What Up With Dat?: Dancing with the Saints and Other Answers


Below are answers to this weeks reader question submitted Thursday. There will be more answers to your questions probably later this weekend. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion in the comment section below.


Dave, with Southwest Airlines doing all their summer sales I've got to pick the four Saints home games I'll be attending this year. Which should I pick? Also I've used up most of my vacation time so I can only make one of the night games in the Dome. - Ralph M. 

This is tough because I'd like to throw the Colts game in here but it's also a night game. The final Panthers match-up isn't that intriguing but it could have playoff implications and you could also be in NOLA for New Years. Here they are:

vs. Bears - September 18th

vs. Buccaneers - November 6th

vs. Falcons - December 26th (night)

vs. Panthers - January 1st

If you could choose any current Saints player to appear on "Dancing with the Stars" who would it be? Also, who would you choose as their female celebrity counterpart? - Cold P.    

That would have to be Zach Strief; he's a giant. Could you imagine watching him try to Cha Cha and Foxtrot his way along the ballroom floor with some tiny professional dancer? Carl Nicks would also be an option here for the same reason. Celebrity contestants on DWTS don't get celebrity counterparts; they are paired with professional dancers so this second question isn't realistic. But if I'm playing along with your fantasy question I guess I'd go with Snooki; she's reportedly 4'9" so the size difference (and skin pigment difference) would make for incredible television. 


What would you name your cruise ship if you owned one? - HansDat

This one's easy: Sea Brees. Next!


How/where did you spend the 4th? What was your favorite part of the awesome vacation? Were you jones’n to be online while you were away- or were you happy to be relatively "unplugged"? Did you go moose hunting while you were up there? Did they frisk you at the Canadian customs in BC? Dave, did u see any Polar Bears? - Multiple Members

I actually attended an annual July 4th BBQ at the home of a very close family friend in Garden City, NY, where I grew up. I've missed out the past few years but was so happy to be back at the party I spent so many Independence Day's throughout my childhood. I was very happy to take a break from the internet since I spend so much time using it in my personal and work life. I did not go moose hunting, though I did see one. I did not get frisked at the Canadian customs, just a routine passport check. I did not see any polar bears, unfortunately. 


If you had to compare (overall) the Saints to any other team currently in the NFL, who would it be? - GRIZZ
As of right now I'd have to go with the Patriots, which is good news. Both have been consistently successful in recent years, both have exceptional head coaches and both are led by top notch quarterbacks with an intense drive to win. Their team names also both start with the word "New."
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