Fleur-De-Links: Sunday, July 24


AlbertBreer Will say this: Goodell and Smith deserve a lot of credit for steering their groups the last 9 days through a minefield. ..

AlbertBreer  ... Parameters of how NFL will work til 2021 -- what will be a CBA -- were done 7/15. Getting from there to here = tougher than anticipated.

AlbertBreer NFLPA's Richard Berthelsen, Tom DePaso, Mark Levin are at the DC office this AM to help with details, review final document when it's ready.

T_Porter22 Getting ready to go to church w/ mommy. I didn't wanna get up lol. Just like the the times when I was a kid.

AlbertBreer NFLPA officials in DC are waiting for final document -- it'd come by email -- but last details are still being negotiated elsewhere.

CSCtweet  Now following @hakimdropsball Saints fans might want to do the same. #whodat

AlbertBreer RT @richeisen Love all these fans saying now we missed nothing when my twitter feed has been filled for 4 months MFing everyone involved

NateBUSSEY  Lmao I'm not crazy ladies and gentlemen.... Was mad at #WendysRT @DoubleDutchMuff Nate Talking In His Sleep.. (cont)http://tl.gd/bua732

usama_young28 Needed that reminder... I'll b tuned in RT @DiorBoyTellEm: Entourage tonight..let me know if you hip

AlbertBreer To add on to what we had earlier, most of the NFLPA's 13-man executive committee is scheduled to arrive in DC early Monday morning.

dmcallister26  Good Morning World. Wanna thank everyone who came out to support Catch 22 had a great event. Hope u guys go to church or get some praise

HeathEvans The time table of the owners proposal has been changed & will allow us2 "effectively" negotiate other issues of the CBA after it's approval.

HeathEvans  The great news is, the NFL Free-Agency frenzy everyone has been craving should be starting here in the next few days!

greggrosenthal random note: Franchise tags will now be % of salary cap, not average of top players. Starting 2012

camjordan97  I think today is Sunday....

alexbrown96 Been waiting 30 min to get something to eat. This food isn't that good! @karimarbrown thinks so. What's the longest u ever waited for food?

camjordan97 That's what I'm sayin I didn even know it was sun missed service...

T_Porter22 As usual I'm glad mama got me to go to church...i really needed that

AlbertBreer  NFLPA managing director Ira Fishman just showed up at the office here in DC.

AlbertBreer  2 sides continuing working on details, exchanging drafts, working on language. Details they're trying to agree on are important to the deal.

JasonLaCanfora  Things still tracking well for possible votes on new deal on Mon, facilities open/rework own roster Wed, camps/free agency on Sat/Sun or Mon

j_bushrod7475 Not too good I went yard on him lol #jokes "@WhoDatHandiFan@HeathEvans how did u do last night in the game?"

Official_Saints  RT @InsideNFLmedia @NFLNetwork live news coverage Monday starting at 8 am ET More reports on latest CBA news all day today. #backtofootball

AlbertBreer Also, as @ProFootballTalk has reported all day, the opt-out remains an open issue, as of now. Some on players' side really want one.

ConanOBrien If Voldemort is such a powerful wizard, why can't he conjure up a new nose?

dmcallister26  Just got ragged for wearing my Ole Miss polo to a USM golfing event. I didn't get the memo not to

AlbertBreer B/c we're in waiting mode, and hoping football's gonna be back in short order and camps start soon, gonna throw this out ...

AlbertBreer ... Favorite 5 camp sites that I've visited: Latrobe (Steelers), Flagstaff (Cards), Bethlehem (Eagles), Napa (Raiders), Westminster (Ravens)

AlbertBreer  ... Stole idea from @SI_PeterKing's ballpark rankings ... And haven't been to every team's camp over last few years, but seen most of them.

T_Porter22 Just finish some red beans and got some to go. #mamaisthebest

LanceMoore16  Wanted to put some food on the grill today, but just didn't have the energy earlier and now its about to storm again. Welp lol


Saints Stuff

Five key positions for Saints | The Advocate
Sheldon Mickles - It’s difficult to tell if having a tight window to re-sign any of the 29 FA players will help or hinder them, but there’s little doubt the Saints can least afford to lose many players at five critical positions.

New Orleans Saints players remain skeptical about possible NFL labor settlement | NOLA.com
Mike Triplett - Players, fans don't let weather ruin Darren Sharper's charity event.

NFC South weekend mailbag - NFC South Blog | ESPN.com
Pat Y. - Time for a Sunday plunge into the NFC South mailbag.

New Orleans Saints rookie cornerback Johnny Patrick hosting party at Republic on Sunday night | NOLA.com
Mike Triplett - Teammates Malcolm Jenkins, Darren Sharper, Tracy Porter, Jermon Bushrod, Jahri Evans and Martez Wilson also expected to attend, among others.


Labor Pains

NFL Labor Pains Ending: Delivery Near | huffingtonpost.com
Andrew Brandt - We have a proposed NFL deal and re-opening of football, although labor pains have not ceased. Pending approval by the Players, let's take a look at some of the key terms, with instant analysis of deal points that may be in place for the next decade.

Opt out clause still lingers | ProFootballTalk
Mike Florio - Not long after word broke on Saturday afternoon of the NFLPA* Executive Committee's decision to vote on the proposed labor agreement on Monday, we heard that the open issue regarding the duration of the deal had been resolved, and that the contract would cover a full 10 years, with no opt out. Multiple sources now tell PFT that the issue remains open.

Seven things you may have missed in new CBA | ProFootballTalk
Gregg Rosenthal - We've tackled a lot of the big implications of the new CBA, which is expected to be voted on by the NFLPA* Executive Committee on Monday.

NFL LOCKOUT BREAKING NEWS: Deal is Done, Players Vote Monday - Canal Street Chronicles
HansDat - Shameless Self-Promotion

How Monday’s NFLPA* procedure will work - Canal Street Chronicles
HansDat - More shameless self-promotion

Lockout to Finally End Tomorrow! | Saints Nation
Andrew Juge - Shameless Juge Promotion

Trading in the Housewives for Football | chicksinthehuddle.com
Mother Hen

It's About Time! | WWL - AM870 - FM105.3
Bobby Hebert (includes audio clip)

We GOT Pro Football...& Players Were Right To Take Their Time! | WWL - AM870 - FM105.3
Deke Bellavia



Marshall Faulk proud to take stage with his former high school coach, Wayne Reese | NOLA.com
Chris Abshire

New England Patriots' Tully Banta-Cain gets abdomen surgery, source says | ESPNBoston.com
Mike Reiss - Patriots outside linebacker Tully Banta-Cain underwent a surgical procedure on his abdomen on Friday, a source confirmed, while estimating a 4-to-5 week recovery period.

Ben Roethlisberger of Pittsburgh Steelers married in local church | ESPN.com
Associated Press - Ben Roethlisberger got the privacy he wanted for his wedding Saturday, with police providing tight security around the church in affluent Ohio Township where he and Ashley Harlan were married.

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