the franchise. (HansDat note: Our very own Ralph Malbrough is on the panel that's choosing these - maybe he can give us some insider scoop on the process...we're starving for insider scoop on ANYTHING at this point!)


Labor Pains

Lawsuit, NFLPA's status unresolved | NOLA.com
Associated Press - Several sticking points remain before deal will be made.

Players apparently are making a last-minute power play | ProFootballTalk.com
Mike Florio - When I left Hilton Head Saturday morning, it had been suggested that almost nothing could derail a new labor deal. That attitude possibly has jinked the entire process.

Your upcoming labor talks schedule | ProFootballTalk.com
Gregg Rosenthal - With an apparent last minute power play in the works, we still have some important labor talks left to go. So what's the schedule for the upcoming days? 



New Orleans sports' 25 most influential people | NOLA.com
Staff Report - Tom Benson tops list for third consecutive year.

Doug Thornton among New Orleans' most powerful people in sports | NOLA.com
Nakia Hogan - Would-be oil man one of city's greatest assets.

Murky Waters This Year in Free-Agent Pool | NYTimes.com
Greg Bishop - With as many as 500 free agents potentially available and with time short, a labor agreement would probably bring a gold rush.

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