Drew Brees' Rank Among 'Top 100' To Be Revealed Tonight

The concluding episode of NFL Network's 10-part series The Top 100: Players of 2011 airs tonight, and our very own Drew Brees will be in that number when the Top 10 are announced.

Hooray!!! Huzzah!!! Pip, pip!!! Bully for him, old chap!

I've watched some of these shows, and I'll probably DVR the show and watch it later tonight or tomorrow so I can FF through the parts I don't want to watch. What about you?

Make the jump for some trivia or "sweet, sweet miscellany" (as Grandmaster Wang likes to say) in regard to this series.

To start with, I'd like to deal with this assertion made on the Top 100 main page linked to above:

These exclusive rankings are determined by who knows best - current NFL players.

First, to get ALL REAL on you and everything, nfl.com, there are no current NFL players - there's a mother-loving freakin' LOCKOUT going on. Didn't you notice?

Second, I think there are some who might argue that the players are not the best ones to determine this, and I sure hope they've got my back on this assertion (because I'm not sure where it comes from) and speak up in the comment section below.

Next, I wonder how high you think Brees will appear on this List. He threw an awful lot of picks in 2010 (and in 2008, and in 2007)...will that keep him from a Top 5 position?

Drew Brees doesn't even make Bucky Brooks' Top 10 - how ya like them apples?

Michael Lombardi's Top-10 list and rationale are revealed in this Total Access Video (which I readily admit I didn't fully watch). But I did see that his Top Six are all QBs, and he put Breesus at #3 overall. What are your thoughts on that?

I used this cool page of nfl.com to determine some interesting high and low facts/aspects of the Top 100 so far (100-11). Please feel free to go there, play around with the sorting features and report back in the comment thread!

You might already know the Saints put four men on the list so far (Marques Colston, Jahri Evans, Carl Nicks, and Jonathan Vilma). But the reigning SB champion Green Bay Packers lead the way with seven players on the list, followed by the Dallas Cowboys with six, and then the Chiefs, Colts, and Falcons with five each. The Buffalo Bills and Seattle Seahawks have no players on the list, while the Bengals, Jaguars, Rams, Redskins, and Vikings each placed only one player on the list.

Offensive players comprise 54 of the Top 90 spots, leaving defensive players, well, pretty defensive since they only garnered 36 of those spots.

Guess what the top-represented position is so far - go ahead....alright, that's enough. I'll just tell you: it's wide receiver (17).

Defensive end came next (14), and then linebacker (10). If you include fullbacks in your running back category, then this group tied with the LBs. If not, then RBs are tied with quarterbacks at nine. Offensive tackles come to the party with six, then the five TEs. Defensive tackles, cornerbacks, safeties, and offensive guards placed four each on the list. Centers bring up the rear with three, unless you count fullbacks separately from RBs, in which case they are last with one.

You were given a number of different baits, prompts, questions, and conversation starters above. Choose one (or more) and get after it below...Thanks! (pre-reply: before you can ask again, Stu...Mr. Dave will be back on Tuesday.)

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