NFC South Roundup: Give Me a Season, or Give Me Roundup

Well, is this the week? Will there be football? Will this be the week Saints fans get to finally find out what the front office will do about their many free agents? Will Saints fans find out what happens with Reggie? Will I stop asking questions? Let's hope the 2011 season starts this week because I'm itching for something, anything, related to football that isn't more Favre-watch.

Until those questions can be answered, we have the Roundup to get us through these tumultuous times. I've found the best of the best from other NFC South sites for your viewing pleasure. So make the jump to read version 9.0 of Da Chronic's NFL South Roundup.

Panthers News

Smitty's status as a Carolina Panther - Cat Scratch Reader
Steve Smith may grant my wishes and leave the Panthers.

Panthers Richardson: "We Will Go Wide Open" in Free Agency - Cat Scratch Reader
I would be worried, but wide open for Richardson means Ike Taylor and Terrell Owens.

NFL Teams Over Salary Cap Given Slight Reprieve with new CBA - Cat Scratch Reader
If you saw my FanShot a few days ago, you already know that the cap will likely be a soft cap this year.

Bucs News

Dear Coach Morris: Please Stop Blitzing - Evaluating the 2010 Bucs' Blitzes - Bucs Nation
Apparently, Morris isn't all that good at blitzing. I'm sure Breesus will appreciate that when he hands it off to Ingram or steps back to pass.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wish List - Bucs Nation
Bucs fans: Dear Santa Glazer, please give us Nnamdi Asomugha this season. We've been really good.
Santa Glazer: Ho! Ho! Ho! I hope you enjoy this nice Ike Taylor instead! He's just as good, but cheaper!

Josh Freeman was frequently blitzed, but he learned to beat the blitz - Bucs Nation
What would a Roundup be without a "Jon is worried about the Bucs" link.

Falcons News

Will The Lockout Make For Lesser Football? - The Falcoholic
This is actually a good question. Teams haven't talked to players in months, rookies haven't had any time with coaches, and some players may not have played/thought about football in months. Luckily, Brees hosted his own Saints camp and had good attendance, so Saints fans won't likely have to see that.

AJC: Justin Blalock To Price Himself Out Of Falcons Range - The Falcoholic
This article is actually a list of Falcons free agents and their likelihood of staying. So it's a must read for Saints fans.

The Falcons Will Be The Dominant NFC South Team In 2014-2016 - The Falcoholic
Look, I may get some flak for this, but I will agree that in 2-3 years, the Saints are going to be struggling not to be in the basement of the NFC South. I don't like the long term outlook of the Saints, but I disagree with the Falcons being the dominant team. Turner will be old and gone, their defense is going to be older and in need of many more pieces, and that great O-line is likely to dissolve this off season. Whereas the Bucs...just scare me.

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