What Up With Dat?: Ignoring the Lockout

Below are answers to this weeks reader questions submitted Tuesday. I apologize for taking so long to respond to these but covering the lockout has kept me occupied. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion in the comment section below.


Which team will unexpectedly upset the Saints this year, and which team will the Saints unexpectedly upset? -Ben D.

Tough one. There are a few teams that could possibly upset the Saints. On my short list is Houston, St. Louis and Detroit. Since the game against the Rams is away in St. Louis, I'll go ahead and pick them for the upset. We know how intimidating the Edward Jones Dome can be. As for upsetting another team, I'm not sure there will be many opponents that are favored over the Saints but I will go with their matchup against the defending champion Green Bay Packers right out of the box. 

Reggie. Does he stay or does he go? - Jon B.

If he stays there will be trouble. If he goes there will be double. Seriously, though, I think he stays simply because I believe Sean Payton has a hardcore man crush on Bush that might supersede any other factors. But I'm just guessing here.  


If Sean Payton left the Saints for some reason (horrible to think, I know), do you think Brees would want to stick around to retire as a Saint? Do you see Sean Payton retiring from the Saints?  - Cockey W. D.

I hate to break it to you, but at some point Sean Payton will not be the coach of the New Orleans Saints. If it happened to be before Drew Brees then, yes, I still think that Drew would stick around. He might not stick around much longer after that if he doesn't click with the new coach but I don't think that Sean Payton is the only reason Brees likes playing in New Orleans. Your second question is a bit confusing. If you're asking if I think Sean Payton will retire as a Saint, my answer is no. I don't see Payton spending his entire career in New Orleans. Very few coaches have stayed with only one team. If he was fired while he was still a reasonable age, I'm sure he'd land with another team. 


Assuming the player is bound and blindfolded and there are no other repercussions,  who in the NFL would you most like to punch/kick in the groin/other body part? - hrp

Philip Rivers, right in the face. Something about it is just so punchable. 


What's your opinion of the whole Belichick spygate scandal? - Snowboard K.

Eh, I never really cared and it never really bothered me. I've always liked Belichick and had a lot of respect for him as a head coach. Perhaps taping an opponents practice session or two might help with a gameplan but a lot of things can happen during a football game that you simply can't plan for. In other words, I'm not so sure how much of an advantage it can actually provide. I'm also not necessarily naive enough to think that Belichick was the only one spying. 


Are we going to have an official CSC fantasy league this season? - Matty X.    

What a well timed question. Yes actually, we are. We will probably have more than one league since demand will inevitably warrant it. SB Nation has a new sponsor this year so we will be using the Yahoo! Sports platform. Expect more info on this within the week. 

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