Fleur-De-Links: Saturday, July 9, 2011


ChaseDaniel Chase Daniel Had a blast at the beach yesterday just relaxing and doing a lil body surfing! No place like it out here. yfrog.com/kjpnpapj

reggie_bush Reggie Bush My boy just had an Allergic Reaction! Whoa! He looked like Hitch for real! Never seen anyone have an allergic reaction before....

usama_young28 Usama Young We in the building... God daddy duty! RT @Dgreene11: Bro where you at??!! Lolol @usama_young28

BillyMiller83 Billy Miller Oprah is not even one of the 20 richest women in the world! The lady's are stepping their game up.

JohnnyP019 Johnny Patrick Bored

ltorrence24 Leigh Torrence Jr In San Diego for my boy G Cam's wedding... Let the good times roll!!

camjordan97 cameron jordan Playin hoop today fo a few hrs today which clearly turned into a dunk session

j_bushrod7475 Jermon Bushrod Down here in Alabama supporting @harp41 golf tournament.. I'll do this one time only... *looks around* n whispers #rolltide lol

ltorrence24 Leigh Torrence Jr Stanford National Champs! "@saintscenter@ltorrence24 How about that Andrew Luck?"

JohnnyP019 Johnny Patrick Getting in bed goodnight yall

JohnnyP019 Johnny Patrick Laying in bed watching house party.....

camjordan97 cameron jordan I miss my bro it's official

camjordan97 cameron jordan At the end of the day count on the hardwork you've put in and the dedication that it took to get where your at

moosedenied Grandmaster Wang Cleaning out the freezer. Found a container of gumbo marked 2/7/10. High five!

moosedenied Grandmaster Wang :yes: :clapyell: RT @fargonia@moosedenied the secret ingredient was Manning tears

TylerLorenzen Tyler Lorenzen Modern day nomad in action!

HeathEvans Heath Evans 10 yr Anniversary trip starts now! Won't be tweeting as much for the next 8 days but I'll fire off some pics from St Lucia!

HeathEvans Heath Evans Now u guys know u r real special! Here is a sneak peak at 1 of Beth's 10 yr Anniversary gifts! I got her 1 gift per yr!yfrog.com/kjwuvjxj

HeathEvans Heath Evans Don't any1 text Beth & tell her what i got her! I'm gonna have the flight attendant put it on her tray when we get our food on the plane. (HansDat note: guess he's hoping Beth doesn't follow him on Twitter...)

Official_Saints New Orleans Saints Still have time to enter the contest! Most creative tweet about why Saints fans are the best. Must include @Official_Saints so we can see it

Official_Saints New Orleans Saints Most creative tweet wins this: twitpic.com/5n3ty0. Winner picked at 9 am CT today.

usama_young28 Usama Young On my way! RT @ETChampions: Rise and Shine! God is good! Cato Junes Football Camp today. Its going to be Great hope to see you guys there.

greggrosenthal gregg rosenthal good to remember that Roger Goodell, De Smith don't know when the lockout will end. No one does.


Saints Stuff

Jon Gruden still loves the New Orleans Saints: 'They're one of the top 4 or 5 teams in football' | NOLA.com
Jeff Duncan - ESPN analyst was at Manning Passing Academy.

ESPN's Gruden high on Saints | wwltv.com
Bradley Handwerger - Jon Gruden, long high on the Saints, is bullish on the team again. But it's the offensive skill players he likes the most.

Saints outlook: New Orleans highly motivated after playoff embarrassment | Sporting News
Mike Triplett's 2011 preview for The Sporting News.


Labor Pains

Little progress reportedly made today in labor talks | National Football Post
Aaron Wilson - Little progress reportedly made today in labor talks.

NFL lockout: Little progress made in NFL labor talks Friday, sources say - ESPN
ESPN.com news services (Paolantonio, Mortensen, Schefter, Clayton, and the AP) - On the same day the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis threw out a judge's order lifting the NFL lockout, sources tell ESPN's Sal Paolantonio very little progress was made in the NFL's labor talks.

Appeals Court Rules N.F.L. Lockout Can Continue - NYTimes.com
Judy Battista - A federal appeals court vacated a preliminary injunction and ruled that the lockout in the N.F.L. could continue, a victory for owners.

Appeals court backs NFL lockout, tosses judge's ruling | NOLA.com
Associated Press - NFL, NFLPA say they will continue to negotiate.

The Process Continues | National Football Post
Andrew Brandt's Friday morning report on the progress of the labor negotiations.

Revenue Sharing Strangely Silent in NFL Negotiations | huffingtonpost.com
Andrew Brandt - While the two sides in the NFL labor dispute work on revenue sharing among the owners and players, revenue sharing among the owners -- a problem lying beneath the surface of this two-year dispute -- lies dormant.

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning thinks rookies have suffered from NFL lockout | NOLA.com
Hunter Paniagua - Young players likely to face difficult adjustment.

Top 10 Unintended Consequences of the Owners' Lockout Gambit | NYTimes.com
George Bretherton - Well, it's crunch time in the N.F.L. labor negotiations, and I guess that means real football fans are supposed to be wading through the muck for the latest details.



Ex-Saints urge children to pursue education, integrity | SunHerald.com
Al Jones - Two former New Orleans Saints players took center stage Friday with a powerful message.  

Kerry Collins, Unappreciated Quarterback | NYTimes.com
Toni Monkovic - Kerry Collins was a very good quarterback who doesn't deserve to be forgotten. (HansDat note: They don't mention how unappreciated he was by Saints fans that year he stunk up the joint for us...)

Peyton Manning says he feels as strong as ever at age 35 | NOLA.com
Jeff Duncan - Indianapolis Colts QB undaunted by neck surgery.

Ohio appeals court rules in favor of former Browns center LeCharles Bentley | NOLA.com
Associated Press - His staph infection lawsuit can't be halted because of NFL lockout.

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