Golden Words From Golden Boy Jon Gruden

What happens when the verbose and straight-talking (while ultimately not actually saying much) Jon Gruden (of Monday Night Football and Jon Gruden's QB Camp) collides with the esteemed and legacy-filled Manning Passing Academy?

Well, it turned out to be a quote-a-palooza beyond my wildest dreams. 

Thank you Jeff Duncan (no, that's the wrong Jeff Duncan. Try this one. Still a bit's this Jeff Duncan? That's the one.), for posting this meeting with the media Jon Gruden presided over when at the Manning Passing Academy on Friday.

Make the jump for some choice selections along with my snide commentary...

First of all, I was surprised to find out that Gruden's son, Jon II, is not only attending the Manning's camp, but further digging (via wikipedia) revealed that his nickname is "Deuce", for pete's sake! How about that?

The loquacious analyst for "Monday Night Football" met with the media on Friday at the Manning Passing Academy, where his son is a first-time camper, and touched on a variety of topics concerning the Saints.

Gruden discusses the receivers without even mentioning Marques Colston...

All of them are highly underrated, because they are very unselfish. You see Lance Moore do some things in the slot which are terrific. You see him block, which doesn't show up on the stat sheet. You see (Devery) Henderson and (Robert) Meachem blazing down the field. They're never going to finish in the top 10 (in the league in receptions). They're not catch counters in New Orleans. They're into winning football games.

I like that "catch counters" phrase.

Gruden definitely loves him some Jimmy Graham (and who doesn't?) and seems well-prepared to gush over Graham when we appear on MNF:

How can you not like him? Who saw that coming? That guy in the red zone, was not only a weapon for them, but he's really established himself as a force with what he can do in different alignments. I saw Payton line him up at receiver and (at other times) bring him out of the backfield. The guy can really create some matchup problems for you.

When discussing the debate of "is it the system or the players" of the Saints offensive prowess, he drops this doozy about Lance Moore (emphasis mine):

Throw in Lance Moore a quick slot receiver, who has the body language of an All-Pro.

Jon, what does that even mean?

Next, it's clear that Gruden has a terminal case of INGRAMANIA!!!

I love the pick. Ingram, he's my kind of back. He's a finisher. He's a punishing back. He can close out games. I think you need a guy when you have the ball and the lead inside of four minutes to run clock, that that's the only enemy. I think Ingram's that kind of guy. I think he's an NFL back. He can pick up blitz flush. I've seen him do it. He's a pretty good receiver out the backfield. He's going to make a lot of big first downs for the Saints in key situations. I really like him.

Can anyone tell me what a blitz flush is? Jon's seen it, but I haven't.

From Gruden's take on the Saints 2010 running game:

I'm watching the film, Ladell Betts is playing one game, (Chris) Ivory's playing another game. I went to Dayton. I know where Tiffin (College) is. He's starting for the New Orleans Saints as a rookie. And he did a heckuva job, and then he got hurt. I see Julius Jones playing. That's five backs I've named.

Really? Five? I counted three. Now maybe Duncan clipped your quote a bit, but...we will never know, so I retract that dig. Good thing Jon went to Dayton and knows where Tiffin College is, otherwise I'd feel he's completely unqualified to comment on the Saints running game or Tusk.

Gruden goes on to share his thoughts on the Saints 2011 prospects, and I implore you to read the whole thing on if you haven't already, and then drop some delicious commentary into the comment section below, either criticizing, questioning, or expounding on what Jon said above.

With one it in your best GRUDENSPEAK, please. Let's have fun with this!

As Just 'Nother Day said so sweetly in another thread...Are you prepared for some football? I know I am.

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