NFL LOCKOUT UPDATE: Saints, NFL Fans Lash Out on Drew Brees

By now I'm sure you've read Greg Bedard's report earlier today that Drew Brees and Peyton Manning have requested to be exempt from the franchise tag for the rest of their careers, possibly holding up a settlement of the Brady v. NFL antitrust lawsuit and thus, a new collective bargaining agreement.  

I've got to say, if this is true, it's disappointing to say the least. Such a selfish move flies directly in the face of all the rhetoric Brees and other player representatives have been spewing the last six months and just further proof that the owners aren't necessarily the only greedy bastards amid this whole flustercuck.   

I will leave my own thoughts at that, however, and let other fans do the talking. Below are just a few tweets to Drew Brees from NFL fans I found on Twitter this evening. 

UPDATE [ 07/19/11 7:08 PM CDT ]: Drew Brees has responded to fans via Twitter saying: 

I hesitate to even dignify the false media reports with a response, but obviously they are leading people astray.    

Never expected to be let down by (or frustrated with) @drewbrees. Stay gold, Drew! Black and gold, that is.

Please @drewbrees help me understand how wanting a fair deal for all the players but wanting a special deal for yourself goes together?

yo @drewbrees don't act like you're looking out for the best interests of the players when you're just looking out for yourself

Scott Shanle - Manning, Brees, Mankins, Jackson need to quit trying to cut their own deals...tell me this not really happening    

If it's true that @drewbrees and others are about to use this new deal to get special exemptions that's a huge joke so much for bein united

I LOVE the Saints <3 & I think @drewbrees is So HOT! :)

um @drewbrees time to come clean. Are you are aren't you cutting your own deal to keep the Saints from franchising you? Whodats want to know

Fletcher Mackel - Talk to everyone @drewbrees ...franchise tag deal or no franchise tag deal??? to say we're a bit curious is obvious.

I just want football!! Is that to much to ask @drewbrees your killing me here.

On July 13th @drewbrees and Peyton Manning "Time to get this deal done." - Didn't realize they meant their own side deal #Greedy

@drewbrees get this thing over with and go back to playing football. Nobody sympathizes with any of you. 

@drewbrees If its true you guys wanted special provisions its sad. If its not then the NFLPA needs to come out and set it straight

I really hope this story about @drewbrees demanding free agent status isn't true. If so, Lebron becomes the nice guy

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